Pidilite launches self compacting micro concrete for structural repairs

    Roff Crete Repair by Pidilite is a self compacting micro concrete for structural repairs

    Sanjay Bahadur
    Dr.Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries Ltd.
    When it comes to repairs, just getting new plaster and a paint job will not really suffice if the building has developed cracks in the beams and supporting walls. Not addressing these faults can result in long term structural damage to the home and building.

    What causes these major cracks and faults?
    There are several factors, both environmental and man-made that affect the structural integrity of a building. These include:
    • Environmental damage: The equatorial climate we live in leads to thermal expansion and contraction of concrete which cracks not only in terraces and external walls but also along balcony and parapet walls. Rain water then seeps in from these cracks entering the beams and walls and further causing damage and corrosion. The problem is further exacerbated when conventional construction techniques and unskilled labour have been employed.
    • Improper waterproofing: Damp patches, musty smells, dripping bathrooms or kitchens all indicate improper water proofing in the wet areas of homes and improper treatment of external walls. Water seepage works its way through the structure from within and if unchecked can cause major damage and weaken the structure.
    • Vegetation: Birds sometimes deposit plant seeds onto building's parapets and terraces where they germinate and take root. The roots can go deep into a structure and cause cracks. As the tree grows, the roots further widen the cracks and cause crumbling of plaster and sometimes can even cause wall collapse.
    How to quickly address the problem?
    Pidilite Construction Chemicals
    For a strong seal on the cracks and prevent further corrosion and damage, conventional methods using concrete will never provide the strength and binding properties required for the job. Indeed, sometimes cracks in beams and supporting member may be at points, which have limited access.

    A solution to these issues requires a new age, technically sound product, which can address all these issues. One such product is R04 Roff Crete Repair - a flowable self compacting micro concrete for structural repairs. Roff Crete Repair is a specially prepared ready-to-use grey powder which requires addition of water only onsite, to produce a free flowing, high strength concrete which has fine aggregates and ability to penetrate into the recesses of concrete members and behind the reinforcement of the member under repair. Roff Crete Repair is a blend of selected Rortland cements specially graded micro fine aggregates, fillers and a range of fluidifiers. Structures under repair often require building up with high strength concrete.

    Pidilite Roff Crete Repair
    Roff Crete Repair forms an easy tool in the hands of structural repair contractor to get over the major problem of making up the broken member with a high strength absolute waterproof and free flowing concrete, which tends to flow in all directions to effectively fill and build up the member. This can be used for repair of damaged reinforced concrete members like beams, columns, walls, etc., where access is restricted and compaction is not possible. It is also used for jacketing of RCC columns to increase load taking capacity, that is, strengthening of vertical members.

    The Roff Crete Repair offers many benefits including being flowing and self-compacting, therefore, not requiring compaction. It can be pumped or poured into restricted locations. It is also non-shrink, and does not produce shrinkage cracks along the line of old and built-up concrete. Not only does it develop high initial and ultimate compressive strength but is also impermeable, durable, and forms a good bond with the parent concrete.

    So, before you decide on what colour to paint the walls, get the cracks in the walls repaired using a quick and long lasting solution like Roff Crete Repair – your home will not only look radiant, but will also last for many years to come.

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