Dr.Sanjay Bahadur, Dr.Fixit expert

A home remains an individual's most cherished asset and biggest investment decision taken. It isn't merely a shelter made up of lifeless bricks and concrete. For an individual and his or her family, the home remains a highly emotional part of everyday life.

However, today homes face various types of threats that weaken its structure – internally and externally, thereby reducing longevity. One of the biggest threats faced by newly constructed homes today is water ingress and extreme heat, which over the years manifests into water leakages and correlated issues, such as cracks, dampness, mould growth and corrosion. As the widely known phrase correctly states, "A stitch in time saves nine." any proactive effort towards risk mitigation initiatives such as waterproofing through the usage of quality materials and expert workmanship, could prevent more pain later.

Sanjay Bahadur
All these issues necessitate the need for new homeowners to undertake waterproofing and other proactive measures; for their newly constructed homes.

While only a few new homes include basic waterproofing, in certain cases it remains restricted to only roofs. Hence, it is imperative to have proper waterproofing initiated at all water entry points or areas, to ensure that one's home becomes a '5-Point leak-free Home'. A 5-Point leak-free home waterproofed means that waterproofing isn't merely restricted to the roof, but also covers internal wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens and balconies), exterior walls, concrete water tanks and below ground areas.

Conventionally waterproofing has been considered a remedial measure, which is taken only once leakages appear, most new homeowners question the need for chemical waterproofing and especially at a time when their house is being constructed. It would, therefore, be pertinent to point out that in recent years housing construction has largely witnessed deterioration in the quality of unbranded raw materials such as sand, bricks and aggregates. Along with this, the varying climatic fluctuations are resulting in weather becoming extreme for construction. These factors have reduced the structural efficiency of traditional waterproofing methods; such as brickbat- coba."

During construction, it is important to understand that different surfaces are exposed to diverse kinds of challenges; hence the solution for each of these surfaces should be best-in-class, to have the right kind of waterproofing. The home will be fully protected only when all five possible water entry areas are properly waterproofed.

Dr.Sanjay Bahadur, Dr.Fixit expert highlights the five surfaces that are crucial and here are some reasons:
  1. Below ground – Ground water rises over a period of time and enters your home, damaging internal walls.
  2. Internal Wet Areas (Bathroom, kitchens and balconies) – These areas are exposed to water for 365 days, causing seepage and peeling of paint on internal walls.
  3. Roof – Temperature changes, as well as wear & tear cause cracks on the roof surface, leading to water leakage & dampness on your beautiful ceilings.
  4. Concrete Water Tanks - These water tanks due to the formation of cracks are susceptible to leakages, through the tank surface. It is therefore important to correctly waterproof this area.
  5. Exterior Walls - Temperature changes cause cracks in exterior walls, leading to damp patches and therefore tainting the overall look of your house.
Any construction taken up without "5 point waterproofing", would invariably lead to structural damages in your home due to water ingress. Repairing these damages are often expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, it also spoils the appearance of a home and decreases its resale value.

An in-depth waterproofing process ensures that risk of future damage is eliminated and home valuation protected. This remains especially true in the case of new homes and therefore a comprehensive chemical waterproofing must be done in the construction phase itself; to keep the home of your dreams leak-free and beautiful for years to come.
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