Indian Aviation Sector
Airport infrastructure investment in India awaits a whopping investment of $20 billion by 2020, according to the recent report by Market Research Engine; the airport infrastructure investment in India is poised for an aggressive pace as it is a part of economic development of the country. Airport transportation not only connects people, but also connects economies to the future development of global economy. The existence of airport infrastructure and associated ground infrastructure is an essential factor in the regional development. Aviation infrastructure needs to be developed to facilitate unconstrained growth of the aviation market and to make the most, many companies are looking to capitalize their investment into this emerging market. The Airport infrastructure market is a very competitive market, but has a lot of growth opportunities in India as it is set to become developed infrastructure in the next 10 years. The Airport Infrastructure total investment requirement is estimated to reach $ 56,709.631 million by 2032 which includes Greenfield and Non-Greenfield Airport projects in India. Non-Greenfield airports hold a major share of 84.6% compared to Greenfield airports, the report claimed.