ElectroMech Material Handling Systems (India)

Tushar Mehendale
Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director

"ElectroMech brings a deep vertical industry expertise as well as a broad product experience, to give the right solutions to customers’ material handling requirements, along with our many support initiatives for users of our technologically advanced cranes to drive their productivity and profitability. More than 6,600 customized cranes are working across the world and more than 50% of our orders every year are from repeat customers. We are also the largest manufacturer of industrial overhead cranes in volumes, in India, and command a premium in the market. In the current year, we are seeing more than 40% increase in our sales revenue."

Companies that want to ensure timely and quality execution of the projects, appreciate the latest technological developments.

In India, there is a distinct set of customers in the construction industry – companies that focus on speedy execution and companies that focus on cutting costs. Companies that have timely and quality execution of the projects as a part of their DNA, tend to appreciate the latest technological developments and are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that the reliability, safety and utilization of the equipment is at peak. For such customers, we at ElectroMech are offering cranes equivalent to international standards as we have experience of our cranes working across 55 countries.

We have launched cranes that are ready for Industry 4.0 and they come optionally fitted with our diagnostics, monitoring and analytics platform.

Our cranes ensure high levels of productivity by proper selection of the specifications, drive systems and substantially enhanced uptime of 99.5% and more. These cranes come equipped with a range of safety features that ensure that the worksite can continue the job execution at a fast pace without worrying about accidents. We have recently launched cranes that are compatible with Industry 4.0 systems, they come optionally fitted with our diagnostics, monitoring and analytics platform. Accurate monitoring of crane performance enhances visibility of misuse and potential failures, on time. This allows the customer and our team to be proactive and address the issues in a timely manner so that future major breakdowns can be avoided.

In case of customers who focus only on cutting costs, the technological improvements do not really come into play as their requirement is to go back to a bare bone equipment utilizing decades old technology. In such cases, the reliability, uptime and safety parameters get severely compromised. At ElectroMech, we thankfully don’t know how to make such inferior cranes.

Electromech Pune metro
ElectroMech crane deployed for the construction of Pune Metro project

Unfortunately, the short-term approach of a significant portion of buyers focussing only on the cost of acquisition rather than overall cost of ownership, greatly inhibits the technological development of the equipment industry as a whole. This is because cost reductions are being achieved by companies in the unorganized sector by compromising on the basic principles of engineering and requirement of design codes, rather than by leveraging technology through innovation.

We have set an extremely high benchmark in services in the industrial cranes sector through our services subsidiary Cranedge.

ElectroMech’s services subsidiary Cranedge focuses exclusively on the after-sales service requirement for the industry. Through Cranedge, we not only offer installation and commissioning support, but also AMCs, Spare Parts, Breakdown Repairs, Modification, Modernizations, Relocation and Operator Training. We support close to 5000 cranes annually – whether supplied by ElectroMech or any other manufacturer.

Through Cranedge, we currently support all types of industrial overhead cranes, tower cranes and forklifts across a host of industries. Our team of 150+ technicians is available for quick deployment in India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. At Cranedge we leverage technology to ensure that all our service technicians are tab-enabled, giving them instant access to a huge database of different cranes across the region. This highly sophisticated computerised maintenance management system also allows us to monitor service delivery and increase the precision, ultimately leading to fast resolutions and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the latest in IoT technology, we ensure a very high uptime and equipment availability.

At ElectroMech, our customers benefit from our experience of close to 40 years in the industry complemented by our presence in 55 countries across the world with a wide product range. Every application has different requirements of productivity and every customer has different expectations of reliability and efficiency. It is always our endeavour to ensure “horses for courses” and recommend crane specifications to customers based on their requirements. This customized approach has been the cornerstone of ElectroMech’s philosophy of working.

We also aim at educating customers on the best practices in the industry for lifting and moving of loads so that they can upgrade their knowledge not only of the equipment but also the application. We have successfully managed to convert old attitudes of many customers - “cheapest is the best” – by effectively projecting the values of a well-engineered, high productivity and highly reliable equipment. These achievements have been possible by providing substantial value to customers in terms of lowest cost of ownership over other available options in the market.

Electromech irrigation
ElectroMech helps customer sweat existing assets – modified crane in action at world’s largest irrigation project site

Customers have reused our cranes with minimal repairs across 3 – 4 different projects.

Our world-class manufacturing facility and lean manufacturing processes ensure that our equipment is always up to the highest quality standards. We also provide AMC contracts to ensure that all regular preventive maintenance is carried out and any unpredictable breakdown is avoided. Safety interlocks that are inherent in our design also ensure that the utilization of the crane is as intended.

In fact, our cranes are so reliable that our customers have reused these cranes with minimal repairs across 3 – 4 different projects. This ensures that our customers make optimum use of capital employed, ultimately leading to enhanced profitability.

The boom in infrastructure construction in India seen over the past 3 years has caused a healthy rise in the demand for all construction equipment including industrial overhead cranes and tower cranes.

If the same pace of growth continues, demand will continue to be healthy. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of headwind coming up on account of the banking issues and upcoming elections in 2019. Hence, even though the last year has been good, 2019 is a bit difficult to predict. The current government has been extremely pro-active in launching infrastructure projects and there has been good enthusiasm in the sector. Hopefully, the same drive will continue post the 2019 elections.

NBM&CW December 2018

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