Nitin Gadkari
Ensuring faster connectivity between Delhi and Jaipur, the Transport ministry has recently speed up the 200 km express highway stretch at an investment of Rs. 18,000cr, Union Road Minister, Nitin Gadkari said after laying the foundation stone of road construction works in Dausa district, and also elaborated that the advanced cement-concrete highway will be the second in the country after Mumbai-Pune express highway and will pave the way for reaching Delhi from Jaipur in just one-and-a-half hour at 125 km/hour speed. Agra-Delhi is also considered as express highway but it is not matching the laid down global standards. The proposed expressway will take off with higher speed from the outskirts of Gurgaon and join Jaipur Ring Road on the outer periphery of the city. Since it will be access controlled, one can maintain high speed all along the expressway. The expressway will allow cars to drive at around a speed of 130-140 km/h. He further added that the Haryana government has given alignment permission and if Rajasthan also fast tracks and helps in land acquisition and road alignment, the highway stretch will be completed within the stipulated time lines.