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    Don Construction Chemicals India Limited (DCCIL) manufactures products for the construction and civil engineering industry. Over the period of 13 years of business, DCCIL has gained a reputation for high quality, and exceptional service. "We work hard to maintain client's trust and patronage, providing a customized complete solution," says the Director of Indian Operations Mr. Feroze, whose vision is to make DCCIL a No.1 solution provider and manufacturer of construction needs in India.

    Specializing in reactive chemical technology, the comprehensive range of products manufactured comprises of a full range of resin and cementitious concrete repair materials, protective coatings, structural grouts and adhesives, waterproofing products and a wide range of admixtures for concrete and mortar.

    DCCIL also manufactures an extensive portfolio of flooring solutions for industrial and commercial applications.Its range of products include Epoxy coatings and toppings offering seamless, hygienic, chemical resistant surfaces with improved abrasion and impact resistance available in a wide range of colors. These solvent-free products are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, particularly food processing areas and general production/warehouse/ distribution areas.

    A range of dry shake flooring systems, spearheaded by TIBMIX, offers the ultimate performance for any new building project requiring a hard wearing, low maintenance, cost effective floor, available in a standard range of colors such as grey, blue, chrome, yellow, red, and green.

    The range of concrete repair materials offers products suitable for use not only in horizontal and vertical application, but also for overhead repairs too.

    The range of cementitious repair mortars offers a complete system solution to cater for small and large scale concrete repair problems found internally and externally in many buildings, bridges, and floors.

    The resin repair materials are utilized in more specialized repairs where excellent mechanical properties, chemical protection and dynamic loading are of key considerations.

    To provide protection to the repaired areas, a range of chemical resistant and anticarbonation coatings are available depending on the application requirements.

    REPCOAT Anti-carbonation Coating manufactured by DCCIL at its ISO 9001 accredited unit at Staffordshire, U.K. and Kavaraipettai, Tamil Nadu and Jaipur in India, where it offers state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that ensure consistent high standards of product performance. This is the only product in India, which does not require any different products as a primer, stands as an anticarbonation coating of build up thickness of upto 250 microns. In India, REPCOAT withstands the diverse climatic variations be it in hot and humid atmosphere of Chennai, Visakhapatnam and cold Chandigarh, the weather of Mangalore, Bangalore, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Lonawala, Port Blair and Kochi.

    Waterproofing materials are available in the form of surface applied treatments or admixture technology. Applications include the total exterior waterproofing of concrete or brick structures, tanking of cellars, swimming pools, lift shafts and other areas below the ground water table. Products are also available for leak plugging of water infiltration through concrete and brickwork.

    A range of cementitious and resin structural grouts are available for general purpose of machines for void filling, high performance grouts suitable for use on highways and bridges and for high performance grouting where dynamic loadings are of consideration.

    DCCIL also offers a range of admixtures for concrete and mortar to aid workability and performance, they are also readily available. We are the largest supplier of Admixtures in South India catering to an extensive variety of concrete design mixes.

    To serve clients across the country, DCCIL has established an extensive network of dealers and applicators, which provide technical expertise and recommend appropriate solutions.

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