Orona 3G Solutions Taking People's Mobility to Greater Heights

Orona 3G Solutions

Orona, a high-end solution provider for all kinds of urban mobility, is known worldwide for its sustainable products - elevators, escalators, and moving walkway. With commercial presence in over 100 countries and 2,50,000 units in operation across the globe, the company has solution for every need of people's mobility.

Urban Infrastructure such as airports, metro & railway stations, exhibition centres, sports complexes, etc are characterised by generating heavy traffic of people during rush hours, that require the mobility solutions (on both the same level and at different levels) to have a high transport capacity and be particularly efficient, safe and adapted to all users.

Orona specializes in designing, directing, and channelling people flows, to make the urban infrastructure accessible and to add value to it, with the design of systems that answer the traffic, accessibility, comfort, signs, etc.

Orona Elevators

Orona 3G lifts, escalators, and moving walks solutions are answer to the special requirements of the movement flows of people in pedestrianised urban environment and/or inside infrastructure buildings with public access.

As each project is unique, Orona professionals get involved throughout all the project phases, to suggest and offer optimal combination of lifts, escalators, and moving walkways depending on the traffic studies and the specific requirements of each project (outdoor installations, demanding atmosphere, heights and distance to be covered, heavy traffic, etc.).

Orona emphasizes on eco-efficiency, design and accessibility, architectural adaptability to the environment, control & safety and offers solutions & services aimed at improving conditions of use and the life experience of the people who use them.

Gilco Global Chandigarh
Gilco Global CE Certified Factory in Chandigarh. From Left to right: Mr. Aman Moudgil, Director, Mr. Surender Gill, Joint M.D, Mr. Saral Gill, M.D and Mr. Gaurav Moudgil, Director, Gilco Group

Orona Escalators
In large infrastructures and buildings with public access, and in urban pedestrianised spaces wherein people flow is constant and very heavy, reducing the consumption of resources is an essential objective. Orona is the first company in the lift sector in the world, certified in ecodesign, which implies a "clean" management in all the product phases, from its design to the end of its life cycle: minimum emissions, good manufacturing practices and reduction in consumptions.

Orona In India
Ever since its entry into the Indian market a year ago, ORONA through its local representative GILCO GLOBAL group has successfully won several orders and now is in the process of installing elevators in Hospitals, Malls, Residential Buildings and Private residences in various cities across the country. The group Gilco Global is a company, which has been formed with Joint venture of Gilco Exports Pvt ltd and Global C Inc, has its Sales Office in Gurgaon with Spares & Works Unit in Chandigarh.

Orona's unmatched product quality with ability to offer tailor-made solution as per the shaft, optimum utilization of space and Gilco Export's diverse experience in providing solutions for the Airports, Agriculture, Retail & Consumer sectors and strong technical support and maintenance with presence in over 100 cities of India is taking people's mobility to a greater height.

NBMCW June 2015

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