KONE InnoTrack

Innovation is the ability to provide solutions that are not only new but also meet industry demands with the utmost efficiency, making life much easier. Moving large groups of people safely and smoothly, especially in big public transit centers like airports & metros remain one of the foremost challenges of Urbanization.

KONE InnoTrack™ is a break- through innovation in the escalator business. The module-based flat technology platform and the re-installation possibility enable its use in buildings and premises in which autowalks have not been used before. KONE InnoTrack™ can be installed without changes in the floor structure as it enables easy installation in both the existing and new buildings.

The KONE InnoTrack™ is the first autowalk that doesn't need a pit. Its revolutionary design allows it to be brought to the site even 'through the door'. One can shorten it, lengthen it, change the color or re-install it somewhere else. Due to the innovative pallet return mechanism and a new kind of motor solution, each KONE InnoTrack™ is so flat, that unlike conventional solutions, it can be installed entirely on the finished floor level. These features make KONE InnoTrack™ a solution for a wide range of different locations and premises with a need for efficient traffic flow.

KONE InnoTrack™ is environ- mentally friendly because of its oil-free drive system and pallet chain and the fact that it uses significantly less material than traditional solutions. The new technology utilizes the KONE PowerDisc™ machinery, which has proven itself as a reliable and energy-efficient solution in KONE's elevators.

The outside appearance of KONE InnoTrack™ and a traditional autowalk are almost the same. The main difference is the added 200 mm in height with KONE InnoTrack™ and the resulting small ramps in both ends. In both the systems, the drive pulls the pallet chain, which in turn moves the pallets. The two main differences are the rollers and route of the pallets.

KONE Elevators

KONE InnoTrack™ has rollers only in the pallets whereas a traditional autowalk has them in both the pallets and the chain. The route of the chain is also the same i.e. circular, but not the pallets. In a traditional autowalk the pallets turn downward at the end following a circular route, whereas in KONE InnoTrack™ the pallets are guided downward at the end without turning. The stepping surface always stays up and the pallets only reverse their direction moving back under the upper level of the pallet band. Once the pallets reach the other end, they are guided upward in exactly the same way.

The design is based on three simple but ingenious innovations:

1) The components traditionally placed in the pit have been moved to the balustrades. 2) The pallets lower themselves directly under the stepping surface instead of circling the entire truss to the bottom. 3) The modular design of the truss makes it uniquely simple to assemble and modify

Advanced technology leads to effortless performance and total control. The KONE InnoTrack™ features a sophisticated micro- processor-based controller to deliver peak performance and allow total control. Speed, direction, safety status, and other key operating parameters are monitored constantly. There are several options that optimize the management of passenger traffic flow:

– Standby Operation adjusts speed based on usage, further reducing energy consumption by up to 30%.

– KONE Remote Monitoring (KRM): remote telemonitoring links KONE InnoTrack™ directly to our 24-hour service center where its operating status is continually monitored and recorded. Regular reports keep customers informed and allow us to maximize reliability.

KONE Hallikuva

The World Class intergarted Terminal 2 (T2) at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai boasts of the first pit-less, 4 units of KONE InnoTrack™ in Asia.

The travel length of the KONE InnoTrack™ is 27 meters & 18 meters with a speed of 0.65 m/sec The total width of the KONE InnoTrack™ is1770 mm and its passenger handling capacity is 13,500 persons/hour.

With the KONE InnoTrack™, safety is built in. All major components undergo rigorous testing to assure proper function and operation.

KONE InnoTrack™ uses thoroughly tested technology with a proven track record in other KONE products. It has merely been packaged in an innovative way. This means that one can enjoy the best of both worlds: the benefits of a revolutionary innovation with no teething troubles.
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