Deepak Shetty, Chairman - Excon, CEO & MD - JCB India
Coming after a long gap of over two years, Excon, South Asia’s biggest tradeshow of the Construction Equipment Industry, has raised high expectations as there will be a lot of new products, innovations, and technologies to display and to see. Deepak Shetty, Chairman - Excon, CEO & MD - JCB India, discusses the importance of Excon in driving the CE Industry to newer heights, even putting India on the global stage as a manufacturer and exporter at par with world standards, and the ongoing preparations by organizer CII, with the support of the Karnataka state government, to make the event a resounding success.

Excon 2021 is going to mark the first major Construction Equipment exhibition in the country since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic; what kind of participation by the CE industry and visitorship is expected?
Excon 2021 is indeed going to be the first major exhibition for the construction equipment industry, post-pandemic, hence, expectations are high. There is likely to be an even greater active participation by the industry than what we have seen in the past editions.

We are expecting 1,000+ exhibitors from India and abroad, including from countries like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, South Korea, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. The 5-day exhibition (17-21 May 2022) is likely to attract over 50,000 business visitors from all over the world, who will come to view first-hand the latest construction equipment and components, and the world-class technologies that enable speedy implementation of infrastructure projects.

What steps are being taken to ensure a smooth and safe experience for attendees at such a mass gathering?
Keeping in mind the large number of expected visitors, CII, as the organiser, and all the exhibitors are making every effort to ensure that Covid appropriate protocols are in place. Wearing masks, social distancing, and maintaining hygiene will be strictly followed inside and outside the exhibition centre. Additionally, sanitiser dispensing machines, thermal scanning, temperature checks at the entrance, medical facilities, and an emergency help desk will be set up at the venue.

The size of the food courts has been increased to prevent over-crowding. An app-based food ordering and payment gateway is being arranged so that exhibitors can order food at their stalls. Also, most of the food items with have biodegradable packaging.

We have limited spot registrations to a few numbers only as we are encouraging every visitor to complete his/her online registration and upload their Covid certificate. Furthermore, every individual entering the premises should have been fully vaccinated and carry a copy of the medical certification, else, a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours before the date of entry at the exhibition will be mandatory.

What will Excon’s theme ‘Building India for a New World – Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability, Technology’ encompass?
Excon this year will have a significant focus on new technologies that are making their way into the industry. Machines today are IoT enabled and give real time information on critical parameters.

Excon will also be showcasing the growth and the penetration of digital technology, in not only construction equipment, but also in the way the entire infrastructure ecosystem is developing in India. For instance, the recently announced Gati Shakti is a very strong digital platform.

The event will also highlight the competitiveness and growth of India’s CE Industry over the years. India is poised to become the second largest market for construction equipment, and it is important that we remain competitively strong as regards the quality of our products and our customer service. Many OEMs have made advancements in their manufacturing too, so much so that many made in India products are being exported all over the world.
India is poised to become the second largest market for construction equipment, and it is important that we remain competitively strong as regards the quality of our products and our customer service.

Another important focus at Excon will be on Sustainability. At CII, we believe that the country’s progress and growth must be done in a sustainable manner. At the event, experts will discuss sustainable solutions that the CE Industry has to offer and what sustainable measures are being taken across the infra ecosystem.

How are you promoting the event at national and international level?
Fortunately, the number of Covid cases in India have become negligible, which has greatly improved the sentiment of all the stakeholders in the industry. This is having a positive impact on the opening of international travel; so, we are hopeful that the number of visitors coming from abroad will remain strong.

As mentioned, we are ensuring that all Covid protocols will be followed at the venue and are communicating through our publicity channels that Excon 2021 is a safe place to visit. CII, through its overseas offices and counterpart associations in various countries, has been reaching out to the target visitors. We are also doing a lot more roadshows for the event than we did in the past. As many as 31 roadshows (physical) are planned within India, and there will be 2 international ones.

How will Excon enhance the growing technological prowess and business stature of the Indian CE industry in global markets, and help in positioning India as the 2nd largest CE market in the world by 2030?
Currently, India is the third-largest CE market after China and USA, and we are on our way to becoming the second largest in the world by 2030. This is an ambitious plan, and we are working towards it. Excon will definitely give a boost to the CE industry considering India’s growing economy and the potential for infra development in the country, given the Government’s focus on building infrastructure.

The Indian Government has announced some of the biggest structural reforms in the recent past, such as the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), establishment of NaBFID for infrastructure financing and development, and the Gati Shakti Mission. The policy on Asset Monetisation will further improve liquidity in the system.

The CE Industry is highly enthused by these announcements and supports the initiatives. However, we need to adopt more mechanization in infrastructure, construction, create sustainable demand for advanced equipment in major projects, set up a robust operating ecosystem, and become more tech-friendly by adopting IoT, robotics, etc. Industry 4.0 is making its way into the construction industry and India must remain ahead of the curve. It is important, therefore, to see and experience first-hand at Excon the new technologies and product developments undertaken by major OEMs.

