East Coast Railways (ECoR)
In the Union Budget 2018-19, East Coast Railways (ECoR) across Odisha has secured funding booster of Rs.6,553 crore General Manager Umesh Singh said. Though Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have a share in the budget but the Centre‘s allocation for Orissa is about Rs.5,252 crore. The GM also revealed budgetary allocations meant for laying new lines and doubling of existing ones. Among new projects, Angul-Sukinda Road (98.7 km), Daitari-Bansapani (155 km), Haridaspur-Paradeep (82 km), Khurda Road-Bolangir (289 km), Lanjigarh Road-Junagarh (new line), Talcher-Bimlagarh (154 km), Jeypore-Malkangiri (38 km), and Nuapara-Gunupur new broad gauge line up to Theruvali got Rs.200 crore, Rs.0.10 crore, Rs.200 crore, Rs.625 crore, Rs.1 crore, Rs.300 crore, Rs.95 crore, Rs.150 crore and Rs.1 crore, respectively. Similarly, the Jharsuguda-Rengali (25.6 km), Sambalpur-Rengali (22.7 km), Khurda-Barang third line (35 km), Cutack-Barang (12 km), Sambalpur-Talcher (174.11 km), Deland-Puri (28.7 km), Sambalpur-Titilagarh (182.11 km). These apart, other projects that have been placed on the radar included Banspani-Daitari-Tomka-Jakhpura (180 km), Brundamal-Jharsuguda-flyover connection for joining down line (6.6 km), Rajathgarh-Baranga (20 km), Bhadrak-Nergundi-third line (80 km), VZM-SBP (3rd line), Jharapada-Budapank (3rd and 4th line), Budapank-VZM-3rd line (80 km), Koraput-Singapore Road and KUR-VZM bypass have budgetary allocations of Rs.3.05 crore, Rs.0.50 crore, Rs.15 crore, Rs.1.50 crore, Rs.220 crore, Rs.0.45 crore, Rs.50 crore, Rs.80 crore, Rs.5.30 crore, Rs.4 crore, Rs.55 crore, Rs.379 crore, Rs.120 crore, Rs.1 crore, Rs.110 crore, Rs.11.91 crore, respectively.