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Jean Philippe Martin
Goldhofer is presenting its latest technologies and developments like FTV 300, SPZ-GP 3 AAA and PST-E at bauma conexpo India. Jean-Philippe Martin, Director of Sales, Asia, India, Oceania, from Goldhofer, in an interview with Maria R says, "Our aim is to grow through an effective response to the requirements of the logistics industry in India and offer products and services with a perfect fit. We are confident that our state-of-the-art solutions including ADDrive – a hybrid system combining the advantages of a towed module with those of a self-propelled modular transporter in terms of versatility as well as tractive force, speed and economics - to be showcased at bauma India show, will prove to be an attractive solution for the needs of the Indian market.”

How do you analyze the business scenario and challenges in the Indian heavy duty vehicles/Specialized Transport industry?
Today's interest in alternative sources of energy has stimulated economic growth in India, and we note increased demand for our products, too. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this upward trend will continue. At all events, we are closely monitoring economic developments in the subcontinent so that we will be able to recognize future potential and deliver a targeted response.

There is stiff competition in the market with the entrance of global players. What are the USPs of your products and core strengths of Goldhofer which separates it from the competition?
The history of Goldhofer AG goes all the way back to 1705. That means we have a wealth of experience. The countless tons that have been transported with the help of our products are convincing proof of the advantages of our tried and tested transport solutions. We offer our customers and partners not only the highest standards and latest technologies at the product level but also a full array of support services, from the planning to the execution of a wide range of transport projects. We develop solutions and technologies in collaboration with our partners and offer vehicles that reflect the realities of daily life in the haulage industry. By developing solutions on a collaborative basis, we ensure that we are always in direct touch with the market. In addition, we operate a regular program of R&D activities, leading to new products and developments with the potential to inspire our customers.

What are the application areas being catered by Goldhofer so far and which new segment you are looking to tap with your varied transportation solutions? How well are you placed to provide the prompt customized solutions?
We already have a strong presence in the key market segments for the transport industry: the wind power, construction industries and the energy sector. We also have a well-organized sales organization so that our products are available throughout India. In addition to sales, we have long-term agreements in place with various local partners. This gives us the permanent and dense network needed to handle maintenance work and repairs to our high-quality standards in all parts of the country. With this strong presence at the local level, we are also able to keep an eye open for economic developments in India and offer products and services to meet the specific requirements of new and fast moving markets. We are committed to supporting economic development in India and responding – to the widest possible extent – to the resulting need for increasingly demanding logistics services as a reliable partner for customized transport solutions.

Goldhofer Addrive

Windpower is one of the prime areas wherein specialized transport plays a big role. In India, most wind power sites are at difficult terrains (narrow road passing through small towns/cities having low load bearing capacity) which makes the transport challenging for the logistics companies. How is Goldhofer helping contractors to overcome such typical problems?
In the last few years, we have expanded our portfolio of vehicle modules and accessories in response to the growing transport requirements of the windpower industry in particular, and now have the products to transport all windpower plant components. We have modified our blade trailer to accommodate the latest generation of rotor blades using our FTV 300. That is designed to permit the long blades to be inclined at an angle of up to 60 degrees for easy maneuvering in confined spaces including narrow and winding roads. Tower sections weighing up to 180 tons can be transported with the help of our RA 4 tower adapter, and we have a range of semi lowloaders with dropdecks that are ideal for tower footings, nacelles, rotor hubs and machine heads. The SPZ-GP 3 has a fourfold extendable deck and off-road capabilities for difficult terrains. For extremely heavy segments, we also offer a wide range of heavy-duty modules and self-propelled transporters.

Goldhofer Blade Transporter FTV300

What is Goldhofer's approach to the price-sensitive Indian customers and how is it maintaining its German quality vis-a-vis price competitiveness?
Goldhofer AG has an extensive portfolio of well-established transport modules and accessories, which are in service throughout the world. With the help of customer feedback, we have been able to constantly enhance our quality standards. The result is a wide choice of transport solutions with a proven track record and a high degree of perfection. We have also given our systems a modular structure. That means we can perform targeted R&D on a highly efficient basis in order to quickly adapt our products to changing market requirements. Customers worldwide benefit from our tried and tested basic technologies, which we modify to meet the specific needs of their markets. So, we can say our biggest advantage is that we do not have to reinvent the wheel completely and therefore can offer a positive price-performance ratio on all markets including India.

Localization is quite important to be price competitive. What is your plan for localization?
Localization has to be seen in the individual context. With regard to the need to adapt products to the specificities of local markets, we handle that with the modular structure of our products, which makes them so flexible. In terms of our presence in the local market, we have a long-term strategy, which we adapt with circumspection and on a targeted basis to market developments in India. Our aim is to grow through an effective response to the requirements of trade and industry in India and offer products and services with a perfect fit. Just how we intensify our local presence in India will depend largely on further developments in the country.

What is Goldhofer's participation plan for bauma Conexpo India 2016? What new products are being introduced at the show?
We are looking forward to presenting our technologies and latest developments to the trade and making contact with new partners and customers in New Delhi in December. We anticipate keen interest in our FTV 300, SPZ-GP 3 AAA and PST-E. We are also confident that visitors will be impressed by our innovative ADDrive – a hybrid system combining the advantages of a towed module with those of a self-propelled modular transporter in terms of versatility as well as tractive force, speed and economics. We are convinced that ADDrive will prove an attractive solution for the needs of the Indian market.

What developments do you expect with the implementation of GST in the Indian Transport industry?
The introduction of a national value-added tax on goods and services and simplified taxation for companies has the potential to be a profitable step for the country. Standard rates of tax and duties in all the federal states will help to overcome disparities that have complicated the movement of goods between different regions. For companies from abroad, it means – among other things – easier market access and new opportunities for growth as there will be a level business playing field in the whole of India as of April 2017. In the past, we as a foreign company have had to cope with regional differences in tax and customs regimes. Harmonization will permanently stimulate trade between India's federal states and that will generate additional potential for the logistics industry. Goldhofer AG is ready and waiting for the big day with the clear aim of growth in products and services India-wide!

Lifting & Specialized Transport October-December 2016