Katsuhiko Sato, MD Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Pvt. Ltd.Katsuhiko Sato, Managing Director, is Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Pvt. Ltd.
The Toshiba Group has a legacy of providing the most advanced engineering solutions as its company, Toshiba Johnson Elevators India (TJEI), presses forward by securing some of the most iconic projects that demand the latest technology and exclusive design engineering. Utilizing the comprehensive technological infrastructure developed by Toshiba Corporation over 135 years, TJEI has established itself as one of the leading players and the most sought after for many prestigious projects.

Surat Diamond BourseTJEI is building a sustainable future by focusing on developing products that support modern life and society and are in harmony with the environment.

Project Overview

Client: Surat Diamond Bourse
Location: Diamond Research and Mercantile City (Dream City), Surat, Gujarat, India
Capacity: Over 4200 offices witnessing more than 65,000 footfalls per day
Year Of Delivery: 2019
Project Description: SDB is being set up with an approximate investment of ₹125,000 crore. It would be India’s second diamond trading hub, spread across 35.54 acres with 66 lakh sq. ft. built up area encompassing 4,000 offices for national & international traders. After commissioning, SDB would generate additional business worth ₹90,000 crore annually.This iconic complex is expected to witness footfall upwards of 65,000 daily.

India’s first 12-car group elevator system at Surat Diamond Bourse


  • 128 bespoke design elevators out of which 124 elevators are designed to operate at a speed of 3 meters per second
  • Destination Control Systems (DCS) for fast and efficient movement of people inside the building to maximise efficiency.
  • Elevator Monitoring System (EMS)
  • Bespoke premium design to match design inspiration of Surat Diamond Bourse featuring 2400mm tall doors and 2700mm tall elevator cabs
  • Group Control System to shorten waiting time of elevator
  • Conforms to SDB’s green building requirements by allowing various environmentally friendly driving functions such as power saving function and use of gearless motors
  • Conforms to best safety and security measures by deploying interface for access control, Live TV, CCTV etc.

Customer requirements

  • Minimum wait time for elevators
  • Efficient travel management between G+15 floors
  • Sustainable and energy conscious solutions for green building
  • Integrated design matching with iconic architecture
  • Security & surveillance
  • Durability & hassle-free operations

Proposed Solutions
Efficient movement with minimal wait time

TJEI to supply, install and maintain 128 elevator units that will operate at a speed of 3 meters per second. The elevators will be installed across 15-storey high 9 towers of the SDB.

India’s First 12-car group control system: to optimize elevator control, analyzing the movements of elevators in a building real-time and controlling them while predicting what may happen in the immediate future is crucial. Toshiba has developed the Real-Time Scheduling System (RTS) to control elevators properly and included it in elevator group control systems.

Destination Control System: reduces service time drastically, relieving passenger stress from rush-hour congestion in the morning and evening. By registering the destination floor before the elevator ride, DCS reduces the number of floor stops as the person who wants to move to the same floor can be collected at the same elevator. Once passengers get inside the elevator, they are no longer required to enter the destination floor. It removes the burden of the destination entry inside a packed elevator, thus improving passenger experience.

Elevator Monitoring System: EMS monitors elevator operation on real-time basis using several display screens. This interactive system is placed at a designated location for monitoring, controlling, reporting & for Real-Time Traffic Analysis.

Security & safety

All 128 Toshiba elevators will be provisioned with access control, Live TV, CCTV, fire emergency operation, maintenance and operation through EMS.


12 car DCS, tall door, tall cars, PMSM gearless motors, 3mps speeds, 24 passengers’ capacity, LED lighting


Highly efficient with lower friction roller guides are used instead of conventional sliding guide shoes to ensure superior ride comfort.


TJEI has a proven track record of unwavering focus on quality and reliable products, with safety and quality as its top priority. The 128-elevator units SDB project comes with a 135-year-old ‘OEM’ Technology for hassle-free, seamless operations.

Lowest repair turnaround time

TJEI has set up a multi-purpose Training Centre and Distribution Centre (TCDC) in Chennai. It is built to enhance the competence and expertise of field engineers for elevator sales, installation and maintenance. It is equipped to facilitate field engineer training, distribution, quality control and as an assurance facility. TCDC also has a storage area for components for elevators’ installation and maintenance, and is equipped with various quality control facilities.

TJEI has set up a multi-purpose Training Centre and Distribution Centre (TCDC)

Energy-saving green-tech

Toshiba Group seeks to create environmentally conscious products. Its elevators contribute to energy saving by employing gearless motors that save more than 30% power compared to conventional electric motors. ROHS compliant manufacturing processes and LED light fixtures are some of the green-tech features applied.
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