Ultimate Solution for Epoxy Flooring Finishes on Oil Contaminated Concrete Floor Substrates

    Concrete contaminated substrates cause immense problems to the user over the years. Contaminationdue to fuels, oils, fats, grease, sugar are a combination of both organic and hydrocarbon based contaminants which over the years make removal almost impossible. This results in a number of problems to the user–dirty and unhygienic surfaces, slippery surfaces, energy absorbing surfaces, environmental problems.

    Further it is almost impossible for Epoxy or any other flooring finishes to be installed over Oil or hydrocarbon contaminated floor substrates. The current practices used are topical and at the most temporary and non–conclusive solutions, ultimately leading to the floor finish bubbling, de-bonding and getting damaged.

    Chowgule Koster introduces a unique solution for contaminated concrete substrates for the Indian user. The Koster Oil Removal System (ORS) provides a complete, long lasting, and guaranteed solution for contaminated substrates. The ORS system is completely environment–friendly and non hazardous even during application.

    Epoxy Flooring
    The Koster ORS System comprises ORS D which is a specially designed chemical based detergent application which penetrates deep into the concrete to remove the contaminants, and the ORS C which is a high specific gravity based oil resistant epoxy base coat. These provide a combination of removal of the contaminants from deep into the surface and then providing a barrier for up/down movement of the contaminants. This once achieved provides a problem free surface for over lays with floor coating finishes.

    The entire application is mechanized, which renders it quick, least disturbance to on going working areas and almost dust free. The surface preparation is carried out with a fully automatic shot blasting machine, which assists in opening out the surface pores of the concrete. The ORS D is then applied on the surface using a foam gun. This is allowed to remain over the surface for about 60 minutes. The ORS D is forced into the concrete using a mechanical spinner which ejects hot water at 90 deg. C and at 250–300 bar pressure forcing the detergent deep into the concrete. Depending on the degree of contamination, the ORS D application is repeated 2 or more time. The detergent along with the contaminants is vacuumed off the surface using high powered industrial cleaners. The waste water is transferred to containment tanks from where it is disposed. This cleaning may be repeated to get a clear and clean surface.

    The ORS C is now ready for installation. The ORS C is a 2 Component system which is mixed on site to achieve a streak free consistency. This is then poured on to the floor surface and evenly spread using handheld sweegees followed by back rolling using a nap roller. After about 15 to 20 minutes graded sand is broadcasted over the surface to provide a finish ready to take the final epoxy floor finish. Foot traffic is permitted about 12 hours after the ORS C installation.

    The unique properties of the ORS C are:
    • Pot Life 1 hr @ 21º Celsius
    • Foot Traffic 12 hours
    • Compressive Strength 80 N / mm
    • Specific Gravity 2 gm / cm3
    • VOC Compliant 4.5 gms / ltr
    • Standard Colour Green
    • Solid Content 97 %
    • Flash Point 90° C.
    The application is simple and can be done in parts so as not to disturb the workings on the shop floor. The application can cover up to 500 sqmt. per shift. The entire application is mechanized and almost dust-free.

    In India, the Chowgule Koster range of products has been introduced over the past eight years and has established itself as reliable solutions to many satisfied customers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, various towns in Gujarat, and Goa. It has achieved excellent results in complicated cases to the fullest satisfaction of their customers. These products include PU injection systems used for arresting leakages in underground structure, low specific gravity resins for solving rising damp problems in walls, and many other products for concrete repair and rehabilitation.

    The Koster range of products and its application has been established in over 40 countries and over the past decade has established itself as a popular and reliable brand for providing an effective waterproofing solution.

    The Chowgule Koster India Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture company between the 94 year old Chowgule Group from Goa. (Turnover-1200 crores approx). and Koster Bauchemie of Germany. This joint venture has been introducing quality products and systems to the Indian market for many years. The applications of these systems are also offered to various customers by especially trained contracting teams from Chowgules.

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