Innovative Construction Chemical Products from Choksey Chemicals

Two innovative construction chemical products – Techseal Solo 901 - the world's first Road Grade One Pack Polysulphide Sealant and Splash a waterproofing solution for unreachable areas has been launched by Choksey Chemicals P. Ltd (CCPL).

Techseal Solo 901
Techseal Solo 901, an innovative solution will repair and build construction expansion joints. It complies with BS 5212 (Road Grade) British Standard for sealants and is developed for the first time worldwide by CCPL in this category of sealants.

Techseal Solo 901 is the advanced version of two pack Polysulphide Sealant, also a CCPL's pioneering solution that repairs and builds expansion joints. Techseal Solo 901 will benefit the construction industry through ease of application and minimizing wastage. It has the equivalent strength of a two pack system and requires no mixing of part and part II. It will be available in various colours.

Splash is a water viscous product that can be splashed on unreachable areas of terraces and roofs. The chemical will dry in twenty minutes creating a waterproof layer that bridges crack and pores. This waterproof layer turns transparent after drying therefore, it does not affect the aesthetics of the terrace.

SaysMr.Anckur Choksey, Managing Director, CCPL "I am proud to introduce these products in India. Techseal Solo 901 is the first of its kind to be launched in India and globally. These products are another examples of CCPL's commitment to research and development activities for developing new products and improving the existing product range for the construction industry.

We have decided to launch our new range in Ahmedabad as we see tremendous opportunity for our innovative solutions in this growing and receptive market.

"After initially launching these products in Ahmedabad, CCPL will introduce them in other parts of the country. The construction industry is witnessing a boom all over country and these innovative solutions, will add considerable value to the industry.

Choksey Chemicals P. Ltd (CCPL) established in 1985,is a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals in India. The core portfolio comprises of sealants, admixtures and water proofing chemicals to provide best solutions for construction industry.Ithas manufacturing facilities at Taloja,Baddi and Silvassa.

CCPL has established strong partnerships with leading companies worldwide. Around 1997, CCPL introduced country's first Elastomeric Waterproof Coating jointly with Rohm and Hass, Singapore. CCPL is also an authorized distributor for D.S. Brown Co. USA and M/s Bitumat & Co., Saudi Arabia in India for their expansion/modular joint systems, concrete products, compression seals and bituminous membranes respectively. CCPL at present employs more than 150 personnel, spread across 25 branches in India.

NBMCW June 2006

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