India Continues to be Our Focus:Fayat Group!
Fayat Group with its unique focus on the road building sector, has the industry's widest products profile for each stage of road construction. So far India has only been exposed to brands like Marini and BOMAG, now as country enters into maintenance of its roads, we are sure products for Road maintenance through our brands like Breining & Secmair will be highly beneficial for the market. New products range from BOMAG including paving, milling and compaction equipment will also be introduced to help meet customers face their challenges smartly. Marini India is already manufacturing around 25% of its asphalt plant component in India. Extension of this manufacturing capacity is in the offing. . . India will keep utilising investments from Fayat Group, says Mr. Blesson Varghese, Managing Director, Marini India, in an interview with S.K.Khanna.

As you are aware of it that the Indian Government is placing sharp focus on infrastructure develop- ment and planning to invest around Rs.4 lakh crore in 12th five years plan for building road infrastruc- ture; what business opportunities Fayat Group sees in this massive infra development work?
To keep up with its current progress, India beyond doubts has to make massive amounts of investment into infrastructure development. The focus of the Government therefore is very welcome. The challenge however, in perspective of the global scenario, will not be on how to get the job done, but how well and how much sustainable would be these developments? This benchmark will differentiate India, from the rest of the emerging countries and will go a long way for its progress.

India Continues to be Our Focus: Fayat Group!

The global concern over climate change and pressure towards sustainability will continue to force India to take leaps on the learning curve. Fayat Group, with its global recognition for sustainable development and its decades long association with Indian professional road builders, will keep delivering top notch technologies, that will help India build with sustainability, low impact on environment and better performance to emerge as a true global leader.

Fayat Group, will through its globally renowned brands MARINI, BOMAG and BREINING keep offering top notch products which help contractors to build roads with some of worlds best sustainable development focused technologies.

Fayat has a wide range of products in its kitty; other than Marini Asphalt plants & Bomag, what are the other products you are planning to launch in the Indian market?
Fayat Group thru its road building equipment division has a very unique and strategic focus on the road building sector, a reason for its widest product portfolio in the Industry. Each of the Fayat Group Company is a very well known leader in its segment and offers some of the finest known sustainable technologies. Our product portfolio is build around each phase of the road life cycle. So far India has was majorly focused on road building primarily and will continue to do so for a few more year, before it begins to seriously start maintenance, recycling and rebuilding of the roads. As India progresses in its construction phase, Fayat Group will deliver top notch technology and products for each of these phase. With our strong focus on sustainable development and technologies and our continued passion and commitment for India, we are sure to continue to be the best technology partner.

India Continues to be Our Focus: Fayat Group!
As India enters in to maintenance of its roads, we are sure products & technologies from our bands like Breining & Secmair will be highly beneficial for the market. Environmental products from our company's like RAVO, Matheiu, Scarab will also be offered to discerning clientele.

New product range from BOMAG including paving, milling and compaction equipment will also be introduced to help meet customers face their challenges smartly. Numerous products for recycling and conserving natural resources, from MARINI and BOMAG, are already helping customers benefit and lay greener roads.

Could you please throw some lights on Fayat Group, its business areas, and companies associated with it?
Fayat, is an independent family group, France's 4th leading company in building and public works, it is organized around six core businesses: Building and public works, Steelworks, Electricity, electronics and IT, Road building equipment, Material handling and hoisting equipment and finally Pressure vessels. The group hires around 18,000 people and has clocked a global turnover of over 3 Billion Euro's.

Through the Road building equipment division, which is solely focused on roads and built around each phase of road life cycle, Fayat group offers one of world's largest and leading product portfolio.

The companies based on the road building phase are as under:
  • Asphalt production : Marini
  • Paving & Compaction : Bomag
  • Milling : Bomag
  • Maintenance : Breining & Secmair
  • Recycling : Bomag, Marini, SAE,
  • Environmental products : Ravo, Mathieu, Scarab, 3D
Please tell us something about Marini division specializing in manufacturing Asphalt plants, their technical attributes in terms of larger productive life, quality, cost and environment concerns?
Marini offers over 50 different models of asphalt plants, one of the widest ranges in the world. We design our plants in such a way that profits our clientele. We believe in order to be profitable; Productivity and Efficiency of the equipment along with performance of the asphalt mix can never be compromised.