With many new models of construction equipment getting added every year, we need to improve the skills of operators – an important aspect of construction, which Excon will also address. We would also like the event to inspire and excite young engineers to become a part of this industry; so, to attract young talent, we have constituted an interface between the Industry and the Academia.

Please elaborate on the B2B meets, educational programs and seminars being organized to create greater awareness of the use of advanced technologies in the CE industry.
We have a dedicated CII-B2B enablement team to work specifically to connect buyers and exhibitors at Excon 2021. The special B2B facilitation desk/lounge for meetings are managed by CII. There will also be a host of conferences and seminars, some of which are:
  • User Industry CEOs conference
  • Conference on Aatma Nirbhar Bharat
  • Conference on Defense and Paramilitary
  • Seminar on Women Building India - Equal Opportunity Awards
  • Conference on AI, IoT & Automation in Construction Engineering
  • Seminar on Components and Parts
  • State Government Sessions
How effective have CEO meets been in articulating the CE sector’s problems and concerns regarding Government policies and their implementation?
Despite the CE sector having its own set of challenges, the industry has set very ambitious targets for itself under the Vision Plan 2030. If one compares the India of many decades ago, we will see a huge difference today. For India to grow further, we must have a collective vision. CII Councils and Task Forces on Infrastructure at the national level are working closely with policymakers in addressing the issues faced by the infrastructure industry, including construction equipment.

At Excon 2021, the CEOs session will see participation of CEOs mainly from the user industry. This cohesive approach will further help in getting the best global practices into India.

The theme of Excon is based on Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability, and Technology, which can become possible only when the entire country works together as a team and brings the country onto the global stage.

What kind of leverage will Excon 2021 give to the CE Rental Industry?
Equipment rental has been growing steadily in the CE industry with a large number of machines being deployed by rental companies. However, we still do not have large-size rental companies that do bulk buying, unlike in many markets around the world.

India’s rental market is still fragmented and unstructured and operates largely at the local level. However, we are seeing interesting trends over the last two years such as attractive financing options for rental equipment. Excon will give an opportunity for the industry to come together and discuss the emerging trends in the Indian market.
The CE Industry must start looking at its future growth by evaluating the potential it has, and the opportunities coming its way for infrastructure development due to the recent policy changes and the budgetary allocations towards development of world-class infrastructure.

How is CII gearing up to ensure security, smooth traffic flow, transportation and accommodation facilities for the exhibitors and visitors, and what support is being extended by the local bodies/ state government?
The announcement made by the MHA stating that all Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted from March 31st is very encouraging for the industry and the economy too.

CII has set up an exclusive State Government Task Force which is working closely with various departments of the Government of Karnataka towards ensuring seamless movement of traffic for visitors to reach BIEC. CII has also tied up with various services providers, including hotels and travel agencies to provide best-in-class accommodation and facilities for the visitors.

We have arranged airport transfers by helicopter from BIAL to BIEC and from Jakkur Airport to BIEC. There are also joy rides for visitors.

The State government has been extremely helpful, and every government authority has been very cooperative. Approvals and licenses were speedily dealt with. An event of such a large scale cannot be managed without the active support of the State Government, so we are grateful to them for their constant support.

As Chairman, what is your message to the participants and attendees at Excon 21?
The CE Industry must start looking at its future growth by evaluating the potential it has, and the opportunities coming its way for infrastructure development. There have been encouraging policy changes in the recent past and budgetary allocations towards development of world-class infrastructure. Excon will showcase the vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat with the drive towards Make in India. The CE industry is already exporting to over 110 countries around the world.

All the exhibitors and visitors - be they buyers, financiers, dealers, suppliers, contractors, construction companies, or the academia - every stakeholder will have something to take away from the event. So, I invite everyone to come and be a part of this world-class event.

Satish Parak, MD, Ashoka Buildcon
Satish Parak, MD, Ashoka Buildcon
How important is a tradeshow like Excon for infra and real estate developers?
Tradeshows like Excon are the right platforms for selecting and buying equipment for our projects. So, we visit Excon to look at new products and solutions, evaluate the machinery for their technological inputs and optimization of specifications, including customization, so that end-users like us can select the most productive and fuel-efficient equipment model and brand, and reduce our operating costs.

At the OEM booths at Excon, we become aware of the fuel monitoring and fuel distribution software solutions being implemented in their machines; whether a trained operator would be provided along with the machinery we would buy from them; and so on.

How fruitful are discussions with OEMs at Excon for your business?
At the show, we get the opportunity to meet OEMs to consider collaborations, FMC agreements at the corporate level, and learn about the credit periods being offered by them for buying their machines. We also discuss their buy-back policies, operator training programs, the spares and service support provided by them, and the extended warranties to meet the operating cost of their machinery.

