Dantal Hydraulics Offers Custom Built Car Parking Solutions

Dantal Hydraulics Offers Custom Built Car Parking Solutions

Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading companies engaged in providing mechanized multi-level state-of-the-art Automated Car Parking solutions both underground and above the ground. The company is in a technical collaboration with Taiwan based company 'SOOGOOD PARKING SYSTEMS' offers unmatched variety of car parking solutions in India that are easy to operate and quick to install. SOOGOOD PARKING SYSTEMS is a leading manufacturer of car parking systems having about 65% market share in Taiwan.

With the growing number of vehicles in the major cities, one increasing cause of concern is the congestion associated with car transportation and their parking. Seeing the alarming need to accommodate the large volume of vehicles, Dantal Hydraulics has come up with an idea of multi-level car parking system to maximize parking capacity by utilizing vertical space, rather than expanding horizontally.

Designed in Taiwan, manufactured at DHPL Plant at MANESAR, Dantal brings cost-effective, environment-friendly and the well-known technology to India. The company has in house capability of design, development & manufacturing of custom built car parking solutions. With these systems one can accommodate more number of cars within the available space, when compared to conventional parking system.

Car Parking Systems are now an inherent and most important part of the businesses like: Property development, Car showrooms, Hospitals, Luxury Hotels, Airports, IT Industries etc. where car parking space is scarce and doubling the car parking space adds value to the property. DANTAL offers the most extensive product range of parking system i.e Stack Parking (Dependent type) and Puzzle Parking (Semi Automatic).

(A) Stack Parking (Dependent Type) Systems

Dantal Hydraulics Offers Custom Built Car Parking Solutions
Dantal dependent car parking system allows two passenger cars to be parked one above the other. It is based on hydraulic lifting and lowering. The unique feature of the system is its single post which saves space and offers flexibility when installed in basements and garages. The platform is curved at the ends to allow the car to roll on / roll off conveniently from either side. An operating control pendant can be conveniently located anywhere in the garage, basements, and outdoor structures for operation from a safe distance.


  • Allows the car to approach from both sides
  • Can be installed in compact areas
  • Only 2 hours required to install
  • No special construction required for installation
  • Silent in operation
  • Operation : Electro Hydraulic
  • Lift Height: 2000 mm standard
  • 24 Volt DC controls
  • Control pendant can be conveniently located for remote operation
  • Key switch in control pendant to protect against misuse
  • Minimum operating & maintenance cost.
  • Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical safety devices included
  • Easy to relocate & dismantle
  • Platform lowering possible in emergency in case of power failure
  • Maximum platform load- 2000 kg

(B) Puzzle Parking (Semi Automatic Systems

Dantal Hydraulics Offers Custom Built Car Parking Solutions
These systems offer a series of lateral and vertical movement of pallets to accommodate maximum cars within the available area. These are self-supporting steel structures and operated through Programmable Logic Controls (PLC's). Parking is possible from 2 to 6 levels above the ground, or a combination of both above ground and underground.

The platform / pallets at the entry level move only laterally. The pallets at the pit level & the top level move only vertically. The pallets at the intermediate / middle level moves both vertically as well as laterally.
  • Hydraulically operated, 2 Levels above ground, 1 Level in pit.
  • Hydraulically operated, 2 Level above ground (pit less)
  • Fully motorized, 3 Level above ground (pit less)
  • Fully motorized, 4 Level above ground (pit less)
  • Fully motorized, 2 Level above ground, 1 level in pit
  • Fully motorized, 3 Level above ground, 1 level in pit
  • Fully motorized, 4 Level above ground, 2 level in pit
  • Fully motorized, 4 Level above ground, 1 level in pit


  1. Independent parking & Indoor and outdoor installation flexibility
  2. Efficient use of space. The puzzle system is configurable and customized module capacity can be offered
  3. Easy and low cost installation
  4. Minimal operational cost
  5. Easy to drive-in and drive-out
  6. Multiple entry / exit & parking / retrieving a car takes less than 180 seconds.
  7. Safe operation, PLC controlled & low noise level.
  8. Lifting & Lowering by Hydraulic Cylinder (in case of hydraulic operation) or by Electric Motor – Chain Drives (in case of motorized operation)
  9. All steel structure with corrosion resistant paint.

Impact on Traffic Congestion

According to Don H.Pickrell, Chief Economist at DOT, Volpe Institute, Cambridge, MIT, ".... Recent research shows, that over 50% of the traffic in typical downtowns is simply on the road, cruising around the block searching for vacant convenient parking space.

NBMCW July 2010

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