Piero Guizzetti
MB Crushers: “India is a dynamic market which is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. We are participating at bauma Conexpo to promote our new concept of crushing in this market and its advantages in saving time, cost, manpower, and environment,” says Mr. Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB India.

What will be the company’s focus during its participation at bauma Conexpo India 2016?

Starting from the first bucket sold in the region some years ago, our presence in the territory has been constantly increasing. Our hardest effort is to inform about a completely new concept of crushing, never seen before, and to make people understand the great advantages in terms of saving time, money and manpower, without forgetting the environmental sustainability.

Our focus is to work closer with our dealers, who can understand customers’ needs and to sell with competence and technical assistance. For this reason, the presence of MB India’s complete staff at this important exhibition is necessary to consolidate our business relations and to give more confidence to our clients.

What products and services will be displayed at the show?

Mainly, we will have two product ranges on display at bC India — one is the Crusher Bucket which is for crushing and demolition of any kind of materials, and the other is the Screener Bucket, essentially for screening out materials from a particular site. The historic model from the range of Crusher Buckets, the BF90.3, has been recently overhauled with a third series. MB introduced a more compact, robust, and productive Crusher Bucket that can be maintained quickly and easily. It is particularly suitable for recycling operations involving any type of inert material or demolition waste (road works – excavations – pipelines – ducts). Despite its size and reduced weight compared to larger models, the BF90.3 S3 achieves a production capacity of 41 m3 per hour.

Even the line of screening buckets has been renovated during 2016, with the MB-S18 third series model that is now available with a nebulizer kit and iron separator. The two accessories increase versatility while allowing it to be used in inhabited areas, thanks to the suppression of dust. The new MB-S18 S3 is more compact, balanced, and easier to maintain. Our products can be termed as purpose-built attachments and we have a certain level of customisation.

Higher uptime, low operating cost, strong after-sales service, and spare parts availability have become key selling points. How is your company strengthening its position in these areas?

Since 2001, MB has offered the largest line of patented crusher buckets all over the world. With extensive innovation and development, MB Crusher today means Crusher Buckets, Screening Buckets, Grapples and Drum-cutters for excavators, skid loaders, and backhoes of all sizes.

We have been present in India since 2012, when we incorporated a local subsidiary. Since then, we have been growing, with our sales reaching the market via our exclusive dealers across India. We have a direct presence in almost all the states of India with excellent partnerships to assure a local presence from a sales and after-sales point of view.

We are doing roadshows and giving presentations to show live examples of our equipment used in the demolition and infrastructure projects, and bring awareness among the customers in India.

What is your view on the growth of the construction equipment industry in India?

We expect the market to take the next stage of growth, where it will shift from being a purely concept selling. We see the market growing by leaps and bounds, because India is a dynamic market that grows at high speed. Things will change rapidly, and of course, a lot of interesting things are happening in the downstream level with the public sector investments and the efforts the new government has put in. So probably with the larger policies and programmes being implemented by the government, there will be a lot of applications for our equipment. In the next 1-2 years. We expect to have some government tenders calling for excavator equipment along with crushing buckets and screening buckets, which will be a very exciting initiative for us.

With a lot of public sector investments, we can explore a lot of private sector investments (too), and overall infrastructure initiatives at the macro level.

NBM&CW December 2016