This networking helps us develop a long-term relationship with the OEMs based on mutually beneficial terms. There is also the possibility of long-term corporate hiring on a project-to-project basis to reduce Capex, and the opportunity to resolve pending issues with our OEM partners, like delays in supply of spare parts, etc.

Visitors at Excon will witness demos of the latest high-tech machines; how useful will this be for big developers like Ashoka Buildcon?
During our visit to Excon we are very keen to see the latest high-tech machines since the usage of high-tech equipment for infra projects will help us achieve a faster pace of construction and better quality too.

Technology like GPS for best level grading and compaction will significantly multiply the hourly output of earthwork machinery, paving machinery, and compaction rollers. Increased mechanization in the machines and digitalization will reduce our dependence on the operator’s skills, requirement of survey teams to certify levels, and allow night shift operations without supervision.

Technology like thermal scanning of bituminous mix print port paving will improve quality of paved surfaces and reduce the number of passes required for compaction. The digital compactometer will reduce the number of passes to achieve direct compaction and fuel saving thereof. Using BS4 engines on machinery and BS6 engines on vehicles will reduce environmental pollution. All these technological improvements will increase project construction speed due to uninterrupted execution operations.

Construction Industry Gears Up For ‘Excon’ 2021

The upcoming bi-annual tradeshow ‘Excon 2021’ will mark the first major Construction Equipment exhibition in the country since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. As always, it will offer an opportunity for CE companies to showcase their products and demonstrate their technological prowess to a worldwide audience. The announcement of the show’s dates 17-21 May 2022 has evoked a heartening response from the industry.

Sandeep Singh, MD Tata Hitachi
Sandeep Singh, MD Tata Hitachi
Excon will provide us the opportunity to demonstrate our technologically advanced and future ready solutions, including our environmentally friendly range of equipment.

During the pandemic we were successfully able to leverage digital channels for deploying a large part of activities, both internal and external. These activities started with using digital technology to maintain a steady line of communication to better focus on health and safety requirements of our stakeholders, that included employees, dealers, vendors, and financiers. We then expanded the digital initiatives to focus on communicating on sales promotions, providing support to our customers, and launching several new products.

However, I must add that unlike the IT industry, the construction equipment industry has traditionally been very much physical in nature, from manufacturing to marketing to sales to service. Excon gives us the ability to give customers, policy makers and other attendees a first-hand touch and feel of our machines after a two-year gap.

Abhijeet Pai, President, Puzzolana
Abhijeet Pai, President, Puzzolana
Excon is a boon for the Industry to demonstrate the advancement of Technology and Innovation. All the recent launches as well as product upgrades will be showcased at the event. The increase in steel prices calls for segments like roads, real estate and infrastructure to come together to resolve these issues and make way for viable infrastructure.

Cost Efficiency and Cost Efficacy will be the prime focus wherein the entire gamut of Infrastructure will evolve. The vision to see a better India is no longer a dream. Just imagine to see motorable roads built to perfection and to drive on them with ease and comfort.

The government is in a capable position to pitch in new infrastructure needs, provided we can get a hold on some of these commodities and try to price them right. We don’t want the industry to suffer on commodity related issues. Excon will give an interesting opportunity to industries, policy makers, developers, manufacturers to ideate on solutions. We have seen steel prices and fuel prices escalating which impacted the industry. We need to have a conclusive mechanism wherein the infrastructure industry, arguably the second largest employer of India, remains sustainable. For this we need policy makers to come alongside manufacturers, developers, and contractors to come out with solutions to reduce the risk of commodities and inflation.

V.G. Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India
V.G. Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India
Excon is a premier platform for showcasing construction equipment world-wide. The pandemic had played spoilsport for the past two years and deprived construction equipment manufacturers from meeting their customers and giving them an experience on their technologically advanced equipment.

Notwithstanding the pandemic, Schwing Stetter India experimented with its own version of an expo - Technovation Fest 22 – which was held at our factory premises during February 2022. We saw a very good response from customers who showed keen interest in our products. We are now eagerly waiting to display our latest technology and a slew of new launches at Excon 2021, which, no doubt, will be a grand show.

During the pandemic, there was a glaring exposure on non-availability of both skilled and migrant labour. In view of the setback suffered by the industry, Schwing Stetter will be bringing technologically advanced equipment embedded with IoT and telematics for monitoring, production, and fleet management – which will reduce manpower requirement.

Deepak Garg, MD, Sany
Deepak Garg, MD, Sany
Excon is going to be a turning point for not only the industry but for Sany as well since we have been doing a lot of research since the last 2-3 years and have now doubled our product range. We have also introduced a wide range of mining equipment.

Excon will showcase breakthrough technologies for reducing operating costs and enhancing efficiency. The element of AI will also provide a lot of data for improving efficiency and performance of machines and allow customers to control their equipment better. An important factor will be the new dimension in service and parts backup and in the skill development area – all of which are also Sany’s focus areas.

