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    Hasan Rizvi Sr. Vice President, STP Ltd.
    Hasan Rizvi Sr. Vice President, STP Ltd.

    The concept of liquid waterproofing has existed since the early 1800s, when natural bitumen was combined with jute, straw, rags, felt, and other man-made materials to provide a waterproofing solution. Apart from liquid waterproofing membranes, there are different waterproofing systems like Preformed membranes, APP membranes (SuperThermolay), PVC membranes, and integral waterproofing compounds.

    Liquid membranes


    Waterproofing with liquid membranes has gained popularity due to:
    • Ease of application
    • It is a fully bonded system that ensures greater security against infiltration or damage to liquid membranes
    • The system is seamless, that is, without joints
    • The membranes can be installed easily on any contour surface.
    The liquid membranes (bitumen, resin, acrylic, polyurethane, water or solvent-based, in one or two-components) can be used in civil and industrial projects.

    Their main application is waterproofing of roofs, balconies, terraces, roof-gardens and planters tubs, walls, parking lots and concrete structures, and can also be used to waterproof surfaces and concrete walls against-ground water.

    Two-Components Cementitious Elastomeric Liquid Applied Water- proofing membrane: ShaliCem EWP of STP Ltd., can be reinforced with glass fibers and is used for waterproofing roofs, sunken water tanks, swimming pools, foundations, retaining walls etc.

    Waterproofing of Overhead Tank

    Products include:
    Liquid Polyurethane Materials
    : ShaliUrethane LHM & ShaliUrethane BTD. ShaliUrethane FCM 2001E can be used for all types of waterproofing, and is applied by roller or airless spray to waterproof balconies, roof decks, mechanical equipment rooms, wet rooms, terrace gardens etc.

    Liquid Applied TarFelt LM Material: This category of products is also very versatile because they allow you to repair old tar-felt waterproofing solutions without dismantling the existing system, and can be used on asbestos roofing, metal sheets, concrete, and wood. All of these can be further coated with liquid applied waterproof paint ShaliCryl215 single component UV-Resistant Elastomeric coating.

    Waterproofing of Underground Water Tank

    STP Ltd is one of the pioneering companies in waterproofing and is well established (since 1935). Trusted for generations, the company today has the largest range of new generation and traditional waterproofing products in India.

    The author, a Civil Engineering graduate & post graduate from Aligarh Muslim University, specializes in hydraulic structures. He has worked with reputed construction groups in India and is an expert in the field of construction chemicals, repair and rehabilitation of structures, and waterproofing technologies.

    STP Terrace Garden Hybrid System

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