Elevator manufacturers are developing technologies that enable higher performance, greater safety and comfort, and higher energy efficiency in the design and development of their elevators. They are also catering to user demand and taking into account the considerations of architects and project managers.

Celestial Shimmer MIPIL005
Companies like KONE has a successful track record of providing industry-leading eco-efficient solutions that enable smooth mobility for the people. KONE products add value to buildings throughout their lifecycle. Through more effective People Flow®, the company is making people’s journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings. It offers modernization solutions with the flexibility of replacing the entire installation or just individual components. This also ensures that the elevators comply with the latest standards and are energy efficient, deliver reliable performance and are do not compromise on safety.

thyssenkrupp, with its traditional strengths in technology and materials, develops high-quality products and competitive solutions. With its engineering expertise, it brings innovative products in a cost- and resource-friendly way to meet the diverse customer requirements around the world.

Mitsubishi Electric lifts are contributing to the development and expansion of high-tech cityscapes around the world, and providing architects and developers with new options for innovative building designs. The company’s state-of-the-art technologies are continuously being introduced to improve lift operation and system efficiency. From providing conventional and customised straight-line escalators to the production of the world’s only spiral escalators, Mitsubishi Electric is an industry leader in vertical transport. Systems incorporate innovative engineering and energy-efficient technologies that ensure operation efficiency, including the utmost reliability, durability and safety.

Hitachi is delivering solutions that address the challenges faced by users during vertical transportation. The company is supplying world-class equipment and using sophisticated installation methods, backed by innovative product technologies that enable the company to effectively meet the growing need for highly efficient vertical transportation solutions.

In June 2017, Hitachi’s ultra-high-speed elevator achieved a world record speed of 1,260 m per minute. The elevator is scheduled for delivery to the super high-rise complex building,"CTF Finance Centre", in Guangzhou,

Toshiba lifts provide high speed, safety and a smooth ride. All the components and materials used are of high quality, tested and built with proven techniques. It offers elevators such as the compact machine room type passenger elevator, or the machine room-less passenger elevator SPACEL-III, which comes with an added advantage of not having to build a separate machine room for placing the traction machine, thus helping in reducing cost and space. The company’s range of high-speed elevators New-Elbright can travel at a maximum speed of 4 meters/ sec. The company offers overall vertical transportation solutions to a building with its expertise in designing tailor-made elevators.

KONE rolls out Vastu-compliant high-tech elevators; introduces KONE UltraRope and KONE EcoDisc
Kone, elevator manufacturer of global repute, is bringing new and theme-based designs in its cars, and making improvisations in its tools and processes to leverage the potential of digitalization. Kone’s new cars have Vastu-compliant designs depicting different elements of Nature, and it’s latest U Series comprising of 27 different cars, is based on the Navratna design theme. The company has also introduced the KONE UltraRope and KONE EcoDisc. to enhance the performance of its products.

Kone is credited with installing the first machine-room-less (mrl) elevators featuring the gearless hoisting technology (KONE MonoSpace) in 1995. It has also introduced its own EcoDisc technology, which drastically, reduces energy consumption and provides gearless ride comfort for residential buildings.

Amit Gossain
Said Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE India, "With the growing Indian economy, there is a need for buildings with world-class technologies, along with high quality, comfort and safety. Our latest technology- the Ultra Rope - is made of carbon fiber and is lighter in weight."

He informed that the company has partnered with IBM and will use IBM’s open standards-based Watson IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform to bring in more innovation. The platform will gather data from sensors and systems connected to elevators, escalators, and doors in KONE’s maintenance base, and will also leverage IBMs analytics engine information to provide new services and experiences to its customers.

Kone India, which has its Indian headquarters in Chennai, has a manufacturing plant in Chennai that produces elevators for the Indian market as well as for Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Additionally, the plant manufactures components for the company’s modernization projects in other Asia-Pacific markets such as Australia, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. KONE also has a global technology and engineering centre here which is a testing and research hub for the company.

The company has been in the elevator and escalator business for more than a century, and with more than 1.1 million units in service and operations in over 60 countries, it is equally bullish about the Indian market. KONE India remains focused on innovation and invests extensively in new technologies keeping the customer’s needs in focus. The company has many installations in the country namely at the Delhi Metro, escalators at the Mumbai airport, the light house in Chennai, the Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru, among others. At the global level, the company has bagged the project for Jeddah Towers in Saudi Arabia, slated to be the tallest building in the world with a height of over 1 km.

