There are various types of Waterproofing Systems available for different applications. Based on its vast experience in waterproofing, Pure Leathers Pvt. Ltd. (PLPL) recommends the most suitable waterproofing systems for various site requirements. The following solutions are time-tested and give almost 100% customer satisfaction.

Selection of Waterproofing System for various site requirements
  1. Basements /Tunnels

    Basements / Tunnels
    Adopt a system which is reliable, easy to apply and can be repaired easily, from negative side also, if required. Normally, Kota Stone, APP/PVC/EPDM membranes which are commonly recommended for Basements are difficult to repair from negative side and identifying the exact location of leakage(s).

    Use Crystalline System having up to 100% permeability reduction and resistance to 16-20 bar hydrostatic water head on negative side, is non-toxic and resists chemical attack PH3-11. These materials don’t require any protection before backfilling and in turn reduce cost and project completion time.
  2. WaterTanks / STPs / Swimming Pools / Water Bodies / Toilet / Sunken

    These are critical structures and need carefully applied waterproofing system which is proven and increases the life of the structures.

    PLPL found that the Crystalline System is the best bet for these areas due to the following reasons:
    • Suitable for Concrete Structures
    • Cost effective
    • Reliable & proven worldwide
    • Doesn’t need any protection
    • Easy to repair
    • NSF approved materials, safe for drinking water tanks / swimming pools
    • Increases concrete’s compressive strength
    • Waterproofing and chemical resistance properties remain intact even if the surface is damaged (e.g. toilets/wet areas)
    • Chemical Resistance PH range 3-11
  3. Roofs/Podiums/Roof Gardens

    In India, terrace waterproofing has always been done with traditional systems like Brick Bat Coba or Mud Fuska. These systems are supposed to offer waterproofing solutions with some insulation against heat.

    Roof Pix

    However, this system is not a correct way as it simply gives a slope to the terrace to drain away the water accumulated on it. The various drawbacks/limitations for Brick Bat Coba include the following:
    • Imposes unnecessary load on Mother Slab
    • Cracks reappear due to temperature variations
    • Damages Mother Slab
    • Bricks act as water reservoir as these are porous and absorb water, creating a reservoir
    • Lack of skilled manpower
    PLPL recommends the following:
    • Apply a flexible Acrylic /PU coating on the Mother Slab giving at least 1000-micron thickness.
    • Test the slab by water ponding for any leakages
    • Fix at least 50-mm XPS Insulation Board on top of it
    • Lay a layer of Geotextile 200 gsm over the XPS board
    • Provide final slope with Screed/Tile/Stone
    For Roof Garden/Podium Garden lay drain boards fixed with Geotextile over it and fill it with Soil/Plantation giving a proper slope.
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