Hilti Diamond Coring & Cutting Tools

Diamond Coring & Cutting Tools
Hilti India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of diamond coring and cutting tools, core bits, diamond cutting blades etc. Since its inception in 1997, Hilti has been progressing in leaps and bounds for 15 years on account of its innovative & high performing products and best in class services to its customers.

Diamond drilling, commonly known as coring is a modern work technique having a wide field of applications in metro rail projects; road & highway, and airports construction, etc., apart from structural engineering for making openings in ceilings and walls for controlled demolition work. In contrast to the methods previously used - hammer & chisel, drill machine and breaker to create openings and joints - diamond drilling technology has, (due to its enormous performance capability,) produced a beneficial effect on the structural fabric of buildings and operating efficiency. Other coring applications include making blind holes for anchor fixing, concrete testing and stitch drilling.

Hilti Diamond Coring & Cutting Tools
Due to enormous time and quality pressures in today's construction environment, all stakeholders on a jobsite are gradually adopting this highly efficient and sophisticated technology. Based on the application, Hilti offers a wide range of light to heavy duty core cutting machines. Hilti's diamond drilling tool DD 200 with its 2.6 KW powerful motor can drill holes in unreinforced and (heavily) reinforced concrete, mineral materials and asphalt in the 25 - 400 mm diameter range, due to which it has become synonymous to coring in the Indian market. Hilti offers a complete system (drill stand, drive unit with chuck, core bit with connection end) that is very easy to transport, set up and operate.Hilti's new offering DD 160 is proving to be an outperforming and outlasting tool for its customers in the light duty coring segment. The most important USP of DD 160 is easy and quick installation. Hilti Diamond drilling tools together with the Hilti diamond core bits form a matched system that delivers unequalled reliability, performance and productivity. Hilti core bits have both laser welded and brazed diamond segments which are ideal to use in all grades of concrete. Hilti's unique change module retipping technology allows each core bit to be re-tipped under normal conditions approximately 2-3 times without any problems.

NBMCW July 2012