Atul: Epoxy & PU solutions for terrace waterproofing

Water is good while constructing a building, but not so well after the concrete is set. Rain water starts penetrating through the porous concrete in walls and ceiling, creating ugly images of peel-off paints, cracks, damp walls filled with deadly viruses and bacteria all of which are detrimental to the health of residents. Water damages the building aesthetically first and then structurally. Water reaches reinforced bars causing them to rust and resulting in spalling of concrete and thereby weakening the structure.

Terrace waterproofing with Lapox Lacrete
Waterproofing is done at different areas of the building structure, starting from basement, podium, bathrooms and exterior walls to the terrace. Terraces, roof top decks and balconies are integral parts of waterproofing areas as they are exposed to sunlight, extreme weather and foot traffic, and require a very durable and special treatment.

With an expertise of over 70 years, Atul Ltd has developed an epoxy system called Lapox® Lacrete, to overcome issues of leakages, seepages and for concrete strengthening. It is also offering a polyurethane system called Lapox® Procoat, designed to provide UV protection and at the same time enhance the structure aesthetically.

Atul Ltd (Atul), founded in 1947 by Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, is one of the first chemical companies of Independent India, and was the first private sector company in the country to be inaugurated by the first PM of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. As a pioneer in manufacturing epoxy resins in India, the company’s epoxy range of products are, today, finding the largest application in the construction sector under the brand name Lapox®. The epoxy systems have been formulated keeping in mind modern day construction needs of strength, durability, aesthetics and design.

Terrace waterproofing with Lapox® Lacrete

Terraces of Indian homes are flat and hence accumulate a lot of rain water in the monsoon season. If a proper slope is not provided to a terrace slab, water starts accumulating and percolating through the slab and eventually inside the house. To prevent such leakages, conventional waterproofing methods such as brickbat coba, and polymer-based waterproofing systems are not sufficient and are prone to failure, sooner or later.

Site: Rooftop, Sangee Ganesh TempleSite: Rooftop, Sangee Ganesh Temple •Area: 1,250 sq ft •City: Hyderabad

Lapox® Lacrete is an epoxy-based, unique and versatile solution for multiple applications such as terrace and bathroom waterproofing, core-cut grouting, bond coat, concrete repairing, epoxy injection grouting and anti-corrosive coating for steel bars.

  • Excellent waterproofing barrier
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High bond strength
  • No shrinkage
  • Low cost system
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Certified by CFTRI Mysore for food grade applications
Lapox® Procoat

High performance epoxy waterproofing like Lapox® Lacrete is the need of the hour. Also, UV resistance becomes an important factor to increase the life and durability of the waterproofing coating and structure. Lapox® Procoat, a polyurethane coating is a tough protective paint applied on exterior and interior structures exposed to extreme weather conditions such as scorching heat, gusty winds and heavy rains. Polyurethane coating is highly resistant to such weather conditions and provides excellent durability, combined with aesthetics. Atul Ltd is proud to announce 7 years of performance warranty on Lapox Lacrete and Lapox Procoat combined system for terrace waterproofing.

  • UV resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Dirt resistant
  • Temperature reduction
  • Glossy effect and colour retention
The combination of Lapox® Lacrete and Lapox® Procoat becomes a long term and durable solution for terrace waterproofing, thereby increasing life of the structure. The system provides a permanent waterproofing solution and at the same time forms a protective barrier against the harsh environment.

Lapox® also has other products for the construction industry like Lapox® Ultrafix - for vertical cladding of marble and granite; Lapox® Ultra - for marble to marble bonding; Lapox® Granito - for crack filling in natural marble and Italian marble; Epoguard - high performance industrial paint for metal structures, and many more.

Atul: Epoxy & PU solutions for terrace waterproofing

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