A-One Industries Setting the Bench Mark for the Steel Building Industry

    Steel Plant
    Steel Plant - Wave Industries Pvt. Ltd., - Dhaunaura U.P.

    "Our Mission is to provide clients across the world with colour coated roofing solutions for all types of industrial building from concept planning through to completion with a highly skilled, professional team using technical knowledge and practical experience, "asserts Mr. Kurian Abraham, Director Marketing of A-One Industries.

    Over the years, the Delhi-based company A-One Industries has provided turnkey solutions for industrial sheds warehouses, aircraft hangers, and railway stations. And its bouquet of offerings include design, manufacture, supply and erection of colour coated sheet roofing & wall cladding sheets and cold rolled formed section under the brands HI-RibTM, Tiles, Zed Purlin TM, Metal DecksTM, and Lip Channels. "We understand the actual need of the customer and provide most suitable metal roofing & wall cladding system with variety of trapezoidal profile & all accessories like gutters, openings, ridges and flashings," says Mr. Abraham.

    Moreover, A-One Industries also specializes in manufacture, supply and erection of PEB(Pre-engineered steel building) and pre-fabricated steel building. "Our PEBs are custom designed to meet exact requirements using steel structures, plates welded H/I beams, Profiled Sheets, "Z" and "C" Purlin Section, Steel Decking Sheets, Single Skin, Roof Ventilators, False Ceiling, Guard Cabins and other building accessories such as Flashing, Gutter, Ridges, Polycarbonate/FRP and louvers," he informs. Notably, the company also trades in steel value added products, CRS & HR Coils and maintains a chain of agents throughout India.

    A-One has set up a world class manufacturing unit at SIDCUL, from where it caters to the growing demand of its products. Mr. Kurian Abraham adds, Our in house engineering and construction teams enhance the value proposition further. Experience from across the world and training in the use of latest software technologies enables superior design and execution capability.

    Parker Mall - Kundli

    Here's A Peep Into A-One's Project Range

    1. Roof, Wall Cladding, Steel Deck System and Cold Rolled formed Zed Purlin
      We provide sound, leak proof, aesthetic roof and wall cladding system designed using latest technology & economical products with features such as longevity & durability, besides providing a new look to the building.
    2. A-One Hi-Rib Profile
      Light-weight wide span trapezoidal shaped roofing and wall profile designed for most economical application.
    3. Metal Deck 44/130mm with emboss
      It can be used as a very light weight composite floor system or as a permanent formwork giving immediate access to a working platform & saving considerable construction time & money.
    4. Wave Tile/Rib Tile
      Our Colour metal roofing is the most versatile roofing product in the market and offers you both elegance and flexible design for any building need.
    5. Metal Decks 76 mm
      It can be used as a very light weight composite floor system or as a permanent formwork giving immediate access to a working platform & saving considerable construction time & money.
    6. Zed Purlin
      Cold Rolled formed Zed Purlin can be used as a very light weight Purlins, saving considerable construction time, fabrication coast. All sections will be supplied with pre-punched holes and exact length.
    7. Natural Ventilation System
      We provide most economical long lasting natural ventilation system which is easy to handle & install with no operating costs, reduced power costs & no maintenance cost as added benefits.
    8. Roof Ventilation System
      These are wind driven roof ventilators. They are economically priced-easy to install, maintenance free, with no running costs, high performance aluminum/stainless steel construction ultimately providing much needed movement of air. A-One vents are 100% depreciable under income tax laws giving huge benefits. Differ at sizes are available 300mm, 500mm, 600mm and 800mm.
    9. Steel Louvers for Wall
      These are aesthetically and technically designed which apart from giving good look allow free flow of air and prevent any rain water and dust entry. They are available in customized lengths and ready for quick installation.
    10. Natural Roof Light System
      We provide natural roof lighting system which is must for good working conditions with no electricity cost giving huge added benefits.
    11. Polycarbonate Sheet
      Polycarbonate transparent roof glazing sheets made of best quality Lexan polycarbonate sheets from GE Plastics matching to all our profile having excellent light transmission B/w 40%-80% depending on thickness.
    12. FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic) Sheets
      These can be provided in required lengths having varying thicknesses. Light transmission, B/W ≈ 20% - 40% depending on thickness.
    13. Insulation System
      Provide insulation against heat by using Resin bonded glass fibre insulation blankets under metal roof sheets & on the side walls. This system has the property of acoustic absorption also.

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