Concrete Protective Liner by Russian company Hydropolymer

Concrete protective liner is a multipurpose solution for waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces against corrosion and destruction. The product warranties long-term and reliable protection of structures under extreme operating conditions. It is manufactured using high quality raw materials: PP, PE, LDPE, and HDPE.

Russian company JSC Research and Development Enterprise Hydropolymer is specialized in production of Concrete Protective Liner (CPL) made of polyethylene and polypropylene with anchor ribs in order to protect multipurpose building structures as well as in manufacturing lined reinforced concrete elements.

Concrete Protective Liner by Russian company Hydropolymer
Lining using a polymer sheet prevents concrete corrosion, thereby expanding the structure’s service life. The unique system of anchor ribs ensures maximum adhesion of polymer sheet with the concrete structure. Absolute density of seam welding prevents infiltration and exfiltration and contributes to environmental protection.

Looking at the benefits of Concrete Protective Liner, it is the ideal solution for surface protection and leak proofing the substrate because of its low total cost of ownership to the end client and long-term protection. In comparison with CPL, GRP Lamination has difficulty in doing high quality surface preparation followed by lamination, which is totally dependent on the quality of workmanship. Regarding different paintings and coatings, they need very high maintenance due to their very nature and therefore are an expensive and short-term option considering the life of the asset.

Advantages of Сoncrete Protective Liner
  • Outstanding chemical resistance (absence of corrosion caused by water, alkali, acids and gas)
  • Cracking and heat-ageing resistance
  • Elasticity (resistant to considerable deformations)
  • Reduction of operation costs (lifespan of 50 years as minimum, maintainability)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide range of applications in concrete structures
  • Absolute mechanical anchorage in concrete
  • Simple and safe installation
  • High impact resistance
  • Absence of voids upon molding of products and installation of the sheet
  • Wide range of temperatures (-20 up to + 90° С)
  • Reduction of abrasive wear
  • Increased flow laminarity
  • Meets hygiene and potable water requirements
Concrete Protective Liner by Russian company Hydropolymer

  • Precast concrete manholes
  • Precast concrete pipes and jacking pipes
  • Irrigation
  • Water treatment
  • Potable water tanks
  • Refurbishment of existing structures
Yastrebov Danila, Head of Export & Business Development, Hydropolymer
Hydropolymer has its own design office with English speaking managers, experienced engineers, construction and installation departments, and production facilities for processing of polymers and fabrication of concrete structures. Says Yastrebov Danila, Head of Export & Business Development, Hydropolymer, “Our associates have always been, and continue to be, the key to our success – not only in the technical and design areas, but also in terms of customer satisfaction and in providing support at all stages of project implementation.”

A wide range of innovative products are manufactured by Hydropolymer on special terms. “Our engineering department helps in the designing of objects. In fact, our specialists and engineers have developed a whole range of next-generation products fabricated using state-of-the-art equipment made by industry leaders. We provide waterproofing, lining and protection of concrete structures, and refurbishment works through supervised installation or by our in-house installation teams. We even provide the logistics for delivery of materials to our associates’ warehouses or facilities, and we also train their staff in welding, application, and test technology of plastics,” adds Yastrebov.

Hydropolymer’s strict adherence to the production process and use of highest quality raw materials ensures stability of the geometric and operating properties of its products, thereby ensuring their stable and trouble-free long-term operation. “The construction of our products is rooted in the most cutting-edge ideas and solutions that fully conform to today’s demanding requirements,” says Yastrebov.

Concrete Protective Liner by Russian company Hydropolymer

He informs that after making its mark in Russia and other parts of the world as a leading producer of polymer and reinforced-concrete products, Hydropolymer is now focusing on the fast-growing Indian market, for which it has huge plans, and is also looking for dealers and distributors. The company is also ready to share its technology with concrete manufacturing factories and construction companies.
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