KONE Lifts at Raheja Universal’s latest Raheja Imperia-I in Mumbai
Raheja Universal’s latest Raheja Imperia-I located in Worli, Mumbai, is a 60-storey tower with 3, 4 & 5 BHK units, and is 225.3 meters (739 ft.) in height. With Raheja Imperia-I, Mumbai will soon get Asia’s highest residential infinity pool Aeon of 50 feet on the 60th level. Other lavish amenities include a Private Club, Party Deck, an amphitheatre, a ballroom, café Luna Sky Media Zone and a fitness club.

Kamal Khemani
We have installed Kone brand of lifts for their fast speed, safety, and aesthetically designed interiors

Kamal Khemani, AVP – Architecture & Liaison, Raheja Universal

Elevators used: KONE
  • 10 lifts - 4 passenger lifts + 1 service lift per wing.
  • 2 lifts for clubhouse
Gearless machine room-less elevators
Passenger lifts: 20 persons
Service lifts: 28 persons
Clubhouse lifts: 19 persons

  • Passenger lifts: Shaft - 2475 x 2625 mm; Car - 1800 x 1700 mm
  • Service lifts: Shaft – 2450 x 4200 mm; Car – 1200 x 3400 mm
  • Clubhouse: Lift 1: Shaft - 2350 x 2200 mm; Car – 1650 x 1750 mm
  • Lift 2: Shaft – 2925 x 2100 mm; Car – 2000 x 1550 mm
  • Tower Lifts: 4m/s
  • Clubhouse Lifts: 1 m/s
Raheja Universal

thyssenkrupp TWIN elevators technology increases transport capacity and improves energy efficiency
The new iconic skyscraper, Hekla tower, in Paris’ business district La Defense is to be equipped with the exceptional thyssenkrupp Elevator solutions: the unique TWIN elevators with two cabins instead of just one, moving in the same shaft.

thyssenkrupp Elevator will deliver 12 TWIN elevator systems, a technology that increases transport capacity and improves energy efficiency. Applying the TWIN system frees up floor space, as this technology transports more people without increasing the number of elevator shafts. The new tower will also include another 12 conventional elevators and escalators. The order comes on top of a large project in China requiring installation of 24 TWIN elevator units.

The 220-meter tall Hekla Tower is being designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel. The spectacular building will become an iconic feature in the redesign of the district – including a green footpath modelled on the famous High Line in New York City. The construction is scheduled for completion by 2022.

Headquarter In Essen GermanyTWIN elevators running at global tk headquarter in Essen Germany

"The forward-looking concept of the TWIN solution played a decisive role in the development of the project, as it perfectly accommodates the tower’s high standards and demanding transport capacity, without occupying additional floor-space with more elevator shafts," comments Peter Walker, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator. "The TWIN technology offers higher performance, safety and comfort, but also better energy efficiency. Sustainability is a priority in the comprehensively certified Hekla Tower."

Hekla Tower has a total of 66,000 sqm of office space capable of hosting around 5,800 people, more than 2,500 sqm of terrace space, restaurants, a business center, a 250-seat hall and more. The building meets the strict requirements of the HQE, LEED and BREEAM environmental certificates as well as the Effinergie+ and WELL standards.

thyssenkrupp Elevator is already providing outstanding urban mobility elsewhere in the heart of Europe: TWIN elevators operate in the high-rises D2 (Paris-La Defense), Odeon Tower (Montecarlo, Monaco) and Incity Tower (Lyon, France). A fourth installation - in the Trinity Tower in La Defense - has already been confirmed. This makes Hekla Tower the fifth building in the region to take passengers to the top with TWIN elevators.

The architects of the Hekla building were particularly impressed by the advanced TWIN concept. By 2022, the new elevators will be moving people in the building at a speed of 7m/s. During the construction phase, a thyssenkrupp shaft climber grows with the shell of the building and ensures rapid transportation of people during construction.

TWIN solutions will also provide lifts for other great projects by 2022. In the heart of Chengdu, a financial center of the central Chinese business district, Forte Financial Island IV is being built with two office towers, each 250 meters high. Here, a total of 24 TWIN elevators custom-made to the respective requirements of the towers are to be installed. Eight units each will reach maximum speeds of up to 2.5, 5 and 6 m/s, respectively. Developer of the project, the Forte Group, is one of the largest of its kind in China and has completed numerous construction projects in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and Tianjin.

thyssenkrupp offers smart and innovative products and services designed to meet customers’ individual requirements. Its portfolio includes passenger and freight elevators, escalators and moving walks, passenger boarding bridges, stair and platform lifts as well as tailored service solutions for all products. Over 1,000 locations around the world provide an extensive sales and service network to guarantee closeness to customers.

thyssenkrupp elevators at Ruparel Ariana in Mumbai
Ruparel Ariana, a project of developer Ruparel Realty, is one of the tallest residential projects in south Mumbai with 65 storeys and a height of 226 meters. thyssenkrupp team carried out the detailed Traffic Analysis for the project and since the location of the elevators was going to be disperse, we suggested a proper grouping of the elevators with our Destination Selection Control. Being a residential project, we suggested Booster DSC so that the main floor has DSC and the upper floors have normal control to ease the operation of call registration for residents.

