Manmohan, Director, Indus Floors India
Manmohan, Director, Indus Floors India, shares the construction methodology of FM2 flooring for a warehouse, using Laser Screed Technology.

India is fast becoming a digital economy with smartphones and the internet reaching even the most remote areas. There is a boom in online shopping, which is driving the need for upscaling the logistics industry and increasing the need for more and more warehouses. In fact, warehousing has spiraled like never before, which in turn is impacting related industries, including flooring, which must be strong and durable enough to hold all types of loads.

Indus Floors India has recently completed the flooring of a warehouse project at Topline Logistics Park in Palwal, Haryana, which was developed by Ascendas-Firstspace. The flooring was designed by IIT Palakkad as a slab for two different load cases in point load of 60 kN and UDL of 60 kN/m2. The design was approved for a sub grade modulus of 0.06 N/mm3 as per the design document.

Incorporating Laser Tech for Creation of Heavy-Duty Warehouse Flooring

Methodology adopted for Laying of Floors (Large Pour- Laser Screed Flooring)
State-of-the-art laser screed technology from Somero USA was deployed at site (S-15R, with a telescopic boom of 6.1mm and with a 3m head consisting of augur) laying 950 m2/day. Imported flattening tools like professional (magnesium) keyhole bump cutters, highway straightedge, power floaters and ride on trowels were used. An adjustable wooden shuttering with L-angle was used to handle a slump of 130mm (slump window of ± 20mm). The slab of 150 mm comprised of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) of M30 Grade, and steel armoured joints of edge protection was executed under Design–Build concept.

Sub-Base Preparation
The sub-base comprised of Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) 100 mm in single layer and granular sub-base GSB of 150mm in single layer. The entire sub-base was compacted to achieve a K value of more than 0.06 N/mm3.

Incorporating Laser Tech for Creation of Heavy-Duty Warehouse Flooring

Slab Details
The slab was 150mm thick with a steel fibre dosage of 15kg/m3. 950 sqm concrete was poured per day for the entire floor of an area of 18000 sqm. 4kg/sqm dosage of dryshake hardener was used, and the height of armour joint was 140mm.

Indus Floors India, an expert in high tolerance laser screed flooring, offers end-to-end solutions in warehouse flooring, based on international standards like TR34 4th edition from the UK Concrete Society, to meet the surface regularity requirements for both free- and defined movement floors in the warehousing and industrial sectors.