ORONA: The First Elevator Company in Eco-design

    Gaurav Moudgil
    Mr. Gaurav Moudgil, Director Gilco Global
    Aman Moudgil
    Mr. Aman Moudgil, Director Gilco Global
    ORONA is the world's first company in the elevation sector worldwide to receive ISO 14006 Eco-Design certification. With this certificate, ORONA goes beyond expressing its commitment to the environment. Independent certifying entities accredit that ORONA products meet the requirements of Eco-design due to clean management in all product phases, from design and development through to recycling and recovery of materials at the end of the product life cycle: minimal emissions, good production practices and reduced consumption.

    Class AAA certification

    The Orona 3G X-10, X-15 and X-16 solutions have achieved Class AAA energy certification under the VDI 4707 guideline in all five established usage categories. This is the top energy rating that a lift can be awarded.

    The VDI 4707 guideline evaluates a lift's energy consumption when it is in standby mode as well as when it is operating. In usage category 1, low traffic, consumption in stand-by mode is given more importance. In category 5, very high traffic, consumption during operation is given more importance. The Orona 3G solutions have achieved Class A certification in both situations and in all usage categories, which confirms the high levels of energy efficiency achieved by the lifts in stand-by mode as well as during operation.

    Duplex Lift

    The Class AAA ratings have been achieved with installations where the Orona 3G solutions possessed the following characteristics and options:
    • Gearless drive
    • Automatic stand-by for car lighting, ventilation, displays and actuator
    • LED lighting in car
    • Orona Grid regen energy regeneration system
    The installations were examined and certified by the prestigious entity Liftinstituut B.V., Europe's foremost specialised safety authority for lifts and other equipment used for vertical transport of people and goods.

    3G cars- Improved Energy- efficiency And Eco-Design Ratio

    Car Pushbuttons
    The new Orona 3G car aesthetics are inspired by concepts of northern European design such as simplicity, elegance and functionality. Various aspects of these new cars contribute significantly to improvement of energy efficiency and eco-design ratios:

    Material: the lower weight allows a 20% reduction in the use of materials, which generally results in a lower environmental impact throughout the life of the lift and easier reuse of car materials and their packaging. The new car structure has been optimized to give up to 50% more strength at the same time as reducing material usage.

    Process: specific processes have been developed to manufacture the cars without welding or painting. This allows more ergonomic assembly and facilitates subsequent lift maintenance tasks.

    Operation: All new Orona lifts come with energy efficient LED lighting as standard. Efficient lighting saving up to 50% on energy consumption during operation and up to 100% in stand-by mode, thanks to automatic shut-off of the car lighting when the lift is in stand-by. This also contributes to a reduction in maintenance costs of approximately 10%.

    Commitment to sustainability

    From an environmental point of view, ORONA promotes the generation of zero energy building concepts, which lead to more rational urban models through more efficient use of land. In summary, this contributes to the sustainable development of ECO-CITIES where the concepts of the four Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) are applied to elevation systems to minimise the environmental impact of the activity.

    All these strategic objectives maintain an essence of social orientation, where ORONA defines lift solutions for people with mobility limitations and researches new concepts in lifts, which leads to the optimal solution for building evacuations in potential hazard situations. Similarly, by incorporating "environmental intelligence" in lift systems, ORONA orients development to the user and configures user-friendly environments that eliminate barriers related to fear that some people have with these transport systems.

    From the perspective of economic sustainability, ORONA researches to achieve even more competitive and efficient vertical transport solutions, also aiming to reinforce Spain's position as the second leading manufacturer of lift systems at a global level, also promoting the research capacity of collaborating companies to generate high added value products and services.

    ORONA Ideo- An ecosystem for innovation

    ORONA Ideo is an innovation city composed by a series of buildings notable for its design and the implemented technologies. This space fuses different synergistic activities and acts a laboratory where leading technologies are applied to vertical transport, sustainability and efficient energy management. Its aim is to create a unique and vibrant space for innovation by gathering all players involved in ORONA's innovation network in one singular and stimulating environment: business, R&D centres and universities.

    ORONA's commitment for innovative and sustainable architecture led ORONA Ideo to obtain LEED Gold and BREEAM Excellent certifications.

    Zero Energy Lifts

    The ORONA Ideo lifts have an energy storage system that has the lift itself as the central element, storing energy that comes from the lift and from renewable energy sources to revert it to the different energy consumption elements in the building.

    Zero Energy Buildings

    The ORONA Zero building at Orona Ideo – innovation city is a ZEB (Zero Energy Building), a building with a net zero consumption thanks to the energy produced by means of the photovoltaic panels integrated on its inclined roof.

    G3A Group

    Corporation Lift
    The G3A advanced applications group in electrical energy storage arose within the context of the new activities that will be carried out at Orona Ideo. The group includes highly qualified professionals from Orona, IK4-Ikerlan and Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

    G3A is a clear example of ORONA's long-term commitment to energy regeneration systems with storage, which will be used to achieve maximum energy efficiency in lifts. G3A was created with the idea of building an open network for multi-sector collaboration, and it is hoped that in the future it will become a leading European research group for electrical storage technologies.

    ORONA in India

    ORONAs activity is focused on the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and modernisation of mobility solutions such as lifts, escalators and moving walkways for all sectors of application, from residential through to the commercial, health and medical, heritage buildings, heavy loads, etc., always from an integral service perspective. One out of every 10 new lifts in Europe is Orona and more than 100 countries have its products installed.

    Gilco Global, the Indian metal fabrication major, has joined hands with Spanish elevator giant ORONA S.Co op. This partnership is working very successfully and has already bagged contracts in this short span of legal presence with some elevators in installation stage currently. Their staff is also undergoing repetitive extensive training on our installation and maintenance methods. Gilco Group with their rich experience in technical support and maintenance and presence in over 103 cities of India is serving as the backbone for the entire setup.

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