KK Manhole & Gratings Co. Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's leading manufacturers of precast concrete products which are used in road, commercial & residential construction, railway platforms, and telecommunications. The company also manufactures certain plastic products used in construction such as plastic spacers, plastic letter boxes, manhole footrests, plastic grass pavers, etc. In its endeavors to keep it ahead from all, KK Manhole is consistently making and introducing high quality innovative precast concrete and plastic products and solutions in the Indian market which are cost-effective, durable, maintenance-free, aesthetic, user- and environmentally-friendly.

Precast RCC Jersey Barriers

Precast RCC Jersey Barriers
The company has recently launched Precast RCC Jersey Barriers for national and state highways to prevent hazards like vehicles slipping / entering in footpath /pedestrian zones or slipping into ditches/gorges along the highways.

So far Guard Rails (also called galvanized steel sheet crash barriers) are used on highways to prevent hazards like vehicles slipping etc. This method has been effectively used in developed countries and copied by India. However, the method has not yielded the desired outcome because of theft of crash barriers. A majority of people make their living by stealing these guard rails as they are made of steel and have high resale value. Seldom are they replaced due to paucity of funds and elaborate procedure involved in doing so.

K.K Manhole proposes the use of Precast RCC Jersey Barriers as a better solution in the Indian context as they offer many advantages such as:
  • They are strong, heavy and more durable.
  • Are theft free as there is not much resale value
  • Flexible solution in case road width or course is to be altered in future.
  • In addition, they also reduce project time as the precast RCC jersey barriers are available ready or can be planned/manufactured simultaneously while road construction is in progress.

Concrete Cover Blocks

Concrete Cover Blocks
It has been generally observed that RCC roofs or columns show cracks or rust marks after few years of construction which is normally assumed to be of poor quality of construction. This is due to the reason that the contractors did not use proper concrete cover blocks of high strength below or on the side of reinforcing steel provided in roof and columns to prevent steel from rusting. The rusting of steel is due to moisture in the air and phenomenon of rusting causes expansion. This expansion force is much higher than tension which can be borne by concrete since concrete is very poor in tension and hence cracking of concrete visible to all of us. This expansive force can be simulated to force when water freezes into ice.

It has been recommended by K. K Manhole to always use concrete cover blocks of high strength and proper size at proper distance around the reinforcing steel to prevent rusting and thereby preventing cracking in concrete and insist to the contractor to use concrete cover blocks. It will cost a small price but increase life of the structure.
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