Sachin Nijhawan
Mahindra Construction Equipment: "Indian CE market has been on a strong recovery track after a stagnancy of 4 years and is expected to increase by 50% to around 75000 units by 2019. To capitalize on this growth, we would soon be introducing a slew of innovative products not only in earthmoving category but also in other segments of the construction equipment sector," says Mr. Sachin Nijhawan, Vice President and Business Head, Mahindra Construction Equipment.

How do you see the growth potential of the infrastructure construction sector in the coming years?
Investment in infrastructure, utilities, ports, roads & highways, are the main growth drivers for the Construction Equipment Industry. Total spend on Infrastructure in 12th Five-year Plan (2012-17) is estimated to be 10% of GDP, up from 7.6 per cent during the previous Plan (2007-2012). This increased spend on infrastructure would drive the growth in Construction Equipment sales. The trend is already evident as the Indian CE market has been on a strong recovery track after an ebb of 4 years and is slated to increase by 50% to around 75,000 units by 2019.

How do you expect to close 2016 for Mahindra Earthmaster?
Backhoe Loaders would continue to remain the pivot of the growth of the Indian Construction Equipment sector which has registered year-on-year robust growth of 44% in H-1 and would continue to grow in the coming years. We have also grown in line with the market and expect to outperform the industry in H-2.

What are the competitive features and recent advancements being made in your product line?
Innovation is the order of the day and we believe in providing products and services which help the industry to rise. Mahindra Construction Equipment has always strived to give the best to its customers. It is for the same reason that we came up with the backhoe loaders after 4 years of research and over 20,000 hours of machine testing, which offers best-in-class fuel efficiency (4.5* litres per hour).

In fact, when we entered the Construction Equipment industry with our backhoe loader - Mahindra EarthMaster, it had already many firsts to its kitty. We were the leader in telematics for remote care and joystick for ease of operation in the traditional backhoe loader segment. With the launch of the new telematics system, DigiSense by Mahindra Group, our equipment would soon be loaded with advanced technology to track performance on real-time.

Further, with better technology and design enhancements, our equipment is able to lower lubricant refilling requirement with extended service intervals, thus reducing the overall maintenance cost and improving total cost of ownership.

Please apprise us about the value-added services offered by Mahindra Construction Equipment?
At Mahindra, we believe in providing value add to customers right from product development by utilizing the best technology, and hence, our EarthMaster is a truly personalized machine with new-age digital cluster that helps the operator to identify and troubleshoot problems by reading messages and hearing warnings in 6 different languages. If we talk about pre-sales services, then Mahindra allows customers to take the look and feel of our equipment through dedicated demonstrations in their locality. Through this, customers and operators are able to operate the machine and understand its various attributes. For post-sales services, Mahindra offers few days' dedicated training for operators, in which operators are trained on various features of the machines. The customers are also entitled for 1 year unlimited hours of warranty. With all these and much more, our offers ensure peace of mind to the customers.

Mahindra Earthmaster VX

Do you export these machines to the other parts of the world?
Being part of the Mahindra Group, we harness the synergy within the group to cater to global market needs. India being the flag-bearer of the developing world, we have an inherent understanding of the demands of other developing markets. We have a comprehensive plan to target selected geographies of the world which have synergy with us. Mahindra Construction Equipment is already present in SAARC nations. Also, we have expanded our reach to African and Middle Eastern countries.

Do you have plans to expand your product portfolio to cover all major segments of the earthmoving category of equipment?
Mahindra Construction Equipment has always strived for giving the best to its customers as one of the prominent players in the Indian Construction Equipment segment. We believe in providing disruptive products and services which would not only be category creating but enable our customers to break-free from traditional equipment. To capitalize on the India growth story, and being a serious player in the business, we would be soon introducing a slew of innovative products not only in the earthmoving category but in other segments of construction equipment sector. We will offer an enhanced value proposition and live by our philosophy of ensuring customer delight.

Mahindra Earthmaster SX

How well are you positioned to support the needs of your customers in the north-east region where the government is currently focusing a lot?
To cater to the rapidly growing market of the North-East, we have two full range dealership with sales/service/spares facility. With showroom and state-of-the-art workshop facilities, the dealer sell the complete range of Mahindra construction equipment which are tailor-made to suit the requirements of the hilly regions of the North-East. Along with the sales and service facilities, the dealer also provide facilities such as easy finance, exchange facility, quick repair, etc. These full range dealerships have a dedicated sales team and provide the best-in-class services to the customers.

The Mahindra EarthMaster is a backhoe loader developed without overseas collaboration, making it truly Made in India.
Mahindra and Mahindra's strong R&D department of over 2000 engineers and with its decades of experience in engineering products that last long and provide great value, has made us attain a feat of developing a truly Made in India backhoe loader without any overseas collaboration. Mahindra & Mahindra's engineers have studied all the applications of construction machinery in India and designed Mahindra EarthMaster to meet the toughest duty needs of Indian contractors. This has been duly backed by not only the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and processes, but also pass through the rigorous testing schedule.

NBM&CW December 2016