R. V. Panchal, Managing Director
R. V. Panchal, Managing Director
We have technical collaborations with European companies through which we can adopt their technology to find indigenous solutions. This way, we are actually selling European quality in India, and at a much affordable cost.

The short-term market condition is not up to the mark, but if we think long-term, the market would be open with a large number of infrastructure projects.
The Government has announced various relief packages for the development of various sectors including industrial development, the real estate sector, and infrastructure projects. In the next six months, the construction market could open up due to the huge potential in infrastructure development across the country.

The Government has handled this pandemic situation wisely. The appreciable thing is that the packages announced will help recover the losses from Industrial, Agricultural, Medical, Educational and other sectors. The ₹2 lakh crore relief packages will directly or indirectly encourage the Infrastructure & Construction industry to resume work on the projects. It is this industry which is the foundation and the base for development in any country, state, city, or village.

We are developing new products, which will be priced aggressively to beat competition.
The major challenge for us is the people who were starting their business with our machines but have had to stop or put on hold their plans due to the lockdown. Both the medium and large-scale industries have also put their expansion plans on hold – and this will affect the related businesses.

However, we are taking this situation in a positive way and are preparing ourselves to bounce back in the market. In fact, we are making ourselves ready to penetrate the market even more aggressively.

Currently, we are analyzing the problem areas in our earlier orders, strengthening our customer relationship initiatives. diverting our team efforts towards new product development with more energy efficiency, and recycling of waste heat and waste produce.

We have seen such a recession five times in the last 30 years and are taking it in our stride to gear up for the future.

The Contractors, OEMs and the Financial Institutions are the tripods of the construction industry.
The equipment is supplied by the OEMs to the contractor to complete projects and the FIs lend money to the buyer/contractor for purchasing the equipment. So the link between the three is very strong.

Now, an equilibrium and transparency between the three is essential and the need of the hour. The contractor has to sincerely pay the EMIs timely; the FIs should also ease the lending conditions with attractive rates as the Government has been supporting MSMEs with the corpus of collateral free loans; and the OEMs could also come out with some out-of-the-box ideas such as a buy-back policy for their machines. A proper understanding with FIs would boost confidence in the market and reduce the NPAs. So, a well-maintained balance will boost the economy by giving the required thrust to the construction industry.

We have tied up with NBFC banks to provide easy loan for equipment buyers looking to purchase new machines, or for refurbishment/upgradation of their existing machines, along with a buyback option.

This Covid-19 pandemic has created big opportunities for the country as Indians are technically sound people, so if we get financial support from the Government, we can definitely become ‘atmanirbhar’ and avoid dependency on other countries.
We are importing 8 - 10% of our machines and parts from other countries. If we can develop all the imported products locally, we will create a lot of job opportunities also, which will impact the GDP of India.

We do not really need to be dependent on other countries. We are importing engineered goods at a high price. If we make them locally, then we will reduce their price drastically, and we can also explore the overseas markets for exporting our products.

There is increasing awareness of the environment in our country. People are beginning to understand the importance of conserving the environment. Campaigns like the swachh bharat abhian, and the clean India green India are proof of this.

Our machines are robust, sustainable, and technically proven for long-lasting performance, thanks to our technical collaborations with European companies.
We are a 30-year-old company producing many types of plants, including ceramic. We design these plants by keeping sustainability and ease of operation in mind. Our machines are robust, and technically proven for long-lasting performance. We have technical collaborations with European companies through which we can adopt their technology to find indigenous solutions. This way, we are actually selling European quality in India, and at a much affordable cost.

Our high capacity Brick, Concrete Block and Paver manufacturing plants can produce 10,000 to 2, 00,000 units per day and they have complete automation. We have sold more than 500 plants pan India. We have also developed the technology for green sand manufacturing, lightweight aggregates (LWA/LDA), sand washing plant, clay brick, CSE block, and dry mix mortar plants. We have recently developed a Dry Mix Mortar Plant with a capacity of 2 TPH to 60 TPH, and a 10 TPH completely automatic plant, which is running successfully at a project site.
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