Deepak Garg, SANY India

    Mr. Deepak Garg, CEO - SANY India
    Mr. Deepak Garg, CEO
    Commitment to customer satisfaction is our creed and it percolates down to everything that we do. In the end, it is our customers who are our strongest brand advocates.

    We are confident of the industry recovering over a period of time

    The year 2017 has been a mixed bag with the industry seeing both ups and downs. Reforms such as demonetization had a temporary impact in the early months of 2017. However, as we had expected, the impact was short-lived. The industry saw strong demand throughout the first half and SANY India witnessed strong growth.

    With the implementation of GST in July this year, the industry witnessed a setback in terms of numbers. However, as per our experience after the demonetization last year, this too is expected to be a temporary phenomenon. We are confident of the industry recovering over a period of time.

    The confidence that a brand can develop among its customers ultimately leads to its success

    Commitment to customer satisfaction is our creed and it percolates down to everything that we do. In the end, it is our customers who are our strongest brand advocates. SANY is an end-to-end construction equipment provider globally as well as in India. We have the best-in-class products featuring the best-in-class technologies. Our products speak for themselves. However, what is of utmost importance to us is to understand the needs of the customers and offer the best possible solutions to them. SANY India works very closely with its customers to understand their specific needs across the verticals and offers them best solutions from our stable.

    Some technical advancements in SANY machines

    We have been ahead of the curve when it comes to changing dynamics in the earthmoving equipment market. For example, SANY excavators are precision-engineered to deliver maximum performance with advanced technology and reliable components. Our excavators are equipped with multiple working modes that are designed to match engine speed, pump speed and system pressure with application. This provides versatility to the equipment matching the work at hand.

    Our machines feature an intelligent Dynamic Optimization Matching Control System (DOMCS), that ensures quick response to the change of operating variables in order to achieve optimum engine performance. The DOMCS determines engine output power as per the external load demand, facilitating optimum control of the excavator’s external load operation system.

    The next generation hydraulics in our machines ensure that oil flow rate is directly proportional to the joystick operations and output pressure signal. It directs the flow exactly where you need it and when you need it, to facilitate smoother operation with greater efficiency and better fuel economy. All the equipment works organically with the optimum combination of speed and power.

    The regeneration circuits in the boom and arm function results into faster movement by routing oil through regeneration valve in the main circuit. It prevents cavitation and enhances cylinder performance.

    Our R&D is targeted towards addressing present and future requirements at jobsites

    We, at SANY India, are committed to introduce more efficient and economical technologies and provide equipment featuring best quality. Our R&D operation is targeted towards understanding and addressing not only the present requirements of the jobsites but also the future changes that are likely to occur.

    Skill development is an integral part of SANY’s offerings. We help customers with training their workforce on handling equipment efficiently at the SANY India Global Training Centre. Early this year, SANY was certified by Infrastructure Skill Development Council as training partners, and we are sure that we will be able to contribute even more towards PM Modi’s Skill India mission going ahead.

    Our customers get extra value for money through technologies such as the GPS

    Our focus on the customer satisfaction naturally extends to the after-sales support that we provide. SANY places a huge emphasis on Preventive and Periodic maintenance. We try to go a step ahead of the industry trend when it comes to ensuring maximum uptime for SANY machines.

    Our customers always get extra value for their money through technology and innovation, for example, SANY offers GPS tracking and monitoring system that shows the real-time data of the machine’s operation, right from its precise location and operating hours to critical operating parameters. With this, customers can get the best operating efficiency out of their machines.

    On the service front, we have an ‘8111’ commitment. We ensure that in case of any technical issue, our service person reaches the machine in 8 hours. Our aim is to solve the issue within one day. We also ensure that downtime is reduced by providing 11 periodic services to our customers.

    We have sold over 50 piling rigs during 2017 and increased our fleet in India to over 120 units

    We have made successful inroads in the Indian market having sold over 50 piling rigs during 2017 itself, and we enjoy a very strong brand recall in this segment. We have increased our total fleet in India to over 120 units.

    One of the key factors in this growth is the wide range that we have in India along with a strong service support. SANY’s portfolio consists of SR155 with maximum diameter of 1.5-m and depth of 56-m, SR 205 with maximum diameter of 1.8-m and 64-m depth, and SR 235 with a maximum dia of 2.3-m and 68-m depth.


    Our higher capacity rigs comprise the SR 265 with maximum dia of 2.5-m and maximum drilling depth of 72-m, SR 285R with maximum dia of 2.5-m and 94-m depth, SR 360 with 3-m dia and 100-m drilling depth, and SR406 bore pile with drilling dia of 2.9-m and 116-m drilling depth.

    SANY India has a service team dedicated to the rigs, with support engineers posted across the country. Spare parts are available through a centralized warehouse in Pune and through our excavator dealers. We are evaluating the possibilities of further expanding our reach to enlarge our piling rigs business.

    IoT will become a crucial link between customer and CE manufacturer

    We believe that IoT will play an increasingly important role in the customer service experience. It will be a crucial link between the customer and a CE manufacturer. Connected machines and the data they provide will not only help the service team deliver the best experience to the customer but also play a big role in the design of the service offerings.

    SANY machines are already making use of IoT to access real-time data, which is shared with the customers to derive the best efficiencies and reduce downtime drastically.

    Our R&D is focused towards providing superior products

    SANY invests heavily in R&D to provide constant improvements in its product offerings. We believe in being ahead of the curve when it comes to changes and improvements. This translates into better efficiencies in our excavators and increased operational benefits for our customers.

    SANY’s investment in R&D for developing innovative solutions is not only for the Indian market but also for the third world countries looking for low priced and more productive solutions.

    SANY India, as an export hub catering to our neighbors in the sub-continent as well as South-East Asia and Africa, understands the needs of these markets. Our R&D activities are also focused towards addressing these needs by providing superior and efficient products in these markets.

    New at Excon 2017

    As a leader in the CE space, SANY India will continue to create a mark in Excon 2017 with its display of world-class Construction Equipment that covers the entire spectrum of machines and solutions.

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