Knock! Knock! Knock! Opportunities are knocking aplenty: S.A. Ahmed, Director, ZAK Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.,
Please give an overview of Indian Fenestration Industry.
Mr. S. A. Ahmed
The Indian Fenestration market which includes windows, facades and doors, has seen the emergence of hi-tech technology driven and custom made solutions in the last decade. This sector is on an upward growth and will also witness a surge in growth in the years to come. The growth for the windows and doors market will come from the rising demand of the housing sector and the façade growth will be spurred from the commercial sectors with more soaring foreign investments coming to India. Contrary to many reports, the Indian industries are definitely growing and of-lately there has been an upgrade of technologies happening.

What changes are seen in the recent past in the Fenestration Industry?
The fast changing Indian Fenestration industry over the past decade has seen high performance glasses, system windows, etc entering into India. But in the last few years, there has been an increased awareness of quality products which has seen the system window houses go aggressive on their promotion which in turn has made the end users more aware about quality window products. Double glazed glass, laminated glass, etc are being looked at seriously by the end users for acoustic comfort, thermal comfort, etc. Fabricators from Far East & Middle East entered into India and have executed projects and many more are planning to come. All this will enhance the quality of work and of course increase competition.

We at Zak, have all the right players, technology manufacturers, etc showcasing their various solutions for the glass, fenestration & extrusion industry. I invite one and all to attend this edition of Zak 2012 which will be held in Pragati Maidan 14-16 December, which is our best ensemble of solutions till date which is signed, sealed & delivered straight from our hearts.

As I said earlier, opportunities are knocking aplently. Grab them.

What’s new at Zak 2012?
A visitor is satisfied only if he gets to see new “Innovations” every year which will help him upgrade/enhance his current setup. This year at Zak 2012, we are not only showcasing new innovations of products but also new companies which means new products. Over the last 10 months, Mr Arvind Kumar - VP, Zak Group and myself have put together a fine ensemble of 410 exhibitors covering the A-Z of the fenestration industry. This will ensure that a visitor is fully satisfied during his visit to Zak 2012.

Apart from the exhibition, we have launched two new programs. The first one is a workshop and a joint initiative with the Federation of Safety Glass (FOSG) titled “Kaanch-Ki-Paathshala” which will target the finishing industry whereas the second one is our personal initiative to push energy saving windows via thermal broken profiles titled “Aluminium Thermal Break Symposium.” Apart from this, we have the 2nd edition of uPVC Profiles conference along with the 2nd edition of the Aluminium Surface Finish Symposium.

ZAK Glass Technology Expo 2012

Could you please throw some more lights on the above mentioned workshop, conference and symposiums?
The practical training class of glass is here to help you hone and improve your skillsets. The experienced faculty will guide you through various processes and new techniques aimed at improving your potential. Every aspect of using and installing glass shall be covered in the curriculum designed by industry professionals. At the Class of Glass, you will not only improve your skills but also learn about new methodologies and applications that are going to be in the demand. Enhance your skills, learn new things and improve your earning potential - join the class of glass.

  • Installation of windows
  • Installing glass in windows
  • Glass handling & Mirror installations
  • Patch fittings & shower enclosures
  • Spider glazing installation
  • Glass railings installation
  • Silicone applications and more...
ZAK Glass Technology Expo 2012

Conference on uPVC Windows, Doors & Profile Industry
After the resounding success of the PVC profile conference in Mumbai last December, the 2nd edition of the conference will now move to the capital of India, the epicenter of government bodies, the home for Green Building Activists New Delhi. This year the conference & workshop will bring together global & local experts from the industry, top representatives from the government bodies, Institutions, Enthusiasts from the fenestration industry, who will provide explicit insights into current trends and engineer a road map to the emerging future of PVC profiles and its ever so important role in the application segments it serves.

The conference will feature specific segmented tracks:
  • Role of green buildings in India & uPVC coherence
  • Energy star ratings for windows
  • Choosing the right profile & hardware - Benchmarks & innovations
  • Fabrication Innovations - New age technology for the Indian market
  • E - Windows - The pathway for paperless management of windows
  • Decorative effects for uPVC profiles - Lamination & paints
  • Fabrication & installation workshop by UWDMA
Conference on Surface Finishing for Aluminium Extrusions
Aluminum has been identified as the most versatile metal, and is consumed widely next to steel. Its amazing and versatile qualities render itself to an almost endless range of applications. Aluminum touches our daily life in various forms ranging from Extrusions (door & window), Castings (auto parts), Tubes (radiators & other HVAC systems), Sheetcoils (roofing/automobile), Plates (shipping & tooling), Foil (food packaging) and Forgings (auto parts) to the finest value addition in many forms. Aluminum is unique when it comes to a combination of characteristics such as its superior weight to strength ratio, flexibility while being durable, corrosive resistant and, most importantly, it’s hundred percent recyclable, thereby possesses the qualities of a green material. Hence coating for Aluminium becomes very important due to its wide usage.