Bharat Vishnani
As per project the completion schedule we have planned timely delivery of material, manpower and installation equipment. All these elevators are planned for completion by June 2019.

Bharat Vishnani, Managing Director, thyssenkrupp Elevator, India

Ruparel Ariana
thyssenkrupp DSC reduces passenger travel time and raises the overall handling capacity of the entire elevator system by getting empty elevator cars where they’re needed sooner. This can result in potential reduction in the number of elevator shafts by up to 30%. By getting passengers to enter their desired destination floor on a key-pad in the elevator lobby before entering an elevator, the DSC system can group passengers with the same destination in the same car. Journeys that are frequently interrupted by one or two passengers entering and exiting the elevator, and thereby delaying arrival at a floor, are kept to a minimum with our intelligent control system.

Furthermore, DSC provides additional functions such as pre-programmed journeys using a swipe card or numeric PIN code, corporate branding on the touch screen terminal graphics, and VIP/emergency call overrides to gain immediate access to an elevator.

We have successfully executed some projects for Ruparel Realty in the past, and the company has appreciated our proactive approach with several meetings with the developer and their in-house architect. One 3 m/s elevator and two 1.75 m/s elevators have been installed and are running successfully. For the first time, with this project, we have installed 3 m/s elevators with the scaffold-less method, which is the safest compared to the conventional method. For the 6 m/s elevators, we plan to use the same scaffold-less method with false platform. Besides our dedicated team, our overseas commissioning engineer is also involved in such major projects at the time of commissioning.

Total No. of thyssenkrupp elevators: 9
7 units will be of TE-HP 61, of which 5 units will be with 6 m/s speed
70 stops and a travel height of 244 m with Destination Selection Control (Booster type)
2 units with 3 m/s speed
2 units of TE-MRL with 1.75 m/s speed

Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba elevators at Siddha Seabrook project of Siddha Group
Siddha Seabrook
Siddha Seabrook is the flagship project of Siddha Group in Mumbai. This project is the tallest residential project in Kandivali West. It brings the indulgence of tower life in suburban Mumbai. The project is of 54 storeys, a height of 182 meters, and has 46 residential floors.

No. of Lifts
6 elevators: 4 for residents 2 are service elevators.

Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba

Speed: 4 m/sec

Size of Lifts:
2500mm X 3000mm (2nos)

2700mm X 3000mm (2nos)

2500mm X 3000mm (2nos)

Samyak Jain
We have selected the lifts keeping in mind safety, speed and performance

Samyak Jain, Director, Siddha Group

Tridhaatu Realty & Infra installs Mitsubishi Elevators in its Kshitij project
33 Storey Elevation
Tridhaatu Kshitij located in Mogal Lane,,Mahim (West), Mumbai, is a high-end residential building with all the modern amenities and facilities. Its contemporary architecture and quality construction is a harmonious blend with the surrounding environment.

Elevation height: 121 meters

Height (floor to floor): 3.35 m

Total No. of Floors: 33

Number of elevators used: 4 + 1 Fire device)
Pritam Chivukula
Our aim is to create neighbourhoods that inspire quality living by employing best architectural practices and technological advances

Pritam Chivukula, co-Founder & Director, Tridhaatu Realty & Infra
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thyssenkrupp Elevator continues to lead the Indian Aviation Mobility Space
thyssenkrupp Elevator is empowering 20 airports across India with its innovative and reliable products and services. The company has recently won two major airport projects: the Pune International Airport Expansion Project

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thyssenkrupp Elevator sets up central spare parts warehouse in Pune
thyssenkrupp Elevator has launched its first central spare parts warehouse in Pune. The new-state-of-the art warehouse will further improve services for customers operating in domestic and neighboring markets of Bangladesh

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KONE India continues to expand in Eastern Market
KONE Elevator India is further strengthening its position as a leader in innovation and safety in elevatoring systems, with a focus on the eastern market of India, where it is setting up more customer service centres

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KONE’s Smart Solutions for Smooth People Flow
KONE India is working closely with its customers, suppliers, strategic partners and research institutes in order to provide optimum people-flow solutions and experiences. Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevator India

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KONE: Commissions World-Class Elevator Manufacturing Facility in Tamil Nadu, India
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