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Samay Mehta, Business Development Manager
Samay Mehta, Business Development Manager

SAMAY™ Mobile Diesel Bowser eliminates unsafe and messy barrel refuelling and fuel distribution, ensures accountability, and protects against theft and pilferage of diesel.

Our SAMAY™ Mobile Diesel Bowser stores, transports, and supplies diesel to sites where diesel dispensing stations are not available.

It is simply not economical to keep an equipment idle without refuelling for any length of time. A Mobile Diesel Dispenser can reach your equipment, wherever it may be located – whether on uneven roads or deep pits or in difficult terrain, or far away from petrol pumps.

The common practice of fueling equipment and vehicles with hand pumps attached to barrels is inefficient, inaccurate, introduces contaminants into fuel, and susceptible to pilferage, making it an extremely impractical option for fueling. SAMAY™ mobile diesel bowsers provide fuel on site in an efficient manner, eliminating contaminants from entering the equipment, and provides accountability for every litre of fuel dispensed, thereby preventing theft and pilferage of diesel.

We fabricate diesel bowsers from 950L upto 20,000L and assist with CCOE approval.

Mehta Tankers
Mehta Earthmovers’ manufacturing unit is outfitted with high-tech and advanced machinery, backed by a skilled and efficient team for giving the finest products of world-class quality. The company’s uncompromising stance on quality and economy, backed by a robust service staff, has earned the support and loyalty of numerous customers.

We fabricate diesel bowsers from 950 liters upto 20,000 liters, and also assist with the CCOE (Chief Controller of Explosives) approval, wherever necessary. The diesel bowsers are manufactured as per the Indian Petroleum Act of 1934 and the revised guidelines of 2002/2011 with all the safety features prescribed by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization in Nagpur.

We also offer diesel bowsers on a rental basis limiting to a capacity of 950 liters and 2400 liters, respectively. We can fabricate a completely customized diesel bowser whether Skid Type or Trailer Type, and also for export.

Our Mobile Diesel Bowsers have an accuracy of +/-0.1% for optimum utilization of fuel.

SAMAY Mobile Diesel Bowsers are offered with standard high-quality products in the dispensing unit having an accuracy of +/-0.1%, thus, ensuring optimum utilization of fuel. Benefits include optimum use of resources that help conserve fuel and maintain an accurate account of fuel delivered to different equipment; maximization of performance by transporting fuel from storage to the place of consumption, and also from one site to the another, thus, minimizing wastage of time; small capacity storage movable tankers have the flexibility to fuel equipment that are unable to reach the storage unit.

We also fabricate Explosive Vans, customized maintenance and service of Lube Vans and Water Tankers with dust, spray and mist systems. Our fabrication facility is recognized and approved by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, SEC Railways, Transport Commissioner, Govt. of Chhattisgarh; NSIC; JAS-ANZ; SAIL; IOCL; and HPCL.

Bio Diesel is an environmentally safe, low polluting fuel for most diesel internal combustion and turbine and comes with many advantages.

Samy KL Tanker

Bio-diesel is a more sustainable option for fuel as it is produced from various kinds of vegetable oils such as oilseed, rapeseed and soya bean. It can be a 100% replacement to petroleum-based diesel for any stationery engines like digisets or certain construction equipments, whereas for dynamic engines, Biodiesel can be blended up to a 20:80 ratio with regular petroleum-based diesel.

A 20% - 100% replacement of petroleum-based diesel for fueling requirements can greatly reduce the fueling cost for customers across all industries and applications.

Biodiesel is an environmentally safe, low polluting fuel for most diesel internal combustion and turbine engines. It prevents buildup of carbon deposits in the engine, thereby improving engine efficiency and subsequently reducing equipment/engine downtime.
“India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. Along with its economic growth, its energy requirements will soon be one of the highest in the world, while its infrastructure industry is witnessing growth at an unprecedent scale. This growth has to take place, despite the adverse impact it can have on the environment and on our dependence on foreign oil. In such a scenario, Mehta Earthmovers believes that Bio-Diesel will revolutionize India’s infra growth, and is already being seen as the fuel of the future.”

We, at Mehta Earthmovers, can supply bio-diesel along with a dispensing system for any fueling requirements.
  • Bio-diesel can be mixed up to 20% levels with regular diesel in any diesel engine without any modifications
  • 100% replacement of petroleum-based diesel with Biodiesel provides significant savings to customers in fuel cost as well as downtime. Biodiesel increases efficiency of engines and hence reduces downtime and reduces pollutants.
  • Biodiesel is a clear liquid without any unpleasant odour
  • It has a high flash point, can be stored anywhere, and is very safe to handle
  • It provides lubrication and reduces friction, thereby, increasing life of the engine
  • Its usage reduces pollution levels and can be compared with any vehicle’s PUC reports from the very next day of use
  • It is less toxic than common table salt and rapidly biodegradable
  • Biodiesel is essentially carbon + oxygen + hydrogen. Its oxygen content makes it a very clean fuel, producing about 50% less carbon particulates than petro-diesel, and less nitrogen and carbon monoxides
  • It does not emit carcinogenic particulate matter, does not contain sulphur other than by contamination from soil, acid rain or commercial alcohol used during processing.

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