Our plants have made world record in terms of production and efficiency in India. The features of our plants like dedicated fines handling for Rut arresting mix designs, anti-aging mixer unit, high mixing index coating unit, oxidation arresting bitumen systems, additive and deductive bitumen weighing systems, screened-aggregates online quality inspection facilities along with a very precise dosing and metering system, ensure that asphalt mix produced on a Marini plant performs better and outperforms mix produced on every other plant.

Marini plants are designed to perform and to deliver over 50% more productive life compared to other brands in the market. This feature, along with other savings, ensures that the mix produced on a Marini asphalt plant, is not only of top quality and performing miracle but also very economical.

In India, based on the Market needs, we offer a comprehensive range of products which include the following :

Mobile asphalt plants : with a capacity of 120/160/200 tph – 3 models

Modular asphalt plants : with a capacity of 160/200/240/320/360 tph – 5 models

All these plants are designed for Recycled asphalt production (from 45 to 100%) and futuristic mixes.

Marini will also launch a comprehensive range of continuous plants equipped with latest technology for our Indian customers.

What are the technical services provided to the clients?
We offer complete range of technical services, including initial set up, annual maintenance and troubleshooting. Marini trained, professional staff and our range of support, maintenance and repairs packages perfectly tailored for each model ensure unhindered joy and the pleasure of owning.

Remote access technology, a quick data scan and an in-built default detector and recorder provide us all the service-relevant data of our plants. This enables us to quickly and accurately identify what needs to be done, so that our customers can undeterredly focus on what is important in gaining more business.

Marini also offers a wide range of comprehensive services through its unique Plant MATE Program, which includes complete operation, maintenance and on site spare support.

What is your overview of the market for such plants in Indiaand how aggressively you propose to chip in further taking advantage of your presence in the country?
Numbers do not lie. Our plants over the last decades, especially the models introduced during last few years, have recorded substantial savings and profitability for our customers. We cater to a niche of professionals who are discerning enough to understand the profitability and value, that such a green technology based product brings in.

Marini is ready with an entire range of products and technologies, which will further extend its leadership in terms of efficiency, performance and profitability for its users. These product features and models will be introduced during mid 2012 in India.

With our vast experience in recycling, we are now offering in India products designed to be adaptable to process from 45-100% recycled asphalt.

While India has benefited from large capacity Marini plants, this year in order to reach more contractors with state-of-the-art technology, we are also planning to introduce our medium production plants starting from 120 to 160 tph, in both mobile and stationary versions.

What are the new emerging technologies in asphalt production and placement with the premise of saving fuel and lowering emissions?
Asphalt plants are capital investments, therefore we at Marini believe in designing and offering our customers products which are evolution ready. Each of products is therefore designed as future ready which enables our products and their users to be more adaptive to futuristic requirements of the industry.

A good example is the recycling capacity of our plants. Standard plants come with an capability of 35% which can be raised easily to 50% and further if required, with simple add ons scaled up to 100%.

Our standard plants are supplied with Blue flame technology and a unique dryer filter combination, which is already recording fuel & emission savings ranging from 20% to 25%.

Technologies for production of low carbon mixes, which reduce carbon emissions and energy requirements up to 30% are offered as simple add on to our standard equipment.

The evolution ready feature of a Marini plant will ensure that a Marini customer is always ready to adapt new market requirements, environmental norms, and challenges.

Having tested the market in India, do you eventually think to make India as your manufacturing base to meet domestic as well as overseas demand for such plants?
Fayat group's relationship to India, is really old in comparison to other countries in the road building equipment business. Mr. Fayat's strong conviction and faith in India, was one reason for the company's continued focus, even amidst turbulence and uncertainty on India's growth in the past.

Marini India is already manufacturing around 25% of its asphalt plant component and the extension of this manufacturing capacity is in the offing and definitely with good governance in place, India will keep utilizing investments from Fayat Group.
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