HIL’s Charminar Fortune

    Dhirup Roy Choudhary
    Charminar has been recognized as a Super Brand for many consecutive years in the fibre cement roofing category. As pioneers in building products, the new non-asbestos sheets, branded as CHARMINAR FORTUNE, is the progressive step towards brand extension and growth. This new product will be a game changer and a much awaited eco-friendly roofing solution for both Indian and International markets. Mr. Dhirup Roy Choudhary, MD & CEO.

    With Charminar Fortune non-asbestos cement-based roofing, we are providing customers a durable and eco-friendly roofing solution

    We have introduced our new range of asbestos-free sheets under the brand name Charminar Fortune. These sheets are eco-friendly, have light weight, high impact strength, good dimensional stability, and low drying shrinkage/moisture movement. In addition, they have good sound and thermal insulation, excellent fire-resistant properties and are easily nail-able. All our claims are backed by third-party lab results, and we can confidently say that the product is one-of-its-kind in the market and has no competition as regards quality and performance.

    Charminar Fortune is superior to metal sheets as it is more economical, and being corrosion-free, is three times more durable than metal sheet. This new product fits in perfectly with our core competency as the Charminar brand is the leader in fiber cement sheets category.

    With an eye on minimizing any ecological impact, our R&D has worked relentlessly for years in developing this product. We are confident that it will be as successful as our existing products which are continuing to serve the industry since last 70 years. We provide best-in-class roofing sheets which are IS: 14871 compliant, and our R&D has formulated a special composition backed by a unique manufacturing process, all of which have been registered for patenting.

    Awareness about non-asbestos products is quite low owing to absence of a dependable and cost-effective solution

    The Indian roofing market is worth Rs.45,000 crore, of which, fibre cement sheets, metal roofing sheets, and tiles constitute about 40% (Rs.18,000 cr). Presently, awareness about non-asbestos products in the retail and institutional sectors is quite low, owing to the absence of a durable, dependable and cost-effective solution.

    Our priority is in creating awareness about our latest eco-friendly Charminar Fortune amongst prospective customers, and to promote it in the market. The world is rapidly moving towards environment-friendly products, with businesses and governments adopting greener processes and products that have the least environmental impact.

    Moreover, with its significant advantages over other roofing products, Charminar Fortune will be a good replacement for many of them.

    We are ready to invest in expanding our current capacity of 33600-MT

    Our Kondapalli facility near Vijayawada is a 14-acre world-class facility which has won the prestigious TPM Excellence Award (Category B) from JIPM for Excellence in Operational Manufacturing (a first-of-its-kind in the roofing industry); and the Best Management Award from the government of Andhra Pradesh in 2017.

    Our Engineering Division (ED) along with our operations and R&D teams has developed an innovative solution, wherein, the same production lines can be used for manufacturing both asbestos and non-asbestos fibre cement sheets. We are also ready to invest in expanding our current capacity of about 33600-MT as the demand for Charminar Fortune non-asbestos cement roofing grows.

    HIL's Charminar Fortune

    Our marketing strategy is to create awareness of the benefits of Charminar Fortune both within and outside India

    Unfortunately, the roofing industry has not witnessed many innovative solutions in the recent past. Therefore, one of the most important and basic challenges for us, is to educate people about this greener roofing solution.

    Our business strategy is to initially target the institutional segment where requirement for green roofing sheets is high and material options are few. Some PSUs have already approved our non-asbestos roofing sheets, which is an excellent start for Charminar Fortune.

    We will also work towards expanding our customer base globally, with a focus on countries where there is a need gap in availability, quality or serviceability of non-asbestos cement roofing solutions. We will actively explore opportunities in the Middle-East, African, and Asian countries.

    HIL is considered a trendsetter in the Indian Building Material space

    We have set several benchmarks in the Building Material space: we were the first to introduce AAC blocks and panels in the Indian market, and one of the first companies globally to start manufacturing sheeting templates. We have state-of-the-art R&D facilities, recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

    HIL’s brands - Charminar & Birla Aerocon, are consumer SuperBrands, and feature amongst the top 20% of all brands across all categories in India. HIL was bestowed with the title ‘Asia’s Most Trusted Building Material Company’ in 2016 by IBC Infomedia.

    In the past few years, we have been expanding our product range to provide consumers with more comprehensive solutions. Along with Charminar Fortune, we are also expanding our PVC pipes and fittings business, which is under the Birla Aerocon brand, with an investment of over Rs.100 crore. With Charminar Fortune, we hope to create a strong brand position in the market as it will revolutionize the industry. With a diversified and innovative product mix, HIL is committed to building a greener and prosperous nation.

    HIL's Charminar Fortune

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