Hydro Projects In Jammu Kashmir
Unfazed by the Pakistan warnings, India has expedited work on six major hydropower projects in Jammu and Kashmir commanding a total generation capacity of about 6,000 MW at an investment of Rs. 27,500cr. The projects are to be constructed on the Chenab river flowing into the neighboring country and will enhance the hydropower generation from the current level of 3,220.96-MW, including 2,009 MW under the Central sector. The six projects already secured technical approvals in the past few months are 1,856-MW Sawalkote, 560-MW Kawar, 1,200-MW Bursar, 1,000-MW Pakal Dul and 390-MW Kirthai-I and 930-MW Kirthai-II, and all of them are to be constructed on the Chenab river, a tributary of the Indus, in the Jammu region. The Sawlakote project, which was awaiting technical approval for the last 57 years, is expected to be set up with an estimated cost of Rs. 22,000-cr while Kirthai-II will come up at an estimated cost of Rs. 5,500cr.