MPH Freisteller Schatten
Magnetic Autocontrol, a business unit of the FAAC Group, operates in the ever-growing market of pedestrian and vehicle access control. Headquartered in Schopfheim in the southern Black Forest, Germany, with subsidiaries in USA, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, and India, the company is known for the high quality, reliability, security, and long service life of its products.

With an expertise in control technology, the company’s focus is on user safety – with low forces and sensitive impact detection. Its product range includes vehicle barriers, pedestrian barriers, turnstiles and immigration and boarding gates. Magnetic’s Pedestrian High Doors and MPB- Turnstile with bicycle gates have the following features:

Magnetic Pedestrian High Door
  • High separation reliability with rapid passage of persons
  • Comfortable non-contact passage
  • Simple integration of all common access control systems
  • Automatic opening if power fails
  • Wide variants suitable for wheelchairs, prams, bicycles, and material transport
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing actions
  • The MHTM™ drive unit ensures energy-efficient, maintenance-free, and quiet operation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Meets global standards and regulations
MPB - Turnstile with Bicycle Gate
MPB shadow
  • Simultaneous access for bike and rider
  • Sensitive contact detection for maximum safety
  • Maximum comfort through adaptive rotary speed
  • Bicycle detection via induction loop
  • Low power consumption due to maintenance-free and energy-efficient MHTM™ drive (optionally available for the turnstile)
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing actions
  • Robust design and well-thought-out details
  • Low cost of ownership

NBM&CW July 2017