Talrak’s Eco-Binders & Silicate Technology for environment-friendly construction

    Talrak introduces Eco-Binders, a replacement for cement products largely that results in longer shelf life, lower environmental impact, and increased efficiency of the end product. Silicate binder system, on the other hand, protects concrete surfaces from acids, salts, and aggressive media permanently. New silicate binder systems with unique, innovative properties enable the up-cycling of secondary raw materials for effective reduction of CO2 emissions.

    Talrak Eco-Friendly Construction Solutions
    The building industry is constantly changing and is faced with many challenges. The requirements are increasing especially due to globalization. Production of the cement used in concrete is believed to be responsible for 5-8 percent of the global emissions of carbon dioxide, largely because so much concrete is used.

    Limited resources of fossil energy sources
    The increasing use of energy sources such as oil and coal reduces the limited resources of the world. Large amounts are being used for the production of building materials. Our innovations save global recourses by using alternative, recycled and environment-friendly raw materials.

    Climate change
    Climate change is mainly attributed to the unlimited anthropogenic CO2 emissions since the beginning of industrialization. The production of cement is due to the high energy demand, one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide worldwide. By the use of secondary raw materials from industrial processes, we reduce the cement content of our products and contribute to a considerable extent to climate protection.

    Increasing health problems in the processing of building materials result in a more stringent labelling of products. We reduce the critical components. Silicate products replace objectionable organic constituents without causing health hazards.

    Global Technical Challenge
    The products used on construction sites need to fulfil increasing demand. Higher strengths, better resistance, durability, and higher flexibility are just some examples. There are other important aspects also such as being environment-friendly.

    Innovations in the form of two new binder systems for nearly every application.

    The Eco-Binder System replaces cement products and partly epoxy resins. The required amount of cement is significantly reduced by the use of alternative binders. The results of the substitution are a longer shelf life, lower environmental impact and increased efficiency of the end-product. The products manufactured from environment-friendly recycled materials improve the environmental balance in the CO2 emissions significantly. The Green Cement can be adapted to the local raw materials to produce environment-friendly and high-tech building materials locally.

    Silicate Technology
    The silicate binder system offers unprecedented opportunities for the chemical resistance of mineral and inorganic materials. The chemical resistance of the silicate binder system, confirmed by technical evaluation, represents a breakthrough in the dry mortar technology. With the offered silicate systems, it is possible to protect concrete surfaces from acids, salts and aggressive media permanently. The silicate system consists of an inorganic and one-component binder with environment-friendly ingredients. The processing is possible without advanced protection measures and expenses. New silicate binder systems with unique innovative properties, high temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance with capabilities to apply even on wet surfaces. Environment-friendly, sustainable, non-hazardous to human health, enable the up-cycling of secondary raw materials for effective reduction of CO2 emissions.

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