The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has approved the proposal for developing an affordable rental housing complex (ARHC) scheme under its Master Plan of Delhi (MPD)-2021. The policy will now be sent to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for final notification. The scheme, which was granted initial approval from the land-owning agency (DDA) earlier in March this year, has been framed to develop affordable rental housing avenues for urban migrants and urban poor.

The proposal paved the way for ARHCs on privately owned land, government land or other agencies including plots auctioned by DDA where developers can utilize the purchased plot for developing affordable rental housing complexes. As per the approved norms, the housing complexes will consist of a mix of dwelling units (single and double bedrooms) with all common facilities. The approved policy provides a maximum of 10 per cent of the permissible floor area ratio (FAR) to be utilized as a commercial component, which could be rented or sold by the building developers. The occupancy of the ARHCs will be granted based on license deed with a minimum tenure of three months and a maximum tenure of three years, ensuring accessibility to all the eligible beneficiaries for ARHCs. The policy has included affordable and easily accessible rental housing in the vicinity of workplaces for the poor and migrant workers in Delhi.