Three hundred and twenty seven years old, Swedish industrial diamond tools and blades manufacturer, Husqvarna, provides solutions for cutting and drilling on concrete, stone, masonry, and tiles. It will expand its presence in India, on the backdrop of rising investments in the construction sector across the value chain. The company employing 2100 people globally having presence in 70 countries with manufacturing presence for its industrial diamond tools in Sweden, China, Australia, US, Belgium, Portugal and Bulgaria will enhance customer support and also expand its marketing network in India due to the rising investments. Mr. Ryan Wesselschmidt VP, Sales, Middle East and South East Asia and Mr. Joakim Frisk, Regional Manager, Asia & India, Husqvarna, spoke to P.P. Basistha on the company's expansion plans in India, amidst showcasing some of the company's new construction solutions during its recent end-customer meet organized by its exclusive distributors in India, Prime Technologies:

What are the range of Husqvarna construction solutions?
We provide solutions for floor sawing, core drilling, handheld power cutters, masonry and tile cutting solutions working on diamond blades and tools manufactured by us across various series. Wire sawing, drill motors, drill stands, drill motors with stands, hydraulic and air power cutters, rescue cutters, are also the solutions we offer. We also manufacture power packs to support these equipment. Power packs like cutting attachments, flow and air pressure controller, pressurized water tank plus hose is also our other offerings. Some of our new solutions are track mounted remote and robotic demolition tools. The wide solution featuring high levels of innovation is based on series of our strategic global acquisitions of companies like Partner, DIMAS and Target. The acquisitions have enabled us to constantly leverage the technology. With the entire range of solutions we cater to sawing and drilling industry, construction demolition, flooring, general construction, building and construction companies and rescue operation.

Husqvarna Chainsaw

How do you market your solutions?
We globally distribute our solutions by renting them out through our distributors besides undertaking direct sales to the specialized applicators and contractors.

Husqvarna Handheld Power Cutter

How would you leverage your business presence in India in the well-entrenched presence of other manufacturers offering solutions based on advanced and proven technologies?
Yes, we're aware of the presence of other global manufacturers offering advanced products. But we will penetrate the market by bringing the specialty products. To enhance our footprint, we will increase our investments to support our existing and new customers. This will mainly be for training and product support to our end-users. The investments will also be used towards expanding our marketing network in India. To support our products more efficiently, we have started our new regional office in Chennai, which will support sales in the growing South Indian market, mainly the growing market of Kerala. We will expand our presence in phases in other parts of the country as well. We are planning to expand our market based on the advanced feature of our products which goes on towards rendering better customer value, with high levels of innovation in the products. This comprises high level of safety features in the products like the blade guards, light and compact features etc.

What are your newer solutions covering construction?
Our new solutions are robotic remote demolition tools, which can work with high efficiency at various construction work sites, say like buildings basements. One of our demolition tools is working for controlled demolition of chimneys at a coal fired power plant in Michigan, US. Being very lighter they can be transported at ease.

Our one tone, Husqvarna, DXR-140 remote demolition robot, with the demolition attachment, can work faster than a 4-5 ton excavator, while undertaking primary demolition. The machine which comes with high ease of maintenance and high levels of productivity can do the work of ten persons. Our DXR- 300 two tone robotic demolition machine can work faster that 5-6 tons excavator and deliver at constant pace. So is our DXR-270, 1.7 tons robotic demolition unit. Our new solution also consists of WS 220 wall saws, being very light and compact, can be transported at ease in an auto rickshaw or on a motor cycle. With an ability to cut 300 mm of concrete, it can work both on single and three phase electricity.

NBM&CW December 2016