All members of ICEMA have developed a good distribution network in India to ensure parts and service availability even in times of pandemic. During the first wave we learnt on how to move material, and ensured that there was no disruption in the second wave. We even re-evaluated and redeployed by decentralizing our operations and increasing the number of our warehouses, our penetration, and spare parts stocking.

Arvind K Garg, EVP & Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery
Arvind K Garg, EVP & Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery
The Construction Equipment market had indeed shrunk due to the pandemic and the concomitant slowdown. However, projects are back on track following improved liquidity, comprehensive hiring options, and increased availability of labour. In fact, the industry is fairly upbeat about the growth prospects and the emerging opportunities, supported by the Government’s drive for infrastructure development.

In the last three years we have witnessed many technological advancements, especially on the emission and IoT fronts. For example, wheeled equipment is now CEV-4 compliant and interest in alternate energy like biofuels has begun to take shape.

The entire CE Industry is eager to participate at Excon 2021 as it is the largest exhibition in South Asia. Along with our partner Komatsu, we will showcase sustainable technologies as well as world-class products that provide enhanced value and benefit to customers, and we will have the opportunity to meet and reinforce our relationship with many of them.

Jaideep Shekhar, MD (Asia & EMEAR), Terex Materials Processing India
Jaideep Shekhar, MD (Asia & EMEAR), Terex Materials Processing India
Excon is an excellent platform for gathering of the construction industry’s most prominent players and experts, allowing to expand our knowledge and connect with other key stakeholders. This year’s edition will undoubtedly see a spike in the number of visitors, as it will be the first major construction machinery show in the country since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Our presence at the 11th edition of Excon in May this year will demonstrate our commitment to contribute towards India’s infra development by strengthening our foothold in India’s Construction Equipment Market, bringing in new technologies, expanding our product portfolio, and entering new construction territories.

The Covid-19 pandemic created significant challenges, but we are starting to see strong revival this year. The long-term growth opportunities for the CE industry remain positive. While most of the demand for construction equipment is expected to come from the Infra sector, the mining sector will also raise a lot of demand.

Dimitrov Krishnan, MD Volvo CE India
Dimitrov Krishnan, MD Volvo CE India
Every Excon presents a unique opportunity for riding the wave of enthusiasm for all of us in the CE industry. Excon 2021 will be more special since the entire industry will gather again after a hiatus of 2 years. We expect this exhibition to give a much-needed boost to the market. The GoI is pushing for increasing the pace of road construction and we expect demand to pick up post-Excon and improve the prospects for CE industry, going forward.

This edition is also special since we expect to see a digitally empowered display at the stalls. At the last Excon, Volvo had displayed digital kiosks to aim for a paper free stall, and a mini sized down version of an electric site, where concept toy models were at work in the AI stall display. It created quite a stir and was a huge hit amongst the visitors. This year, we plan to showcase our offerings that will set the bar higher.

I would like to reinforce that the 2 years spent during the pandemic has given us the opportunity to enhance our understanding of Digital Ecosystem and the best ways to apply it to our industry. While we have standardized some internal systems to digi-power our processes, we are adopting external channels as swiftly.

Anand Sundaresan, MD India & Executive VP, Ammann Group
Anand Sundaresan, MD India & Executive VP, Ammann Group
We are extremely delighted to note that the Excon is coming back after a gap of almost 2½ years. We are eagerly waiting to display our products, along with our new technological developments. The Ammann Group is working in sync with the government’s initiative of introducing green technology and environmentally friendly products, with the support of our parent company in Switzerland.

While the pandemic has helped us in finding new solutions and in upgrading technologies to assist in remote maintenance, troubleshooting, virtual training, etc, we have lost opportunities for personal interactions with our customers to solve their issues and problems. Excon will give us the opportunity to interact with our customers once again. We will also interact with stakeholders like banks, finance companies, leasing and hiring companies to find solutions for equipment financing by our customers. We will also meet component manufacturers and find solutions to reduce costs without losing sight of quality.

Sorab Agarwal, Executive Director, ACE
Sorab Agarwal, Executive Director, ACE
Excon is a welcome event after two years of setback due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are looking forward to display our new products along with our latest BS-IV series of machines. But, most importantly, we look forward to meeting and greeting our customers as physical interactions can never be substituted by virtual interactions.

The CE industry has been affected not only by the pandemic but also due to the transition from BS-III to BS-IV emission norms, which has led to a substantial increase in product prices. Commodity prices, specially led by steel, have been playing havoc in the last few years and making the end-products and machines even more expensive. I am sure that Excon will turn out to be a platform wherein we are able to explain to our customers in greater detail the reasons for the unprecedented increase in commodity costs and similar disruptions.

Kumar Keshav, MD, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corp.
Kumar Keshav, MD, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corp.
How is the use of high-tech equipment and machinery helping in the construction of challenging infra projects?
It is true that the high-tech equipment and machinery industry has taken a quantum leap. The use of 5D mapping, artificial intelligence, and automated systems has helped in completing major tasks before the stipulated timelines. Lucknow and Kanpur Metro Rail projects are amongst the finest examples of the fastest constructed projects in the country. This technology evolution has helped us achieve targets which were assumed to be difficult and even impossible. We see hi-tech machines as the backbone of the construction sector.