The 2nd Zak Aluminium Surface Finish Symposium will provide a knowledge platform on the global best practices in coating on aluminium extruded profiles. This symposium will help the applicators to find out how to apply the best practices to do more with less, increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of major projects.

Key attractions:
  • Introduction of quality labels – Qualicoat, Qualanod, Qualisteelcoat and Qualideco.
  • In depth interactive workshops on pre-surface treatment systems
  • Workshops on coating technologies – Innovation and right application
  • Roadmap for Quality: An engaging group discussion with panel representation from leading Architect, Developer, Installer, Coater and Supplier.
Conference on Thermal Break Technology for Aluminium Profiles
Powered by Technoform Bautec India, the Zak Thermal Break symposium, will be India’s first dedicated conference on energy efficiency for facades and fenestration. Presentations will be by suppliers representing Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Systems, Energy Institutes and prominent government representatives from the Energy Sector. Be a part of the forum, to learn how you can save energy bills by about 40% by switching over to the proven and tested thermal breaks for your facades and windows at your offices, houses and houses. Delegates will be represented by architects, builders, façade consultants and other representatives from the government institutions.

Topics of discussion:
  • Window labelling
  • Thermal break production technologies
  • Thermal break systems
  • Case study: ITC Grand Chola, Chennai
  • Future of thermal break in India: An engaging group discussion with panel representation from leading Architect, Developer, Façade Consultant & Fabricator.
ZAK Glass Technology Expo 2012
Few Important Participating Companies at ZAK Exhibitions
FOSG is an association of Glass manufacturers in India that encourage, promote and develop the cause of glass processors of all kinds and to safeguard and protect the interest of the glass processors industry in India. FOSG also aims to foster and promote cooperation amongst the members of the company engaged in the glass processing industry in India and thereby develop a spirit of mutual help with one another. Visit for more details about the association and enrolment.

EnduroShield® is a manufacturer of protective coatings for all glass surfaces. Developed with cutting edge nanotechnology, the coating is supplied to customers all around the world. EnduroShield is an invisible, non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. Application is a simple process of spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface to provide a permanent protective bond. With EnduroShield, the use of harsh chemicals is eliminated. EnduroShield is recognised as being at the forefront of this technology, with architects and developers specifying on residential and commercial projects.

Ozone Plus launches the new revolutionary hydraulic patch. Six reasons to opt for it:
  • Superior aesthetics
  • No digging / cutting of floor required
  • Easy installation
  • Low opening force valve
  • 500,000 cycles tested
  • Worldwide patent
ZAK Doors and Window Expo 2012
Kawneer is a part of Alcoa’s Building and Construction Systems (BCS) business and is a leading supplier of architectural systems and services to the global construction market with offices in 11 countries in North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. Alcoa is the world’s largest Aluminium company based out of US with a rich legacy of 125+ years of operations. The products range includes windows and doors, curtain wall systems, railings, shutters and conservatories, all engineered to work together to produce a wide-variety of standard and custom facades.

SBZ 140 is the most preferred machine by doors, windows and especially unitized curtain wall producers world over. It’s dual station oscillating mode, double clamping of profiles, 0–180o A axis, stronger spindle and special spindle cooling device makes it very versatile and the right choice. At the expo, we will display the first station of this machine for live demonstration of its working on X, Y, Z and A axis and double clamping capability. In addition to the SBZ 140, we will be displaying the 5 axis control Double Head Compound Mitre Saw – DG 244 with E555/5, Double Blade Notching Maching – AKS 134 and Corner Crimping Machine EP 124.

An 80+ year old German company, manufacturer and supplier of over 20,000 products, HALFEN is a part of the Fortune 500 CRH Group from Ireland. Renowned for its quality, safety and engineering support service, HALFEN is a market leader in various countries including India. HALFEN’s main product, the Cast-in Channel (also known as HALFEN Channels) is an alternative connection to drilling and welding, which saves immense installation time, provides flexibility and highest level of safety, thereby resulting in timely completion of projects.

