Residential towers in Delhi
The South Delhi Municipal Corporation has approved the construction of 28 residential towers at Ayurvigan Nagar near AIIMS. The layout plan for the high-rise residential housing project with 20-storey height to be built over an area of 49.4 acres with Siri Fort located in its south, August Kranti Marg in the west and Sadiq Nagar on its eastern side. Out of 28 towers, 10 towers will house type-2 flats and 11 type-3 houses. Besides these, there will be four residential apartment towers with slightly lesser height. According to the proposal cleared by the committee, out of 49.4-acre plot area (1,99,914 sqm), 33,773 sqm will be used for facilities, 41,219 sqm will remain as green belt and net plot area for residential development will be 1,24,072 sqm-- 62% of the plot area. The complex will house 1,240 type-2 houses, 1,364 type-3 units, 252 type-4 housing units, 188 3-BHK housing units and 40 4-BHK units. This will be one of the few government colonies with the provision of swimming pools and clubs spread over an area of 1221 sqm as a community facility, along with improved parking capacity.