Tekla Structures Premium brand Building Information Modeling Software

Tekla Structures Premium brand - Building Information Modeling Software

The building and construction industry needs design-to-build solutions to enhance project communication and to streamline the delivery process of structural design, detailing, fabrication, and construction organizations. Tekla's Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution Tekla Structures is an innovative tool that facilitates open integration with, for example, architectural models while supporting the end-to-end construction process.

Tekla Structures software is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool for the whole construction workflow through an open platform. It is one tool instead of competing one-tool-for-each-phase solutions that streamlines the delivery process of design, detailing, manufacturing, and construction organizations. While integrating openly with architectural models, Tekla's strength lies in the contractor end of the process. Thousands of Tekla Structures software users in more than 80 countries have successfully delivered BIM-based projects across the world.

Tekla Structures' ability to process extensive amounts of data enables the creation of a accurately detailed and highly constructable 3D model that applies to every stage of design and construction. From planning and design development through to fabrication and installation, Tekla models naturally develop in parallel, representing the 'as-built' condition of a building. Tekla Structures effectively integrates into any best-of-breed software driven workflow, while maintaining the highest levels of data integrity and accuracy. Such collaborative workflows are the key to minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency, resulting in high profitability and on-time project completion. Tekla Structures encompasses specialized configurations for structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, precast concrete detailers and manufacturers, as well as construction companies.

Tekla Structures for Steel Detailing

Tekla Structures Premium brand Building Information Modeling Software
Tekla has been providing steel detailers and fabricators with industry-leading software for nearly 20 years. Tekla Structures is the most advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) software on the market. It streamlines the entire workflow from sales, bidding, cost estimation, and conceptual design to detailing, fabrication, erection, and follow-up. Tekla Structures not only increases productivity in each phase, but also enhances the entire building value chain.

The structural steel industry is facing more challenges due to shorter lead times, lack of complete information, problems in revision handling, and a wider need to collaborate with other disciplines. Tekla Structures enables the most data-rich, highly constructable 3D and 4D structural building information models, and is a significant contrast to current document-based platforms where drawings and reports are distributed and reworked among different organizations.

Tekla Structures for Precast Detailing

Tekla Structures is much more than design and detailing software for the precast concrete industry. It is the most accurate and comprehensive parametric 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool on the market. Tekla Structures streamlines the entire workflow from sales, bidding, cost estimation and conceptual design to detailing, fabrication, erection, and follow-up.

Increased Productivity Through 3D Modeling

The precast industry is rapidly shifting towards the use of 3D modeling tools. The biggest benefit for precast fabricators is increased productivity through more effective detailing and production processes. Such efficiency results in elements being produced on schedule and delivered as a perfect-fit solution.

In addition, Tekla Structures easily combines precast concrete with other building materials, such as steel and reinforced concrete, to promote efficient project management and error-free collaboration throughout the entire building value chain.

Tekla Structures for Structural Engineer

Tekla offers structural engineers a Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution that supports construction from conceptual design through to fabrication, erection, and site management.

Tekla Structures software is a more efficient way of working for structural engineering offices. It includes a complete set of tools for working with other disciplines, enabling structural engineers to compete for more complex and prestigious contracts.

Tekla Structures is a 3D solution that facilitates accurate design and management of building models. One single model generates all fabrication, GA, erection and assembly drawings and reports. Tightly integrated functions provide more opportunities - Tekla Open API collaboration and open BIM standard interfaces make it possible for all parties within the construction value chain to now communicate and share information.

Tekla Structures effectively integrates into any best-of-breed software driven workflow, while maintaining the highest level of data integrity (Interface with ETAB, STAAD Pro, GT Strdul, AutoCAD) and accuracy, Such collaborative workflows are the cornerstone to minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency, resulting in high profitability and on-time project completion.

Tekla Structures for Project Manager

Managing the fragmented project planning and performance data is a challenge in streamlining the delivery process of construction organizations. Tekla Structures software helps to plan, communicate, and manage project information and thereby effectively supports Building Information Modeling (BIM). The Tekla model can be used to store all the structural data from preconstruction, construction planning through to site management and to monitor performance from design to supply and installation.

Plan, Communicate and Manage Project Information

Tekla Structures for construction management is an information-model-based software solution that supports contractors, sub-contractors, and project management professionals by helping them to centralize and visualize project data. Scheduling and cost estimation and control can be carried out by an effective communication and decision-making process that results from managing the fragmented nature of both project planning and performance data.

Tekla Structures can process large amounts of model and non-model data regardless of the source. The software can be used to leverage the critical transfer of design information and planning data between design and construction teams. This clarifies communication and decision-making throughout the design, construction, and site management phases of a building project.

Key benefits of Tekla Structures for the Building and Construction industry include

  • Winning more tenders through accurate estimation and planning
  • Effective, high-quality detailing(Error free)
  • Integration downstream and upstream
  • Easy project follow-up

Tekla Structures Helps You to ACHIEVE MORE!

Tekla Structures Premium brand Building Information Modeling Software
Make the leap from 2D drafting to 3D modeling and experience significant gains in productivity, accuracy and reliability?

Tekla Structures doesn't change the way you currently work - it just enhances it!

Choose Tekla Structures and put yourself ahead of the competition!
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