Junichi Kyushima, MD, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India

Junichi Kyushima, MD, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India
Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TJEI), a joint venture of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation and Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd., provides world class, energy efficient and safe vertical transportation systems. Toshiba, through its subsidiary TJEI, is introducing elevators that are more connected and more efficient, and which promise premier quality assurance and quality control.

India’s tremendous infrastructure growth is being propelled by undulating business hubs to marvelous residential complexes. As India’s skyline touches newer heights, faster, stronger and more reliable elevator systems are becoming a prerequisite to the real estate sector. Although India is the world’s 2nd largest elevator market, it is still in the nascent stages with average annual sales volume is just upwards of 50,000 units. This untapped potential renders India as the fastest growing elevator market in the world. By 2020-21, the Indian market is expected to grow 35-40 percent crossing 70,000 elevators per annum mark. But the growing market is also throwing up new challenges such as emphasis on energy-efficient products and gearless elevators. With tall buildings being the current trend, providing faster elevators is essential. The need for innovative and eco-efficient products is also increasing with the ‘Green Building’ concept gaining significant ground in India.

Comprehending the evolving preferences of Indian consumers, Toshiba through its subsidiary – Toshiba Johnson Elevators India (TJEI), is introducing elevators that are more connected and more efficient. Toshiba elevators promise premier quality assurance and quality control. TJEI conducts a rigorous ‘7-Step Quality Check’ for installation and adjustment at every project site, earning it a zero-accident record in India. This leads to the best balance between cost and quality. To ensure high quality during installation and maintenance, rigorous skill training is undertaken by the Japanese engineers for the Indian engineers.

TJEI has expanded its product portfolio to cover all spectrums of the market – from premium to upper-middle elevator market. The company is focusing on two segments – the premium and luxury segment where it is already an established brand; and the upper middle segment including offices, commercial spaces and residential condominiums, where TJEI will further consolidate its market position with products ‘Made-for-India.’

Toshiba elevators

We believe that safety is our priority and quality is our Identity. We will augment our focus on ‘Made-for-India’ products and further consolidate our presence in India with the setting up of a multi-purpose facility in Chennai that will act as a training centre, distribution centre and a reliability centre amongst other roles. We are committed to provide safe and efficient vertical transportation through our innovative, state-of-the-art global product range.

Product Offerings for India
Toshiba elevators
NEW ELBRIGHT series: Toshiba engineering has developed inverter-control high-speed elevator, with high energy efficiency control, and quiet operation demanded by today’s society. NEW ELBRIGHT high speed elevators are applicable to a range of travelling speeds starting from 2 mps to 5 mps with a passenger carrying capacity of 612 kgs to 1,972 kgs. Toshiba has developed ELBRIGHT series with the latest technology to achieve quiet operation and energy saving by applying the thin and single inspection type control panel. The traction machine used is much more compact than before, that can reduce the required machine room space by up to 50%.

SPACEL-III series: SPACEL-III is the most recent high-end machine-room-less elevator which incorporates multiple latest techniques to save both energy and time and ensure a safe and smooth vertical ride. With its compact design which does not require a machine room, SPACEL-III is well-suited to office buildings and apartments that face building height restrictions. SPACEL-III is applicable in specification range of capacity from 612 kgs to 953kgs at speeds ranging from 1mps to 2mps.

ELCOSMO-III series: The top class compact machine room elevator “ELCOSMO-III” has been developed based on Toshiba’s long experience as represented by world’s fastest elevator. ELCOSMO-III employs newly developed compact PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor), drive system, energy regenerative system and LED (Light Emitting Diode) lightings which enable high energy efficiency. Furthermore, by employing roller guide for both car and counter weight, lubricant oil will not be necessary which formerly used guide shoe required. ELCOSMO-III is applicable in spec range of capacity from 612 kgs to 952 kgs at speed range from 1mps to 2.5mps. Also, high speed range version for ELCOSMO-III enables to offer spec range of capacity from 748kgs to 952kgs at speed range from 3.5mps to 4mps.

ELCOSMO-TJ series: This compact machine room elevator has been developed focusing on the rapidly growing upper middle segment. ELCOSMO-TJ offers leading edge technology in energy consumption through highly efficient PMSM, high quality variable-voltage/variable-frequency drive system and LED lightings to enhance energy efficiency of the product, and offer multiple benefits as a standard package to its users. This newly developed standard model is competitive both in terms of cost and delivery time, as many components are manufactured in India. ELCOSMO-TJ is a perfect blend of latest technology and simplicity of design that suits best to Indian vertical transportation needs. It is available in the passenger carrying capacity range starting from 544 kgs to 1,020 kgs, and travel speed options of 1m/s and 1.75m/s.

Toshiba elevators

Toshiba’s Technology Advantage
Toshiba elevators come with a host of innovative technologies that focus on passenger safety, riding comfort, noise control, and energy conservation. In addition, the elevators are also designed to consume minimum building space and can be customized in terms of interiors to perfectly suit the tastes of the architects and clients.
  • Traction machine designed and manufactured by Toshiba promises quality assurance and quality control.
  • Compact PMSM for space saving; over 30% lower power consumption (compared to conventional geared electric motor).
  • Gearless traction without gear oil for low vibration, low noise and better environmental conservation.
  • LED lighting that under equal brightness, consumes only 10% of an incandescent lamp and 50% of a fluorescent lamp.
  • Roller guide shoe for better comfort, higher efficiency, compactness and environmental conservation.
  • Energy regeneration through the regenerative device (offered as an optional feature) that feeds energy back to the power grid while the traction machine is under power generation to achieve high-efficiency energy utilization and suppress temperature rise in the machine room.
  • Noise control through newly developed gear engagement.
  • Lead-free design of base plate, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance and elimination of specific chemical substances (15 classifications).
After-Sales Guarantee
Unlike other companies where maintenance is relegated to a third party, TJEI maintains all installations in-house, leading to excellent service quality and ability to predict any maintenance issues that may occur. Specialized certifications and in-house engineer training programs are conducted to keep the team upbeat with latest updates in elevator safety. With an overwhelming focus on after-sales, TJEI offers maintenance and repair services in India, in both Tier I and Tier II cities with a guaranteed an on-call service within 30-minutes for emergency situations, and 60-minutes for normal call back. TJEI currently has sales and service network in 15 Tier I and Tier II cities and it aims to reinforce its PAN-India network in more than 50 cities of India.

Training Centre and Distribution Centre
Toshiba elevators
TJEI’s new TCDC in Chennai is built to enhance the competence and expertise of field engineers for elevator sales, installation and maintenance. It is equipped to facilitate field engineer training, distribution, quality control and as an assurance facility.

With the establishment of this new distribution centre, we will continue to focus on quality improvement activities and provide highly reliable products to the market, with safety and quality as our top priority. We aim to further improve the efficiency of on-site work by advanced stocking and assembling parts facilities.

In addition to educational facilities, TCDC will also have a storage area for components for elevators’ installation and maintenance, and it will also be equipped with various quality control facilities. Here, we will aim to provide the most advanced engineering solutions and continue to focus on the development of human resources and ongoing investments for engineering facilities.
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