AXYZ International
PanelBuilder designed and built by AXYZ International is the ACP fabrication system. It is a fully integrated machine, software, and tooling package which has been engineered specifically for the cladding industry. Using the advanced, easy to use software AXYZ have made it possible to design and machine panels in one flawless operation, making the whole process much faster at a much lower cost than ever before with substantially reduced waste. Whether you require occasional one-off cladding projects or high volume panel production this system is capable of processing them all. Visit us at both DD1.

The Giesse range of hinges now includes an all-new solution thanks to a system of concealed fittings suitable for prestige design installations. Architects and constructors of large works (skyscrapers, hotels, etc.) are looking for stylish products that allow them to reduce the visual impact of the fittings (hinges), but with higher load capacities to withstand increasingly larger panel sizes. Learn more about the Futura 3D product at the GIESSE booth at Zak Doors & Windows Expo 2012.

Windows have become incredibly complex products and have high demands on a producer. Work flows, information management, product organization and controlling must be enormously flexible and absolutely reliable at the same time. Klaes Premium is your key to achieving these goals and managing your company successfully. No matter whether you need to network customer relationships, manage marketing, set up short-term contracts with trades people or manufacture your product to the highest standards. Klaes Premium handles these high expectations with ease.

Roto Frank was founded in 1935 by Mr. Wilhelm Frank, a German inventor and entrepreneur, who registered more than 1200 patents in his life. Since 2011, Roto Frank Asia – Pacific Pte Ltd, has established a liaison office in India to offer its growing customer base ideal support in the subcontinents booming construction sector.

Roto covers with its products the largest range of opening types and profile materials in the industry. Be it premium aluminium, PVC, or timber, outward opening, inward opening, sliding, doors and windows. In any case, Roto has the right solution. For more details attend Roto’s exclusive presentation at the 2nd Zak uPVC profiles seminar.

WPR is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Profile Lamination Machines from Italy. The profile lamination machines give the customer the ability to apply a foil colored finish to their profile. WPR has been a great innovator and has the led the lamination market by developing fully automatic machines which have greatly cut down traditional set up times associated with profile lamination.

TAKA is a manufacturer of high quality range of adhesives and primers used in the profile lamination process. All products have been tested and certified according to the Ral GZ 716/1 standard. WPR & Taka are the only company able to offer the complete package of adhesive and machinery.
ZAK Aluminium Extrusions Expo 2012
Jindal Aluminium
The 4th edition of Zak Aluminium Extrusions Expo will be presented by Jindal Aluminium Ltd., established in 1968 and is the only company in India having 7 extrusion presses under one roof and with 25% market share for the last 4 decades into the field of aluminium extrusion and achieving highest production in the country.

Agarvanshi Aluminium
Agarvanshi Aluminium is the associate partner of the 4th Zak Aluminium Extrusions Expo for the 2nd year in a row. Agarvanshi Aluminium is a leading manufacturer of aluminium extrusions with a state-of- the-art manufacturing unit with in-house foundry, tool room, extrusion and anodising line completely backed with a testing lab equipped with the latest technology.

Turla’s background (since 1967) guarantees that its handling systems are considered by most as the best in the world in terms of reliability and performance. Turla is the only Italian aluminium extrusion handling system maker ISO9001:2008 certified. hundred percent of machines are produced in house, in Northern Italy and fully pre-installed before shipment. All machines are user-and maintenance- friendly, reliable and guaranteed for 3 years. Most important global players production lines are equipped with Turla machines since decades.

Houghton produces high performing conversion coating cleaners, single iron phosphates and cleaners, iron phosphates and zinc phosphates, rinse aids and final seals, accelerators, stripping products, and surface refining additives. Visit Houghton’s booth to know more about the Houghto-Etch™ AX-2050, Anodize Additive™ A-520 and Houghto-Color™ A-558.

Ascona is a specialist in optical profile measuring technology and is now internationally renowned in this sector. Ascona develops and produces profile measuring systems for the aluminium, plastic and rubber industries and has more that 200 system installations across the world. In India, Sapa Profiles has the Ascona profile measuring system. Learn more about Ascona’s Promex Expert at the Mongia Tooltech booth in the expo.
Moteurs Baudouin
We are fully geared up with the technological advancements required to meet the CPCB IV+norms with our flexible and dependable power solutions. Gurunath Kulkarni. For over 100 years, Baudouin has been designing the highest quality diesel and gas engines for

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Builders Association of India: Bridging the Gaps
Nimesh Patel, President, BAI & Managing Director, Maruti Infrastructure Limited, discusses the challenges and issues faced by the construction and real estate industries of India; why BAI is propagating a Unified Standard Contract Document, and how the

