The construction industry has been held back from achieving its full potential by processes that are outdated, inefficient and time-consuming. Scattered information sources make locating critical data difficult, and poor coordination between disciplines leads to errors in construction. Slow, paper-driven processes consume valuable time, and the different tools used are often incompatible with each other. Buildsys effectively responds to these challenges by offering a digital platform for seamless communication and collaboration between project stakeholders. It helps project managers, contractors, owners, designers, and architects collaborate easily to manage field and office work. By centralizing information and enabling effective communication between team members, it simplifies construction processes, saving time and effort. It is compatible across devices, making it easy to use from the comfort of your home, office, or project site. The product offering includes Drawings (view, track and manage blueprints right from phone or laptop), Files & Photos (manage all project files and site photos in one place), Meetings & Tasks (compile meeting minutes and manage tasks in real-time), and RFIs & Submittals (review and track RFIs, approvals and paper-free workflows).

Transforming construction management
Construction has been one of the least digitized industries in the world, historically lagging behind other markets in the adoption of technology. The pandemic is driving a shift in this pattern, accelerating technology adoption by the sector as it has become a growing necessity. More companies are making the switch to digital applications like Buildsys by the day, as they seek to make construction management processes more trackable, real-time and productive.

Buildsys is a comprehensive platform for managing construction digitally. It brings the whole team on one workspace, giving real-time access to information to all project stakeholders. It works everywhere construction works - users can view plans, manage tasks or create RFIs right from the construction site through their phone. It makes communication and documentation faster, trackable and accountable, with automated workflows and digitized processes. It is user-friendly and easy to implement, seamlessly integrating with existing digital tools in your system.

Take back your time
A considerable amount of time and resources are lost in conventional construction due to scattered information sources, poor and inefficient communication between stakeholders, slow paper-driven processes and digital tools that are incompatible with each other. Buildsys creates a streamlined process that addresses each of these issues, by providing a single source for all project information, allowing easy and trackable communication between team members, digitized and automated workflows and seamless integration with a host of existing digital tools.

Buildsys helps you focus on construction and not on paperwork 
Buildsys makes document management simple, trackable and accountable. By digitizing RFIs and submittal documents for approval, it reduces time-consuming paperwork to a minimum. Built-in tools help manage tasks and provide real-time project updates, and all actions are time-stamped and documented, holding project stakeholders accountable for their part.

User-centric approach
Buildsys was designed with research and a sound understanding of its users, formed through visits to construction sites and conversations with stakeholders from the construction industry. Yukti Arora, CPO and co-founder at Buildsys states: "When you're standing high up on a construction site - you're afraid for your life and there is no desk to note things down or good internet connectivity - you realize how much simpler these tools need to be. We at Buildsys design for both the guy who's sitting in the office with his vision for what his building's going to be and the person who's got the hard hat and work boots on and is needing to reference the plans throughout the construction cycle."
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