AcryCoat Strong
Over a period of time, a building goes through severe climatic changes leading to its ageing, thereby creating loopholes and leakages. A leakage deteriorates the quality of the building, since the water through the affected area, also flows to other areas of the structure, causing damages not only to the structure, but also to the aesthetics of the building (exteriors & interiors). This is especially so during the monsoons.

Chowgule Construction Chemicals offers a wide range of innovative specialized products to combat problems of leakages and structural deteriorations, thereby increasing the life of the building.

AcryCoat: Chowgule’s AcryCoat range protects exterior walls and terraces from the monsoon rains and prevents water from entering the structure. It has crack bridging properties up to 1 mm and an elongation of 200%. A unique product from the AcryCoat range is the AcryCoat FR; its special benefit is that it can be applied on an existing brick-bat coba, without redoing it. A structure which requires crack bridging of more than 1mm can be treated with Chowgule’s FlexiCoat range which has a higher elongation of 400%. FlexiCoat also has excellent waterproofing properties and is designed for exterior surfaces. Both AcryCoat and FlexiCoat have UV resistant properties, and an all-season protection for buildings.

AcryCoat FR
AcryTherm: Another unique solution is AcryTherm with inherent insulation properties. It is eco-friendly, resistant to ultraviolet and infrared emissions, and has more than 84% solar reflectance. AcryTherm is an exterior waterproofing coat with elongation of 200% and is designed to keep room interiors cool with its heat reflection and insulation properties. Its heat insulation is provided by specially imported non-breakable polyethylene microscopic beads (not glass balls) that ensure that the unique system, when installed on terrace floors can withstand the load of pedestrian traffic, keeping the insulation properties intact.

CrystalFlex: Last, but not the least, the CrystalFlex System, referred to as “The One Stop Solution to All Problems”. It is the only non-sodium silicate based crystalline waterproofing system. From sub-structures to super-structures, from basements to water tanks, from bridges to tunnels, CrystalFlex System covers all kinds of structures. Apart from being UV-resistant, it has self-curing and self-healing properties and it penetrates into the pores and capillaries of concrete substrates. It is resistant to both negative and positive water pressures; its constant pH of 11.5 keeps it alkaline and an elongation of up to 15% enables it to absorb movement pressure in buildings.

Chowgule offers many other solutions for all kinds of waterproofing needs.
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