Effective Solutions for Compact Areas

Mr. Naveen Das
"In consonance with TATA sensitivity to many social challenges, here is another product which attempts to provide one of the most effective solutions to the Car Parking problem in compact areas of our metros and Tier II cities for commercial, public and residential building spaces" says Mr Naveen Das, Dy. General Manager, TAL Manufacturing Solutions

Please describe a car parking system for our readers. What is the cost involved?

A car parking system is an automated system through which car spaces can be increased in a given area. In an existing parking area, parking systems can easily increase the car spaces by up to 14 times compared to conventional surface parking.

Effective Solutions for Compact Areas
Parking systems range from simple 2 level dependent Stack parking system to a complex high volume fully automatic XYZ axes motion systems.

In brief, parking systems can be categorized into Stackers, Puzzle, Tower, and high volume fully automatic parking systems (Both above and below ground). Stackers cater to 2 cars. This means Stackers doubles the existing car space when the required height is available. Fully automatic systems can be designed to 1000 car spaces with an integration of car lifts, PLCs, ticketing systems, PGS (Parking guidance systems), PMS (Parking Monitoring systems) which make parking an enjoyable experience for the user.

A simple Stacker costs around Rs. 1.5 Lacs (For 2 car spaces) while fully automatic systems costs around Rs. 4-5 Lacs per car space. And other parking systems fall in between these two price ranges.

What are your major products in this segment? What is the area required for an installation?

At TAL manufacturing solutions, we are aware of the escalating prices of land in metros and the fast developing Tier II Cities coupled with rising costs of inputs for the projects and the need for more car parking spaces with tremendous growth in car population.

In consonance with TATA sensitivity to many social challenges, here is another product which attempts to provide one of the most effective solutions to the Car Parking problem in compact areas of our metros and Tier II cities for commercial, public and residential building spaces. TAL manufacturing solutions Limited, an integrated engineering solutions provider, has successfully manufactured automated parking systems. We have 2 level Hydraulic Stackers, 2 level, 3 level hydraulic Puzzle parking systems, 7 X 7 Electrical Over ground Puzzle parking systems, 10 level, 20 level Tower parking systems and fully automatic multi-level parking systems in collaboration with MP systems, Korea for Metro products.

The space required can range from 2.5 Mts X 5 Mts X 3.7 Mts for a Stacker to 8 Mts X 8 Mts X 26/46 Mts (20/40 cars) in a Vertipark Tower parking systems.

TAL entered into the car parking system market about three years back. How far has the acceptability of system grown in terms of market size?

TAL entered into the CPS market in 2006 with technology tie up with MP systems, Seoul, Korea. TAL launched Vertipark initially which is a fully automatic 10 level/20 level fork type design. After launching Vertipark, there was no looking back as TAL presently has all variants of products in its kitty which cater to diverse market requirements.

With many projects completed and over 1000 car spaces under installation, TAL parking systems have been widely accepted by the ever growing market.

What are the maintenance requirements of this equipment in its life cycle? How much manpower involvement and other costs should a user factor in when opting for a car park system?

TAL is not only an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) but also provides AMC for the entire life cycle of the system. TAL provides warranty for 1 year after handing over the system to the customers. Post warranty TAL enters into AMC with customers directly to provide genuine TAL certified spare parts and TAL trained technicians involve in the preventive and breakdown maintenance.

TAL believes in long-term relationship with the customers and hence provides 24x7 customer service with web based complaint service module provided to the customers for speedy response. An AMC normally costs 4-5% of the total Cap Ex value. Manpower requirement varies from project to project and is decided depending upon the volume, type and nature of work.

Where are the systems being primarily installed? What are some other possible locations where car parking systems should be considered?

CPS are normally installed in commercial establishments, complexes, malls, multiplex, residential apartments, hospitals, hotels wherever there is acute shortage of parking space. Idea of parking system has to be conceived in the planning stage of the building. Proper planning coupled with best feasible solutions from the service provider can work wonders for the projects which normally face issues from regulatory authorities for want of ample parking spaces.

In future, car show rooms, stocking yards, manufacturing plants, service stations, independent row houses, public utility buildings will see a huge demand for these type of parking systems.

What is the largest project you have executed in India or Abroad?

TAL is executing biggest puzzle parking system in Parel, Mumbai for 7 grid 7 level puzzle system. This variant is the top model available in the market. Apart from this, TAL is executing installation in the most prestigious project in Chennai for 150 plus car spaces in Mount road. MP systems has successfully installed and commissioned over 4000 car spaces across the World.

NBMCW December 2012

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