Twiga - Manufacturer of glasswool insulation in India

    Twiga is the leading manufacturer of glasswool insulation in India having a twenty-five years track record of supplying domestic and export customers with world-class products for thermal and acoustic insulation. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and technology licensee of Isover Saint Gobain-the leading manufacturer of insulation worldwide, Twiga manufactures the following products:
    • Twiga Glasswool Insulation with and without Aluminium Foil / Polypropylene facing for thermal and acoustic insulation.

    • Twiga Fiberglass Preformed Pipesections for thermal insulation of chilled water, hot water and process pipelines.

    • Twiga Acoustic Boards for duct acoustic, sound insulation of AHU rooms, partition walls, genset enclosures etc.

    • Flexible Ducts for all air-conditioning and ventilating systems.

    • Rigid Fiberglass Duct Board for HVAC applications.

    • Twiga Fiberglass Tissue for waterproofing, damp proofing, pipe coating, battery separators and paint reinforcement.

    • Twiga Insul is an ideal insulation material for Green Building Applications.

    • Twiga Green Building solutions designed for both LEED and TERI-Griha Certifications.

    • Twiga Insul is now FM Approved. It is suitable for applications ranging from minus 195°C to 230°C. For special applications upto 450°C, high temperature binder is available. Aluminium foil is suitable upto 120°C.
    Twiga Insul is chemically inert. Application does not cause or accelerate corrosion. It is rot proof, odourless and is non combustible in accordance with BS 476 Part 4, ISO 1182, IS 3808 and IMO (FTP). It is stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity when applied correctly. It has excellent tear strength and not prone to sagging or settling. Rigid slabs have inherently high compression resistance.

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