How significant are shows like Excon for experiencing innovative technologies and do big project owners and other construction stakeholders visit such shows for buying high tech equipment for their projects?
Yes, we do see these exhibitions as windows to future technologies. They offer us an opportunity to increase our awareness about major technological innovations that have been taking place in the construction world. At the time of selecting any high-tech machine for our projects, we do refer to what we see and experience at shows like Excon. We also network with the industry players and even develop long-term business relations. A premier show like Excon is a must-visit for all those involved in infra development projects – be it private contractors or government agencies.

Manish Bhartia, Promoter & MD, CDE Asia
Manish Bhartia, Promoter & MD, CDE Asia
We are grateful for the continued support Excon has provided us over the years. As the largest construction equipment exhibition in South Asia, Excon 2021 promises to be the perfect launchpad for India’s construction sector to bounce back after the pandemic.

The pandemic offered us the opportunity to prioritize automation and remote monitoring in our plants. In fact, throughout the lockdown period, our R&D team worked tirelessly to introduce some pathbreaking features in our equipment, which we will unveil at Excon.

The pandemic’s impact has been felt in various aspects such as missing out on physical customer touchpoints, de-prioritization of construction projects, financial handicaps for the companies and customers alike, stalled projects leading to a widespread dip in sales, and inventory build-ups.

Against this context, Excon 2021 provides an opportunity to re-establish business connections, foster a transition from industry stagnancy to dynamism, and encourage a holistic revival through product displays, brand promotions, live interactions, and spirited discussions. This platform is also perfect to participate in deliberations on industry preparedness for handling episodic crises and gaining immunity, such as changes in corporate policymaking, implementing disaster-management best practices and employee welfare schemes, and shifting to automation and digitization.

Hafeez Khan, MD, Manitou
Hafeez Khan, MD, Manitou
Undoubtedly, Excon is South Asia’s largest construction equipment and construction technology trade fair. The coronavirus outbreaks disrupted the global economy and gravely affected the financial institutions, industrial establishments, and infrastructure companies. Owing to intermittent lockdowns and stoppages, construction and engineering projects around the world were jeopardized in various ways. Some projects were put on hold for an indefinite time, while some stopped procuring their construction equipment because of the uncertainty.

The Indian economy is rebounding strongly now with the kickstart of major infra and construction projects. So, this is the most relevant time for Excon to be held, as it will give the much-awaited boost to the Construction Equipment industry. The Manitou Group is very excited to use this opportunity to showcase its world-renowned construction equipment and material handling solutions, which will make construction work safer and more productive. In fact, Excon is a catalyst for the CE and Material Handling industries, as it showcases innovations, technological changes, companies that have a futuristic approach, and, most importantly, it connects the end-users, manufacturers, investors, and infrastructure stakeholders on a single platform.

Sanjeev Bajaj, CEO, Escorts Construction Equipment
Sanjeev Bajaj, CEO, Escorts Construction Equipment
Excon is a great opportunity for manufacturers to demonstrate the great work they have been doing in the last two years when the industry was going through a very rough patch. There is no better time and no better place than Excon for customers and manufacturers to regroup, review and assess the solutions offered by their products. At Escorts, we are passionate about innovation and customer centricity. We would certainly want to demonstrate the futuristic approach we have taken on our product portfolio and our focus on technology for greater efficiency and productivity by the end-users of our products.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, National Vice Chairperson, NAREDCO, and MD, Hiranandani Group
Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, National Vice Chairperson, NAREDCO, and MD, Hiranandani Group
How do you see the application of high-tech equipment and machinery increasing in the construction of real estate projects?
Across industries, automation and mechanization has leapfrogged as they are bringing enhanced quality, speed, and cost efficiency at construction sites. With the impetus given to the development of a slew of infrastructure projects across India, the adoption of modern technology is imperative to grow at a faster pace and with minimal errors. In the digital age, integration of hi-tech equipment and machinery in construction processes, along with the cost-benefit ratio, will be crucial for staying competitive in the global marketplace.

How significant are shows like Excon for selecting and buying the best equipment for your projects?
Events like Excon are considered ‘industry knowledge upgrading’ platforms, where industry as well as geography-relevant information is shared. An industry evolves in concurrence with market dynamics and customer experiences. For India to become a $5 trillion economy, pace and quality of infra development is unarguably very crucial.

Innovation and Automation are two new growth levers in the age of digitization. Adopting global best practices is to the construction industry’s advantages. Looking for updates in terms of latest developments in construction equipment, and adopting them, will lead towards innovation-driven growth of the real estate sector.