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Volvo CE India: Designing Machines to Give Power & Precision
Volvo machines are 10-15% more fuel efficient, they comply with CEV IV emission norms, and can run on alternative eco-friendly fuels such as biodiesel. We lay strong emphasis on operator training for efficient use of every machine that we sell, avers Dimitrov

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Tata Hitachi India: Developing Indigenous High-Tech Machines
To serve the Indian infra development sector more industriously, we will continue to undertake extensive R&D and introduce machines with high-tech features, cost-effective solutions, high performance, and fuel efficiency, avers Sandeep Singh, Managing

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L&T: Industry Leading Initiatives & Achievements
Arvind K Garg, Senior Vice President and Head, L&T Construction & Mining Machinery, enumerates the technologies and products introduced by Komatsu and L&T, the company’s extensive customer service programs, and proactive skill development initiatives which

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ACE: Electrifying the Industry
Sorab Agarwal, Executive Director, informs that the company is set to become India’s first ‘swadeshi’ manufacturer of electric construction equipment with the launch of a fully electric mobile crane, whose technology has been developed indigenously at their

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Terex: Strengthening Foothold Across India
Jaideep Shekhar, Managing Director, Asia & EMEAR, informs that the company will continue to strengthen its foothold in the Indian market by bringing in new technologies, expanding its product portfolio, and entering new construction territories. Its aim is to

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Schwing Stetter India: Formulating Plans to Adapt to Demand Trends
V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, informs that since sustainability is an integral part of the company, they are pursuing collaborations and R&D to bring innovative solutions, increase usage of green energy in its facilities, and reduce carbon

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Escorts Kubota: Prioritizing Customer Benefits
Sanjeev Bajaj, Chief Executive, Escorts Kubota Limited, is confident that 2023-24 will be a great year for the CE business and demand may be more than the current capacity, largely led by domestic consumption due to the infra push by the Government before the

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Puzzolana Group: Increasing Operational Efficiencies
Abhijeet Pai, President, informs that the company’s wide ranging value-added services for its customers has positioned it as a total solution provider in the Crushing & Screening Industry. The focus at bauma this year will be on M-sand, aggregates, railway

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Sany India: In Sync With Changing Trends
Dheeraj Panda, Chief Operating Officer - Sales, Marketing & Customer Support, Sany India, informs that the company has taken a significant step forward towards sustainability with its B-V biodiesel machines, and is also testing electric technologies for

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CRCHI: Making Tunnel Construction Smarter & Safer
CRCHI is positioned in world markets as a large enterprise with a strong focus on research, design, and manufacturing of customized underground engineering and rail transit equipment, informs Song Shuang, Vice Managing Director, Overseas

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Manitou South Asia: Widening Industrial Footprint in India
Hafeez Khan, Managing Director, informs that the company is well-equipped to meet the higher anticipated demand in FY23-24 with its versatile material handling solutions, value-based services, and strategic partnerships with rental companies. Bauma is the perfect

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KYB Conmat India: Focus on India-Centric Equipment
Premraj Kashyap, MD, informs that the company is fully geared up to meet upcoming demand in FY23-24 and has added a lot of innovative products to their Concrete Equipment portfolio, including a new range of Self-Loading Concrete Mixers. The government intends

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JCB India: Committed to India’s Growth Story
Sales of construction equipment, a barometer of economic activity, is expected to increase in double digits in the ongoing financial year on the back of increased government spending on infrastructure projects, especially in rural areas, observes Deepak

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Wirtgen India: Enabling Sustainable Construction
The Wirtgen Group and John Deere are working on various smart technologies, including electric machines, and on sustainable construction through its recycling business, informs Ramesh Palagiri, Managing Director & CEO. Wirtgen’s production systems are

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Ammann India: Forging Ahead
Anand Sundaresan, Managing Director, discusses the grey areas in the construction equipment industry of India and how the company’s technologically advanced systems and processes can help meet many of the challenges; and factors that are differentiating

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CDE Asia: Sourcing Sand Ethically for the Construction Industry
With the advanced recycling solutions now available, it is possible to achieve a self-reliant, circular economy where different waste streams can be recycled and converted into high-quality sand and aggregates for use in construction, informs Manish

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Etrack: Offering the most Advanced & Green mobile Crusher & Scalpers in India
Keestrack is introducing the most advanced and innovative technology for crushers and scalpers through its manufacturing facility in Neemrana, Rajasthan. Swaminathan Dhandapani, CEO, discusses the company’s strategies to drive business in India

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LiuGong India: Committed to Make in India
Nischal Mehrotra, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, informs that the company has expanded its product offerings with large tonnage excavators, mini excavators, dozers, electric wheel loaders and trucks, and is geared up to meet the anticipated higher

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