Mahindra Offers Tipper Trucks with Maximum Reliability

Nalin Mehta
"With spurt in demand for tipper trucks due to revival in the road construction sector, Mahindra Trucks & Buses has been strengthening its tipper trucks portfolio by adding new products to its stable. The most recent is its all new 'Blazo' series of tippers. Carrying out improvisations in its existing tipper trucks range is a concurrent activity of the company," informs Mr. Nalin Mehta, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra Truck and Bus Division, Mahindra Trucks & Buses Ltd.

What tipper trucks are being offered in terms of capacity, payload, and varied body sizes by Mahindra Trucks & Buses Division (MTBD), precisely for quarry operations in India?
MTBD currently offers an entire range of tippers on heavy commercial vehicle platform ranging from 25tons to 31tons, apart from tip trailers. Even with the gross vehicle weight range, we have varied options in terms of 9 speed and 6 speed gear boxes with an option of bogie and non-bogie suspension. This can be clubbed with large body variants to suit the operations and business requirements. The objective behind offering a wide range of solutions to our customers is to ensure that they have the suitable products for their applications.

Has there been any new tipper trucks launches by MTBD? What has been the recent product improvisations featuring your tipper trucks , mainly in the engines, to make them more suitable for quarry operations?
Our current range of engines, mPower had been conceptualized with varied applications in mind. We offer 7.2 litre engines which have been optimized for all platforms, ranging from haulage to tippers. In order to make them suitable for varied applications, we have different power bands starting from 170 HP and going upto 274 HP. For quarry operations, which require high torque at low rpm, our engine would be highly suitable offering optimum combination of fuel efficiency & power efficiency. Generally, one of requirements is sacrificed at the altar of another requirement. In mPower, we have taken care to ensure that in quarry operations, both parameters are effortlessly operating at optimum levels.

Our new Blazo series of tippers includes haulage, tractor trailer and tipper, and is equipped with Fuel Smart technology. The attributes of 'Fuel Smart technology' is the CRDe engine with multi-drive mode feature, which is usually seen in passenger cars. Multimode feature has three modes – turbo, heavy, and light. The modes can be switched by the driver as per the load and road conditions. The uniqueness about this product is its ability to change power at the switch of a button. So, the same product can operate with high HP in quarry operations, and with lower HP for transportation. This is certainly a major advancement introduced by us in the tipper trucks industry.

How are your tippers trucks placed for delivering faster cycles, both for shorter and longer leads, fuel efficiency and extended performance to suit the requirements of large, medium, and smaller quarry operations?
For quarry operations, pulling power is the key criteria and this has to be supported by product reliability. Both our Torro and Blazo series offer best in class pulling power. On reliability front, all key aggregates have been designed and optimized to suit the tough operating conditions. Our engine operates at high torque on low rpm, which is ideal for both large and smaller quarry operations.

How are your tipper trucks positioned to provide the required tractive effort in muddy, sloppy, and rough terrain conditions?
Tractive effort is a combination of several aspects such asengine power, gear ratio and rear axle ratio, apart from tyre types. We offer different kinds of combination depending upon the application. MPower engine offers torque upto 960Nm, which is the best in class. This has been suitably coupled with bigger gear box that ensures adequate pulling power at wheels for smooth movement of loads, even in quarry conditions.

Mahindra Tipper Trucks

Given undulated quarry site conditions, how efficiently can your tippers tip the load without compromising stability?
Quarry conditions are highly uncertain and would vary largely from site to site. We have done extensive trials to arrive at an ideal combination of wheel base, tipping body locations etc. to ensure that stability isn't comprised in operating conditions. Our testing & design gives us the confidence to offer higher cubic capacity bodies, which increase the productivity of the vehicle, contributing to large savings.

Short turning circles are useful in confined loading and dumping areas and on tightly turning haul roads, not unnatural in India. How are your tippers engineered to cater to all these requirements?
While designing the tipper variants, all aspects like stability, turning radius, and loading capacity are integral. Long duration trials are conducted in several toughest operating conditions across India, to ascertain the most ideal combination. While doing this, it is likely that some of the operating parameters are to be compromised. This is minimized by looking at the operating conditions. In India, it is a natural practice to use vehicle intermittently for both quarry operations & aggregates transportation. Hence, adequate care has been taken to offer more loading span / volumes, so that the vehicle can perform optimally in both operations.

With volatility in demand of aggregates, large and medium sized quarries in India are setting up multiple crushing trains for varied sizes of aggregates and sand featuring flexibility in plant operations. How are your tipper trucks positioned to address the flexibility requirements, notably to transport manufactured sand and allied wet materials?
Our new Blazo series is very well equipped to handle such uncertainties. Enhancing productivity of tippers has been the key philosophy we have been working upon. Blazo series offers 274 HP power when pulling power is required especially for quarry operations and the same vehicle can deliver 220 HP at the switch of a button for aggregate transportation. We are driving at a philosophy where a tipper can be deployed across terrains for maximum utilization.

What on-site support do you provide for your tipper trucks working at quarry sites? Are there any specific operator and maintenance training you provide to loaders working in quarries?
Every tipper operation is unique and attached to the same is unique business model. We intend to offer most suitable solutions to suit the business model. For this, we need to have flexible and nimble systems. We have inculcated both of these in our service approach in tippers. We offer on-site support, which includes both manpower & parts support. During the service period, our expert manpower trains the customer's personnel for taking forward the maintenance. Apart from this, we offer flexible warranty and AMC which are again tailored to the applications. MTBD has recently announced two guarantees for its HCV truck or tipper buyers. For our new Blazo series, MTBD has guaranteed better fuel efficiency than the existing trucks of their customers, otherwise, the customers can actually return their truck. In addition, MTBD has also guaranteed uptime on its breakdown service by getting the truck back on road in 48 hours, else, the company will pay the customer compensation of Rs.1000/- per day.

Do you have truck and fleet management systems in place?
As of now, we are not offering a standard fitment from our factory. But we have a third party tie-up with various vendors who will be offering the solutions as external fitment.

NBM&CW December 2016