Premraj Keshyep, MD, KYB Conmat
Premraj Keshyep, MD, KYB Conmat
KYB-Conmat, as one of India’s most diversified concrete equipment manufacturers, has utilised the hard time during the Covid 19 pandemic to develop a range of path-breaking products. We are now eagerly looking forward to showcase all these developments at Excon 21.

We believe that hard times always bring challenges and an equal number of opportunities. The pandemic has taught us how to work with disruptions, uncertainties, travel restrictions, material shortage, and a limited workforce. The Construction Industry has adopted measures to overcome these challenges. Today, with the support of technologies like IoT, advance PMS, AI, virtual marketplace etc., we are able to manage speed and quality of construction, cost efficiencies, and a faster deployment and execution of projects to achieve better returns on investments, and with minimal manual interventions. Excon will be a wonderful opportunity for all to witness such technological advancements.

Mitul Patel, MD - Apollo Inffratech Group
Mitul Patel, MD - Apollo Inffratech Group
We see Excon as the right platform to showcase our new product developments to both our existing and new customers. No doubt, the CE industry was badly hit by the pandemic during the last two years, but now we can look surely forward to better times, as the economy seems to be bouncing back and we are seeing a lot of infra development projects being announced by the government.

Excon brings hope and renewed enthusiasm to the industry, which we all need to emerge stronger, going ahead. Visitors will see new products and solutions and evaluate them on productivity and safety aspects. Potential equipment buyers will also meet OEMs, who will connect them to financiers and get attractive deals and options. So, there is a lot to look forward to at Excon 2021.

Prashant Suryawanshi, MD, Manitowoc Cranes India
Prashant Suryawanshi, MD, Manitowoc Cranes India
It is an exciting feeling amongst all CE manufacturers to look forward to an event like Excon and reconnect with our customers after such a long gap. Excon has always been the most exciting gathering where we can reconnect with fellow equipment manufacturers, peers from related industries, and colleagues from different regions.

The pandemic has made everyone aware of how inter-dependent we are in the marketplace, especially in the construction sector where we saw clearly that infrastructure and real estate construction cannot be completely stopped even in catastrophic conditions.

India’s Infrastructure development is scaling new heights in literal terms. High-rise residential projects and commercial towers are dotting the skylines across the country. Construction sites are becoming more complex and can throw up multiple challenges considering their geographic location and availability of resources. But we believe that any kind of construction challenge can be met successfully through mechanization and advanced technologies in construction equipment. We will be introducing new equipment models at Excon; these have been designed and developed to meet market requirements.

V. Senthil Kumar, MD, Propel
V. Senthil Kumar, MD, Propel
EXCON is always a highly anticipated event for the construction equipment industry. It has even more significance this year as it is happening after a difficult two-year gap which saw a lot of disruption caused by Covid-19. We are looking forward to Excon as a way to bring new hope and enthusiasm in the market. We have focused a lot on R&D in the last two years and are eager to showcase our new products and upgrades at the event. We have introduced IoT-based innovations in our equipment and have lined up new launches.

The pandemic caused unexpected problems and volatility in the market, which forced us to become more flexible and agile. The market is slowly picking up to pre-pandemic levels and Excon will be the real game changer for the CE Industry. It is difficult for any company to be totally insulated from events like the global pandemic. Pruning down costs, diversifying into new markets, focussing on R&D, upgrading based on customer feedback, and increasing exports are some of the ways companies can mitigate the effects of major external disruptions and economic downturns.

Gopi Krishna More, MD, Torsa Machines Limited
Gopi Krishna More, MD, Torsa Machines Limited
Torsa Machines Limited has been exhibiting at Excon since the first time the show was held. We are excited to be at Excon once again to present our new C&S plants. As the saying goes: “That which can be seen is easier to sell”. The last 2 years have certainly given us the time and space to develop new products and services, and we are delighted to introduce our new product ranges to the CE market and witness new technologies and product developments in the industry.

No doubt, due to the disruption and volatility in the marketplace during the last two years, customer decisions were kept on hold, which is fully understandable. But the show must go on. Excon will bring the best in the industry under one roof and when greats minds meet, greats results are inevitable! This communion of the industry will bring forth the best solutions, which will see us through these turbulent times.

E. Moses, Vice President – Division & National Head, Kobelco Construction Equipment India
E. Moses, Vice President – Division & National Head, Kobelco Construction Equipment India
EXCON has always provided an excellent platform for industry players to showcase their best offerings and look for new partners, sources, and solutions. One can seek options for improving the health and stability of their supply chains so that we are not really impacted by future disruptions like the pandemic. Our dependence on a few sources, especially overseas, should be minimized if not avoidable.

For customers, Excon is an all-in-one occasion to experience the latest in the CE industry. They can have a first-hand feel of the range of equipment and services that they may need for their business. Also, many sellers offer special promotions along with attractive financing options.

What we are really looking forward to is the “real” thing - the traditional “touch and feel” experience which we have grossly missed over the past two years. We did adopt the only available option of going ‘digital’ under compelling circumstances and everyone seems to be negotiating it so far.

