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Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE India, Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India, Manish Mehan, CEO- thyssenkrupp Elevator (India), and Mr. Junichi Kyushima, Managing Director, Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt. Ltd. share their views on elevatoring in high rise buildings and the need for developers, architects, and elevator suppliers/manufacturers to focus on the critical aspects of design, installation and maintenance, and why the larger and more complex high-rise buildings should have a specialized approach towards elevatoring. They offer some elevating ‘must dos’ to architects, builders and developers so that they have a better understanding of the problems and consequences associated with a badly elevatored building.

Amit Gossain, MD, KONE India
Amit Gossain, MD, KONE India

Vertical transportation systems need to be balanced with the latest People Flow Intelligence solutions.

For rapid urbanisation and increasingly high-rise buildings that outline smarter cities around the world, vertical transportation and elevator technology are the key enablers. The design and construction of such buildings and their vertical transportation systems need to be balanced with the latest People Flow Intelligence solutions while increasing convenience and efficiency. It is the improvements in elevator safety, comfort, speed, quality, space efficiency, and performance that have become challenges as well as opportunities in vertical transportation. There should be safer and faster solutions for access and destination control, information communication and equipment monitoring.

From pre-installation to installation and then maintenance, meticulous planning and preparation are required from the engineering and project management teams, so that the system is safe and efficient, with no surprises or delays, and no disturbance to other building trades.

Kone Elevator
Logistically, all these solutions should equal a challenging construction schedule and suitability to Indian conditions so that the construction can proceed unobstructed, regardless of external weather conditions. Innovative technology solutions require less labour and improved safety enhance vertical transportation and efficiency during the construction of the building. Such solutions are energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable too. At KONE, our approach has been to take the challenging situations as opportunities and address them with new solutions that are innovative, functional, efficient and adaptive.

Technology and connectivity provide opportunities for builders, architects and building owners to be more competitive.
For buildings with unprecedented heights and structure, advanced technology and solutions like the latest People Flow Intelligence are used. Increasing building intelligence, new technology and connectivity provide opportunities for builders, architects and building owners to be more competitive. At KONE, when we design and conceptualise such elevators, we design them for the future. This is why the process always begins with research to understand customer and user needs over the lifespan of a building. Through design, we can offer solutions that can adjust to the possible changes, and this is a differentiator for us.

When we begin the design process, we look first to the external environment and at human behaviour, changing values and cultures, and how we can incorporate our findings in the design. Working closely with our customers and the people who use our solutions is extremely valuable for us, so we work on location where the actual service or product will be used.

While designing the solutions, think about the future; there should be close collaboration with the customer and architect to find custom solutions for the building.
Technology is making our environments digitally transformable, and human beings, buildings and machines increasingly interconnected. Merging cultures, traditions and new technologies are driving the changing infrastructures that we see today. Old industrial spaces are being renovated into ultra-modern developments, are an example of this. Builders, architects, developers and cities themselves should work together to contribute to the sustainable growth of cities.

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