Progress Group Bending Shop
Consisting of five different plants and machines, SC Ferrotech’s new rebar shop will enable the company to supply mesh, stirrups, rebars and reinforcing cages to all projects of its parent company, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd.

At the turn of the year, the production plant of one of the most modern rebar shops in the world, SC Ferrotech Pte Ltd in Singapore has begun production of mesh, stirrups, rebars and reinforcing cages. progress Maschinen & Automation, a PROGRESS GROUP company, was responsible for the project planning, development, delivery and installation of the entire plant and software solutions.

It has taken just under two years to develop, deliver and install the complex plants, but the time devoted to the project is now bearing fruit – at the turn of the year the plant went into full operation. The opening of the new bending company now enables the parent company, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd, to produce in-house all the made-to-measure mesh, which previously was obtained on the open market. As soon as the plant will run in full capacity – which is estimated to be 70 metric tons per day – SC Ferrotech will be able to supply to all projects of Straits, one of Singapore's leading builders in the public and private sectors.

SC Ferrotech's objective to design flexible, versatile production processes with the new plant and the well-designed complete solution could be reached due to its integral software and logistics system. Every detail of the design concept had been worked out by progress Maschinen & Automation in close collaboration with their customers in Singapore. progress, emphasizes SC Ferrotech, has been a reliable partner in innovation with a deep understanding of the company's need and desire to increase productivity.

Progress Group Rebar Shop
M-System BlueMeshplant allows the production of mesh of various lengths, widths, shapes and diameters. The tried and tested progressrotor straightening technology ensures a high-quality end product.
The order comprised the supply and installation of a fully automated mesh welding plant with integral bending system, a straightening, cutting and bending unit, a fully automatic stirrup bender, a unit for fully automated rebar processing, a machine for the production of welded reinforcing cages, a comprehensive logistics system and software solution for production planning.

The entire plant is configured to processing from the coil up to a diameter of 20 mm and is thus following the trend for processing increasingly large diameters from the coil. Steel bar of up to a diameter of 40 mm can be cut and bent. The logistics solutions, with which every single item of plant is equipped, speed up the production process and simplify storage. Furthermore, the ProFit software contributes to efficient, easy, fast production planning.

Innovative Bending System
Innovative bending systems allow the manufacturing of bars and a variety of stirrups and other shapes just-in-time from the coil.
This complete solution is a winner both when seen as a whole with its comprehensive product portfolio and when the benefits and strengths of each installed unit are examined in detail. Flexibility and quality are the main characteristics, which make all aspects of this state-of-the-art plant stand out from the crowd. The M-System BlueMesh mesh welding machine and the MSR 20 2BK straightening, cutting and bending machine are of special importance for the production.

The innovative M-System BlueMesh plant not only allows the production of mesh of various lengths, widths, shapes and diameters, it is also exceptionally easy to adjust when being installed, thanks to its modular, space-saving design. This plant has also been fitted with a bending system for SC Ferrotech. Moreover, the tried and tested progressrotor straightening technology guarantees constant quality for all types of steel and assists in complying with the strictest standards.

The MSR 20 2BK allows SC Ferrotech to manufacture bars and a variety of stirrups and other shapes just-in-time from the coil. The plant makes processing steel fast, accurate and smooth. The low storage costs and easy material handling make for cost-efficient production. Here again, the tried and tested progressrotor straightening technology ensures a high-quality end product and the automatic former changeover and the automatic diameter changeover make production extremely flexible and efficient.

The EBA S 16 ARW automatic stirrup-bender offers similar advantages. It is compact, but extremely powerful and allows rapid production of stirrups and bars from the coil. Like the straightening roller adjustment, changing to double strand processing, if required, is fully automatic.

A high-performance plant for fully automatic rebar processing and a machine for the fast, efficient production of welded reinforcing cages are the final elements of the complete solution.

Each of the machines installed in SC Ferrotech's new production plant can be handled by a single person. In addition, the ease of operation of the computer-controlled production process and the low noise emission levels produce a pleasant working environment. The low maintenance costs and the reliability of the machinery mean that routine operation is trouble-free and can be planned, so that delivery deadlines can be met and the high quality of the end products can be maintained at all times.
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