Rajiv Chaturvedi, VP - Sales & Mktg, After Service & Parts, Hyundai
Rajiv Chaturvedi, VP - Sales & Mktg, After Service & Parts, Hyundai
Excon 2021 will provide enormous opportunities for all participants and turn out to be a win-win business platform for a majority of Indian and global stakeholders. The excitement among exhibitors and visitors is even more this time and we look forward to showcase our new products, attachments and services to the industry stakeholders.

Hyundai is continuously developing products and services to meet customer expectations. Our wide range of products on display will reflect the latest technology on telematics, advanced hydraulics, and mechatronics system. Direct communication with customers will help us understand root level needs and application of machinery, which will also pave the way for research and development in the required areas.

Customers and end-users will get clear visibility of options and solutions available in the Indian market, get hands-on experience on machines, experience and evaluate new solutions like Machine Leasing, Rental, Used Machines, etc and get ideas to grow their business.

Customers can also avail best offers and deals on new machines and spare parts, meet OEMs, Dealers and Financiers for quick decision on machine buying and financing. They will also get a lot of information on upcoming projects and work orders.

Williams RJ, CMD, Hailstone innovations
Williams RJ, CMD, Hailstone innovations
The world is getting back to normalcy but with improvisations in many areas, especially technology, to showcase which EXCON will be one of the best tradeshows for the CE industry. Since this time EXCON is happening after a longer gap, OEMs will use the opportunity to the maximum to showcase their latest product developments.

The market is seeing a surge once again; the latest union budget and various central government policies have given infused a new energy into the Indian infrastructure industry. Exhibitors can showcase their latest products and developments which suits the current times and visitors who have regained the confidence to invest shall get the best to choose from. Maximum machine availability with fastest ROI is the need of the hour which customers can explore at EXCON.

Debasis Bhattacharya, National Head, Sales & Marketing, Ajax
Debasis Bhattacharya, National Head, Sales & Marketing, Ajax
Everyone is keenly waiting for Excon 2021, which will play a critical role for manufacturers who are agile in the adoption of world-class technologies. We look forward to showcase our innovations, new products and services in the SLCM and Boom Pump categories, our capabilities and readiness to address customer needs.

AJAX has become more resilient, adaptive, and competitive in this complex and uncertain period of pandemic. We continue to have a strong focus on the capabilities needed to succeed in the constantly changing market dynamics, meet challenges, and continuously align with the fast-changing industry trends.

Isaac George, Sr. VP – Global Sales, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering
Isaac George, Sr. VP – Global Sales, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering
The last two years have challenged us all, personally and professionally. Those of us who have made it through have much to be grateful for. As the world emerges into a new era of hope, Excon 2021 is the perfect platform for OEMs and suppliers to showcase the latest in technology and products. We look forward to promising interactions with our valued customers, business partners, and industry peers. We see this as an opportunity to better understand trends and to plan for action even as the industry prepares for a future fuelled by the growth story of India.

Excon provides a platform for leaders from the government and the industry to come together in sharing insights and their vision for the future. It’s also a live showcase of mega projects and global technologies intended to meet that vision. For exhibitors, this becomes the reference to validate their direction and strategy, to network with global majors, exchange information and plan for growth. For visitors, it opens up a vista of possibilities in terms of opportunities and solutions. Such close alignment between key stakeholders in this ecosystem would be essential in managing the dynamic forces prevalent in these times.

Vikas Kumar takes over as Managing Director of DMRC
Vikas Kumar takes over as Managing Director of DMRC
The Centre has approved the appointment of Vikas Kumar, a 1988 batch Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officer, as the Managing Director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for five years. He will succeed Mangu Singh.

Kumar has been working with the DMRC since 2005 and has managed the operations of the entire 400-km of the Delhi Metro network. Among all the candidates interviewed, he had a lot of experience and talent, and knows every nook and cranny of the Metro — from operations to construction and administration.

Kumar was instrumental in setting up of DMRC’s wholly owned subsidiary company ‘Delhi Metro Last Mile Services Limited’ for provision of last mile services to and from Metro stations. He has also provided consultancy services to the Dhaka Metro project as its Operations and Maintenance Rules Expert. This apart, he has been involved in providing consultancy for various Metro projects in India such as Jaipur, Kochi, NOIDA – Greater NOIDA, Mumbai etc.
Kamdhenu: Promoting Best Practices & Solutions for Waterproofing
According to Saurabh Agarwal, Managing Director, Kamdhenu Colour & Coatings Limited, the company owes its success to the high quality of their products and the value proposition they bring to the end-users. Kamdhenu Paints has a wide range of

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Tackling Waterproofing Stereotypes
Sameer Karkhanis, Founder, Odd Jobs Waterproofing, highlights the areas where waterproofing needs attention, the challenges involved, and suggests appropriate measures and remedies. In the constructed and operative high-rise buildings there are

