Preserving the Beauty of External Building Façade
Ewart Lazarus ED, Chowgule
Captain Bond provides solutions for almost every imaginable waterproofing issue whether it is restoration of wet basements (positive/negative), water bodies, swimming pools, tunnels, dams & reservoirs, waterproofing of roofs & terraces for the builder/commercial segment in addition to wet rooms like toilets and kitchen sinks. It offers a wide array of effective waterproofing solutions ranging from residential to industrial buildings with an agenda that every  new construction all the way from the very first foundation stone needs to be protected against moisture and the consequent damages.

Basement Waterproofing

Captain Bond offers solutions specially designed for basement waterproofing of new buildings which supports the substructure against pressurized water. Many different systems are offered, with a view that the basement lifetime should be similar to that of the entire building. These systems are: Cement based crystalline systems, 1K/2K cementitious and bituminous based emulsion systems, Joint tape systems for expansion joints, ECB membranes and the solutions are brush applied, spray applied or roll form.

Apart from basement waterproofing, Captain Bond also has waterproofing solutions for the following:

Sealing of expansion joints

Captain Bond offers joint sealing tapes and joint sealants that are easy to install/apply and retain their mechanical properties for a long period.

Wet room waterproofing

Wet rooms e.g kitchen sink, toilets and bathrooms are critical areas that need to be waterproofed very meticulously to protect against moisture absorption and leakages. Captain Bond has different systems for both floors and walls.

Roofs and Terraces

For exposed roofs and terraces, Captain Bond provides a protection system against penetrating moisture which have additional properties of being UV-resistant. Apart from the crystalline-based system, Captain Bond offers several other qualified and upgraded systems. These systems possess UV-resistant coatings that are suitable for both new construction efforts and as a preventive measure for existing buildings.

Captain Bond also offers ECB, TPP and self adhesive membranes.

Water bodies

Watertanks require high-end waterproofing to ensure that the potable drinking water is safe and protected against any adulteration especially in structures like Underground, Overhead, Fire Water tanks. This requirement is fulfilled by Captain Bond through his impregnation system.

Special waterproofing

Concrete protection against weathering, waterproofing against cracks, and many such special and unique issues are sorted through our special range of products. For damages caused due to salt efflorescence, Captain Bond offers compress technology through which salts can be reduced to a minimum.

Exterior Wall Protection

For superstructure protection, we offer high performance acrylic based coatings which are highly elastic, UV-resistant and durable. This can be applied over existing concrete and bitumen-based w/p systems.

Concrete Repair

Damages to existing structures are generally caused by water and water leakages. Captain Bond ensures stringent protection systems, which not only prevent the damage but also preserve the integrity of the building. These systems can even be used in the conditions of pressurized or flowing water.

For concrete repair, range of product covers:
  • Range of repair mortars for simple repair to complex structural repair that include high strength / anti-corrosive self- curing, light weight and easy to apply.
  • Our mid range repair products cater to high performance repair mortars and grouts.
  • For the restoration of structural strength in cracks and joints, we have polyurethane grouts in the form of foams and resins.
  • For shrinkage cracks from 0.5mm to 3mm, we offer an easy to apply fibre-sandwiched acrylic based application.
Whether a coloured protective paint or a sophisticated industrial system is required, through our joint venture with German-based AB-Polymerchemie GmbH, Chowgule ABP (India) Coatings Pvt Ltd offers a huge range of epoxy and polyuerathane floor coatings.

These coatings that are used mainly in industrial and commercial areas provide a seamless, clean surface with a range of finishes for both inside and outside applications. These coats not only protect concrete from wear, chemical corrosion & deterioration but also help in providing faster material movement and cleaning costs, producing a cleaner work environment and decrease injuries with non-slip surfaces. Apart from these, they also increase light reflectivity and brighten work areas.

These high performance floor coatings are nonyl phenol, alkyl phenol, softener and solvent free. Polyurethane, produced using sophisticated machinery, are free of contaminants, air-bubbles which also provide excellent flowability. This ensures fault-free and easy applications for the contractors.

Apart from these, for areas where electronics are produced/used/tested, which usually undergo severe damages due to electrostatic discharges, Captain Bond offers a tough, electrically conductive self- leveling floor coating which with the correct accessories can prevent damaging electrostatic discharges – even at 12% of relative humidity.  These coatings are applied in production and storage areas, assembly halls, research laboratories, operation theatres and many other sensitive areas.

Anti corrosive Coatings

Captain Bond through its joint venture with German-based AB-Polymerchemie GmbH offers anti-corrosion coatings required in the industry covering all operating conditions for both offshore and onshore construction.

Anti-corrosive Coatings are applied under quality controlled factory conditions and with leading edge process technology. These coatings can be effectively used under concrete and thermal insulation. These anti-corrosive coatings are generally required for the protection of steel constructions, e.g., railway structures, external steel pipes, atmospheric corrosion protection, hydraulic steel engineering, tank lining / internal lining of tanks etc.
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