R R Parkon-Multi-Level car Parking Systems

India is into the twenty-first century with great plans to enhance infrastructure development and with the Government pouring in huge resources for development. Booming economy, unending opportunities, growing aspirations and better living standards have made owning car very easy and common. Going by the current statistics and forecast by experts, we would have a whooping 2.5 million cars added on the Indian roads every year.

But today's car population growth is at 8% every year. The rate of growth of new roads in India is at stand still level raises the question that can these cars be accommodated.

It is interesting to know that the number of hours a private vehicle remains parked. The vehicle moves for 5% of the time and 95% of the time it is parked. The major problem is therefore, not the moving vehicle but the parked vehicle. It is therefore most important to focus our attention to the issue of parking. In many cases, due to inadequate parking we see cars parked outside offices blocking the access to the building itself.

Now at this stage, the concept of multi-level car parking system is one of the options to decongest roads and solve parking problems by maximizing parking capacity utilizing vertical space, rather than expand horizontally.

A multi-storey car parking is a structure designed specifically to be for automobile parking and where there are a number of floors or levels on which parking takes place.

Advantages of Multi-Level Car Parking Systems (MLCPS)

1. Optimal utilization of space
Mechanical car parking system is a method of parking and retrieving cars by using pallets and lifts. It thus removes the need for lengthy drive ways and ramps, accommodating maximum cars in minimum space.

2. Can be constructed on minimum available space
MLCPS is flexible enough to solve varied parking problems. It can be sited above or below the ground or a combination of both and designed to accommodate any number of cars.

3. Lower construction cost
MLCPS are cost effective in terms of construction cost. MLCPS are delivered pre-fabricated which are assembled on site. As the system is operated automatically, added expenses of underground parking such as building structure, providing lighting and security are avoided.

4. Low maintenance and operational cost
Operating cost is low since mechanical car parking systems requires less energy to run. There is no need for energy intensive ventilating systems as the cars are not being driven inside the parking lot. Cladding can be specially selected to match the building's facade.

5. Safety of vehicle
MLCPS provide complete safety to a vehicle as parked cars are not accessible to anyone else. Damages or a dent to the car is avoided while parking through narrow drive ways.

6. Environment friendly
Environmentally, mechanized car parking has much to offer. One of the greatest benefits related to conventional underground or open space parking, is the saving of ground space. Outdoor space saved can be put to good use with gardens and landscaping or additional buildings. It also significantly reduces noise and other pollutants.

7. Benefit to a driver
Car driving now can become a pleasant experience. Mechanical car parking systems makes parking easier and less stressful as the driver does not have to drive through the entire parking lot looking for a place to park, nor do they have to attend the car when it is parked, thus saving a lot of time. Difficulty in parking in a tight corner is also eliminated.

8. Benefit to builder
By using MLCPS, floor area and the volume of the stilt/ garage can be used much more efficiently. It reduces the space needed to park the same number of cars or allow car parking where previously there would have been no room. This in turn means more financial gains by saving precious real estate space.

9. Benefit to architects
The MLCPS is suitable for both public and private use. It can be designed to accommodate any number or cars depending on the space available. It actually makes difference in planning and designing places.

RR Parkon Parking System

R R Parkon-Multi-Level car Parking Systems

Realizing the need of the hour and using the best technology available from Korea-leaders in mechanized multi-level parking systems RR PARKON has pioneered the mechanized car parking systems in India. RR PARKON offers innovative technology that helps provide tailor made multi-level mechanized parking solutions, which is simple to install and maintain.

The time has come for the innovation with RR Parkon parking solutions in the country. A part of the Ram Ratna Group, RR Parkon is a one stop solution for consulting, designing and installation of multilevel car parking systems.

The main advantage of mechanized car parking systems is that in a very small area larger number of cars can be parked. Mechanized auto parking systems allow us to park 50 cars in the place required for 3 cars. The solution range from Twin Parking, Puzzle, Mini-Rotary, Horizontal Circulation, Stacker Parking and Tower.

RR Parkon is associated with some of the best names in realty business by providing the innovative Parking solutions at optimum cost. The company has completed more than 100 projects across cities in India and also few thousand proposals which have been approved and incorporated by the clients in their plan.

Parking solutions range:

RR Tower Parking

The elevator tower parking system combines an automatic storage system and a car elevator. The elevator moves vertically in which cars are taken up and down and a transfer device on the elevator transfers the cars to the left or right.

RR Mini Rotary System

The mini rotary system reminds of a merry go round. It is a very efficient system that can blend harmoniously with the surrounding.

RR Puzzle Parking System

The puzzle parking system works similar to "word puzzle game". In this cars move vertically and horizontally till the car required comes to lower level from where it is driven out. It is possible to use various combinations to adopt to the restricted space as it can be installed in driveways, basement, rooftops or indoors in basement etc.

RR Twin Parker System

The Twin Parker System stacks the cars in two levels. The system is very easy to operate due to its simple construction.

In technical collaboration with state-of-art Korean technology, Ram Ratna Infrastructure Private Limited an ISO 9001:2000 company has pioneered mechanized car parking solutions. The company provides customized solutions to meet your specific requirements, for individual homes to large malls or public parking systems.
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