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Mahindra Logistics - Leveraging Technology for Seamless Customer Experience
Rampraveen Swaminathan, MD & CEO, Mahindra Logistics shares the company’s strategy of providing clients cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions to help them become more agile, and the sustainable initiatives being taken at their

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PrimeTime Logi Services - Providing Holistic Logistics Solutions
According to Gaurav Agarwal, Director, PrimeTime Logi Services, the company is well-equipped to provide logistics solutions that are tailored to meet customers’ specific needs and committed to optimizing efficiency and reducing costs by leveraging their

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Caterpillar’s Tech Driven Approach to Meet Customer Expectations
Amit Bansal, Director Sales & Marketing-Building Construction Products Division, Caterpillar India discusses the company’s plans to move to electrification and alternate fuels. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), India's economy is expected

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LiuGong India: Going from Strength to Strength
LiuGong is steadily strengthening its presence as a total solutions provider in the road construction and mining sectors by developing advanced products that give high productivity along with fuel efficiency. For the road construction segment, LiuGong India

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Precast India Connector - Helping Precasters Overcome Cost & Time Overuns
Precast India Connections, a new entity of Precast India Infrastructures, has innovated and patented a method of achieving a Dowel-Sleeve connection that functions even in the horizontal direction. Kapilesh Bhate, MD, Precast India Connections, shares information

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Garware Technical Fibers Making a Difference
According to Tiru Kulkarni, President, Geosynthetics & Head, Garware Technical Fibers Limited, the company’s innovative solutions are creating an impact and replacing traditional technologies, and thereby adding a lot of value proposition to construction

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J. Kumar Infraprojects - Automating Construction With Cutting Edge Technologies
J. Kumar Infraprojects has executed hundreds of infra projects across roads, metros, dams, and hydropower during the last 10 decades. Business Head Yusuf A S Inamdar, attributes the company’s success to its investment in high-tech machines, R&D, reliance

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Everything is Possible Through Hard Work
BRO has been at the forefront of adopting the latest technologies, which are both environment-friendly and cost-effective, and have resolved many construction problems, while facilitating speedy execution of projects. The organisation has not only constructed

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Why India is an Important Market for TEREX
Terex enjoys a strong brand recall in India’s construction equipment market, especially in crushing and screening, pick and carry cranes, and the more recent solutions for waste recycling. John L. Garrison, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, and Kieran

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Escorts-Kubota - Ready to Showcase Its Strengths to the World
Sanjeev Bajaj, Chief Executive, Escorts-Kubota discusses with S.A.Faridi, the synergy that the joint venture between India’s multinational conglomerate Escorts Limited and the renowned Japanese Company Kubota Corporation will bring to India’s construction

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SROT: Indigenizing Production
Yusuf A S Inamdar, Director - Industry, SROT, and Regional Business & Technical Head, J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd, throws light on how the SROT Incubation centre, which is a vital step towards achieving an Atmanirbhar Bharat, will help budding entrepreneurs

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Neptune innovates artificial sand, green sand & artificial aggregates
We have four major divisions within Neptune: our Building Material and Construction Technology Division focuses on building construction materials. We are a leader in fly ash brick plants, concrete block and paver manufacturing plant, CSE brick plants, red

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Everest Engineering Equipment - Catering to Mega Infra Construction Projects
Everest Engineering Equipment, exclusive distributor of GJJ passenger hoists and platforms in India, has grown tremendously with many new customers and repeat buyers. Discussing the company’s expansion plans, PV Ramdev, Managing Director, informs

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Arihant Panel Fittings: Meeting Demand for Quality Products
We are providing customised products and innovative solutions by constantly investing in R&D to come up with new designs and technologies. Mahendra Jain, Director. Arihant is meeting demand for products such as quarter turn locks, compression locks

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GMMCO: Providing a Seamless Experience to Customers
Gmmco Ltd., a part of the 2.9 billion dollar diversified CK Birla Group, is keeping up the Group’s legacy of helping build the India of tomorrow by offering world-class and innovative solutions for infrastructure and mining. V Chandrashekar, Managing

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Moteurs Baudouin
We are fully geared up with the technological advancements required to meet the CPCB IV+norms with our flexible and dependable power solutions. Gurunath Kulkarni. For over 100 years, Baudouin has been designing the highest quality diesel and gas engines for

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Builders Association of India: Bridging the Gaps
Nimesh Patel, President, BAI & Managing Director, Maruti Infrastructure Limited, discusses the challenges and issues faced by the construction and real estate industries of India; why BAI is propagating a Unified Standard Contract Document, and how the

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Volvo CE India: Designing Machines to Give Power & Precision
Volvo machines are 10-15% more fuel efficient, they comply with CEV IV emission norms, and can run on alternative eco-friendly fuels such as biodiesel. We lay strong emphasis on operator training for efficient use of every machine that we sell, avers Dimitrov

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